Interior Ideas: Kitchen Island

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house or apartment, and it is this that one wants to equip the most practical, but with comfort. Such a functional interior solution can be -kitchen island. However, this option is still preferable to use for large rooms (at least 20 square meters. M). For smaller rooms, more compact or folding options are recommended.

What is a kitchen island

«Kitchen island"- this is the name given to a large, stand-alone, most often in the center of the room, table. Such furniture structures have been used for a long time, but today they have become very popular, as they allow you to maximally comfortably and functionally equip your home.

The island in the kitchen is a big plus to the convenience and expansion of the working area. After all, this element of the interior can be equipped with a stove, a sink, various drawers for storing something, as well as electrical outlets and installing appliances. The simplest solution would be to place an ordinary cutting surface on the island.This furniture design will also be able to calmly replace the dining table, but you will have to buy bar stools for it, since the height of the island is designed for cooking, and this is done standing up. In addition to the basic functions, the kitchen island will have another purpose - a peculiar connection between all the zones of the room and its structural elements.

When choosing furniture it is worth paying attention to the fact that after its installation there must be aisles (at least 1 m wide) and free access to all parts of the room. Otherwise, the room will seem overloaded and will become less functional, as it will be inconvenient to move around. Designers recommend sticking to the rule of the working triangle when installing a kitchen island, that is, the main functional elements (refrigerator, stove, sink) should be located at a distance of about 1.5 m and form a triangle between them.

Kitchen Island Forms

Usuallykitchen islandIt is a furniture structure installed in the center of the room. But it can vary significantly in form:

  • rectangle - the most common form of the "island", which fits well into a room stretched in length;
  • square - this form is preferable for use in rooms that are close in shape to a square, or if the kitchen unit is located by the letter P;
  • semicircle, this form is perfectly combined with the bar;
  • U-shaped, or not a closed circle, is considered to be one of the most convenient forms, as it allows you to put the maximum of necessary things at the minimum distance;

There are also round or oval kitchen islands, and even in the form of polyhedrons, so everything depends on your imagination. Only the height of all these elements is about the same -90-92 cm.

To visually makekitchen islandnot so bulky, it is necessary to equip it with open shelves or glass boxes. Although completely devoid of decorations white "island" will also look advantageous.

Kitchen island: colors and shades

The island can be matched to the already existing headset, but from a designer’s point of view, highlighting it will give the room a bright, interesting accent.

A good way to diversify your room if you want bright colors, but do not have the courage to use them on the entire surface - this is to choosekitchen islandcatchy colors (yellow, orange, red). You can make a more complete version of the interior and complement the color of the "island" with the bright color of the walls. Since usually most of their surface is covered with furniture - it will not look too flashy.

One way to organically enterkitchen islandin the surrounding interior is to pick it up in accordance with the color and pattern of the main furniture, or a few shades darker (lighter). When choosing the color of the furniture module, it is important to remember that the concept of brightness in the interior is conditional. In a catchy setting, a bright shade will not look defiant, and in a room with a neutral color scheme, even a rich gray color will stand out and attract the eye.

According to the designers for the kitchen island, you can use absolutely any shades, but there are a number of colors that are used more often than others.

  • Shades of natural wood are very popular in all the details of the interior, and look quite organically and interesting. You can combine with each other a dark shade of the kitchen island (wenge) with lighter shades of the headset, this will give the room freshness and new colors.
  • Dark gray shade lately often used by Western designers, but always in combination with bright accents.
  • Bright shades. Of course, not everyone will risk using a blue, green, yellow, pistachio or sky-blue hue in the interior of the kitchen, but with the right combinations with wallpaper or wooden objects in the kitchen (tabletop, hanging shelves, cabinets) a kind of color balance occurs, and looks very organic.

How to choose a kitchen island

When choosing a kitchen island, it is important to remember that it is not only a functional element of the room, but also a decorative one. To focus on it, you can not only placing in the center and choosing the most convenient form, but also highlighting the color, while not necessarily bright and screaming.

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