Ice Town Ekaterinburg 2018

In many cities of Russia, the first snow has already fallen, which means that it is time to prepare for the celebration of the New Year and plan entertainment for the whole family. The capital of the Urals in this regard is no exception. Among the most popular sites is the ice town in Yekaterinburg in 2018. Let's find out how this place will be transformed and how people will be pleased this year.


Usually the main place of celebration is the city center, namely the area of ​​1905. Here are placed:

  • the main tree of the region;
  • numerous attractions;
  • concert venue;
  • ice town

Ice Town

By the way, the town of real ice is being built for the fifth time. Every year the city administration allocates more and more funds to it:

The cost of creating the Ice Town / million rub.
2014 17,5
2015 18,7
2016 19,2
2017 19,8

In 2018, the municipality plans to spend a record amount on this event - 23 million rubles. Every year the holiday is dedicated to some important date. If last year the town was devoted to the 135th anniversary of L.Chukovsky, then in the coming year, it will be organized in honor of a no less significant date, namely, the 295th anniversary of Ekaterinburg.

Preparations for this event have already begun. To begin with, they closed the parking lot, which is located here for a year. The official construction began on 13.11.17. The competition for the execution of works won, already known in the past years, the company "Ice Project 2000". According to the organizers, the town will go, according to preliminary estimates - 550 cubic meters. ice

Ice Town Ekaterinburg 2018

In the coming year it was decided to make the city more spacious. For this, part of the sculptures will be brought to the area of ​​the main monument of the square. Smaller rides are also planned. Forest beauty with a height of 50 meters will be placed next to the monument to Lenin. She, by the way there already stood earlier. On the Christmas tree they will update the garlands and dress them up with multi-colored balls so that in the daytime, when the lights are not working, it also looks smart. Christmas tree plan to install December 15.

Among the compositions of the ice town visitors will see:

  • Snow Maiden and Father Frost;
  • "Dog in the manger" - a symbol of the next year;
  • Composition Vladimir Vysotsky and others.

Along Lenin Avenue, Ekaterinburg Cathedral will be built of ice, which once decorated the central square of the city.Next to it will be located the dam of the first urban plant.

During the New Year holidays, the sixteenth Europe-Asia ice sculpture competition will be held in the central square. It will be dedicated to the upcoming 2018 World Cup. One of the exhibits will reflect the city’s application for holding EXPO-2025.

Also in the exhibition will be such significant places for the city as "Ekaterinburg-city" and "Central Stadium".

The main decoration of the celebrations in Yekaterinburg will be a huge cake with candles. They will burn like real ones, and their number will correspond to the number of years - 295. The cake will be made of metal structures, and it will be possible to enter it. The height of this structure will also be impressive - 17 meters. Inside will be the installation of the most important objects of the city. On the square they plan to put decorative street lamps along with benches.

Opening of the ice town

Last year, a similar event took place a little less than a month: from 12/29/16 to 01/22/17. Many residents of the metropolis expressed the opinion that ice sculptures should be left for the whole winter and even longer - while there will be frosts. Head of the City Department of Culture T.Yaroshevskaya proposed not to close the town until the first of February.

In this regard, the question: “Until what date will the ice town work in 2018?” - remained open for a long time.

As stated in the press service of the Yekaterinburg city hall, the grand opening will take place on December 29, 1717. The closure of the town decided to extend the week. Thus, the dismantling of figures and basic structures will begin on January 28, 188.

Ice Town Ekaterinburg 2018. Schedule, prices for rides

Light show

M. Matveyev, representing the administration of Yekaterinburg, is convinced that such an event is financially difficult. He stressed that such an expensive show could come back if any investor takes the initiative and invests the necessary funds. While the mayor of the city can not afford it.

Recently, the question of whether to make the entrance to the ice town paid is also being discussed. How this will affect attendance is not yet known. Last year, for example, the event was visited by over 600 thousand guests.

Schedule of events

As in previous years, you can come to the ice town to:

  • weekends - from eleven o'clock in the morning to ten in the evening;
  • weekdays - from four to ten o'clock in the evening.

On New Year's Eve, the entire square will be open to the public. Various entertainment events and a festive concert will take place here. At midnight there will be an opportunity to see the congratulations of the President of Russia colorful fireworks.

Prices for rides

As in previous years, on the main square of Yekaterinburg, during the New Year period, there will be a lot of various attractions and carousels. On the upcoming holidays, at the request of the city hall, they will be more compact. As for the cost, according to the organizers, it will differ little from the previous year. As is known last year, prices for the most popular rides ranged from 30-150 rubles. Let's hope that the company "Attractions of the Urals" will not raise prices for children.

The capital of the Urals in the TOP10

Recently, New Year's tourism has become popular in our country. People come to other cities to celebrate the New Year holidays. Usually, our citizens stay in hotels, visit local entertainment centers, restaurants and main attractions. This brings tangible profits to cities.For the first places in the ranking of the most popular cities is a fierce struggle. The capital of the Urals in this list takes a worthy place. This suggests that Ekaterinburg is popular among tourists in the New Year holidays. This once again confirms that the city authorities are doing everything correctly when they organize large-scale events, especially in the New Year. Here is how the cities were distributed in the race for popularity in the New Year holidays:

City Average cost of living in hotels / thousand rubles.

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