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Inner comprehension

I am rich. Now it is realized.An experience that can be called negative is, in fact, a multifaceted, diverse life, and in it I face my actions and never will call them stupid.

Why? Because, whatever it is, whoever it is, it’s my own and that person who was directly touched, the rest of the people, simply, shouldn’t touch it and be a judge, simply, have no right to influence my decisions. Because it is not always logic, but sometimes it is precisely certain logic that drives us, and no one should know about my true motives. This is the true wisdom of life -do not ask permission to act.I usually did it until I got a little confused and decided to slow down.

What gave me the people with whom I was: they allowed me to learn something, teach me something.I felt gratitude now.Now I will not allow everyone to touch their soul or body, more precisely, my man is the one with whom I can develop myself.I learned almost all of my faults with others, acted somewhere as a child, somewhere as an adult, but not as a mature and conscious person.

Yes, I often asked “why?” And now I can say that there is no point in this question. It makes sense to admire your life, every breath made with love and gratitude, to learn to create, to create something from your inner and personal and not to ask outsiders, and not to look around.When you take a step, you need to look at what you are moving to, forward, not backward.

For what’s left behind, the most correct thing is to thank sincerely, to understand, yes, it was, I did it, I didn’t know how else or couldn’t, but it was yesterday, and today I can act wiser and more appropriate in a specific situation .

I am grateful that I can learn this world and learn to grow and develop in it,that there is no ceiling and there is still time to open up to this world, so that the world can see the real one and love me sincerely. He stretched out his arms and hugged me.The world loves us only realif you are brave enough to become yourself real, the whole world will embrace you, welcoming your return to the origins of life.And so, in peace and silence, we will begin our movement to the center, to the very depth and back, observing this multifaceted inner world of the “real” cosmos and all its shades, sharing it with those who can understand it.

With the one whom she once held by the hand, with whom she ate at the same table and from the same plate, who touched my soul far more than the one with whom she was closer physically, and every guest of my soul and body was needed to realize your weaknesses, strength and shades of yourself ...

Knowing yourself, you change and become uncomfortable, you have grown beyond recognition and everything around you have become alien, which means it's time to go, because our way is a way uphill, always knowing the wisdom of this world andnurturing the light of your soul. 

Look for other spaces, other cities, countries and there will be new people who will become steps to comprehend. Let those who are still sleeping and have not slept yet, remain. But your personal duty is to do what your soul lives. The forces of the Universe are with us and it helps to answer the questions of those who ask them, who seek and find. Who is willing to search, he is ready for what he finds.

In search of treasures of the soul! Be rich in warmth, kindness and awareness.Look for treasures inside, on the islands of your soul. Find your destination.

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