iPhone 2018-2019: what they will be

Fans of modern gadgets are seriously interested in a couple of things about the iPhone 2018-2019: what they will be and how long to wait for their release. Although for some, the question of value is also important. At the same time, for a number of ordinary citizens, the queue for the previous innovations became a reason for malicious ridicule. On the other hand, fans of the iPhone have nothing to do with ridicule - they want to know the details about the long-awaited novelty.

Perturbations of users about the performance of the old iPhone

Slow iphone workMany fans of Apple smartphones have repeatedly openly stated that old phones themselves begin to work more slowly. And users blame the manufacturer and the software supplied to them. Conventionally, from the outside it looks like this - the iPhone worked fine, on the eve of the release of the new version, the software happened, the device began to “hang”, the user begins to feel the desire to buy a more advanced model from Apple.

In fact, the situation is somewhat different, although Apple programmers have partially admitted their guilt. This is a forced decrease in the power of devices with a poorly functioning battery.The spontaneous shutdown of the iPhone was caused precisely for this reason - the peak of power in the processor of the smartphone led to the discharge of the battery. Or similar happened when using the device in cold conditions. The software update offered by the manufacturer made it possible to eliminate such moments, slightly reducing the power of the device during peak loads. This is only a measure that allows owners of old versions to continue using the smartphone even with an old battery, and not to force them to buy a new model.

One of the useful bonuses in the iPhone 2018-2019 will be the automatic notification of the device that the battery is worn or has a poor working condition, and therefore needs to be replaced. And this is already announced information, although there are also many assumptions.

A bit of specifics from Mi-Chi Kuo

Mi-Chi KuoFor several years now, expert Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, has been making fairly accurate predictions about the technical components of the expected smartphones. He predicts the release of 3 types of iPhone 2018-2019. At the same time highlights the Apple iPhone 9, the most affordable in the price range, presumably having a screen of 6.1 inches.

The high-tech news portal published its assumptions:

  • memory will be 3 gigabytes;
  • won't get a 3D touch;
  • will have a Face ID;
  • LCD screen is implied;
  • equipped with TrueDepth and Animoji;
  • battery capacity will increase by 8%;
  • the side frames will decrease significantly.

Kuo also spoke about the alleged two other versions. The expected names are iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. The first difference from a more budget model will be the power of the battery. The expert assumes that the iPhone 9 has 2850-2950 mAh, and in both versions of the Xs - 3300-3400 mAh. There is still a chance that the battery pack will consist of 2 angled components. In this case, even an increased battery capacity will not increase the duration of the charge - the stock will be spent on maintaining the more powerful electronic components of the smartphone.

At the same time, there are 2 versions with respect to the screens - the first is that both versions will be equipped with OLED-screens, and the second speaks about different matrices. Kuo suggests that the iPhone Xs Plus may well get a 6.5-inch LCD screen. The analyst predicts 4 gigabytes of RAM and two-sided location of the camera TrueDepth.

Extra reality and other components in the iPhone 2018-2019

More than once the topic of a noticeable notch on the screens of a smartphone was massively discussed on the network.The South Korean print edition of ETNews suggests that developers will be able to achieve a significant reduction in the physical size of TrueDepth, which will greatly reduce the display groove.

There are also suggestions from the Bloomberg portal, which claims that new smartphones will have many additional reality effects for creating high-quality virtual images. Already, there is a furniture application from IKEA, the Clips module and the Night Sky program, allowing you to “play” with reality by moving objects and people into different situations. The existing Apple ARKit project will allow for a better display of flat objects in this additional reality.

iPhone SE 2Another forecast of a number of analysts is the assumption of the release of frameless versions along with more familiar models. Experts expect the disappearance of a fingerprint scanner from the new iPhone 2018-2019. However, some analysts predict a minimum cost of $ 649, while others say about $ 700.

Many are interested in the iPhone 2018-2019: what they will be, their exact price, and how much they will surpass the devices of previous generations. There are many assumptions, but this is still unofficial information, so it’s impossible to say for sure that this will be the case.It remains to wait for releases from the manufacturer with accurate technical data and the start of sales at specific prices.

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