Hunting for a wild boar in the winter

A boar, or a wild boar, has long been considered oneof the coveted trophies of hunters. This serious and quick-witted beast in the old days was called boar. He is always ready to stand up for his life, while being very dangerous.

Hunt for wild boar in winter has always been forhunters of great interest. What kind of amateur does not dream of having a trophy from his fangs? During the winter months, the boar lacks food, because all the vegetation remained under deep snow. In general, hunting during this period is characterized by the fact that the future victim suffers from a lack of food in the cold season, and for this reason all her behavior is reduced to searching for food. Therefore, the peculiarities of seasonal hunting often consist in "playing" on the natural habits of the beast in the process of searching for food.

There are several ways in whichhunting for wild boar in winter. The first is the extraction of a wild boar by a pen. In this case, the beaters line up in a live chain and try to drive the beast onto the shooters, who hide in certain places. People often take specially trained dogs with them in order to ease the rut with their help.

However, such a hunt for wild boar in winter is fraught withenough dangers, since a wounded furious sekach - this is a very serious opponent. Aim at the boar must be very accurate, because the shot animal is strong on the wound. And even such a serious injury, like a wound in the heart, will not prevent him from running 50-100 meters. Therefore, pursue the prey very carefully, with great care examining all the surrounding bushes: a wild pig often there hides, and then suddenly rushes to the offender and strikes him with his fangs.

The second method, also applied no less often -this is a hunt for a wild boar in the winter from the tower, which is built on a special feeding platform, and then the archer hides in it. Since fanged animals are regularly fed alongside the tower with potatoes or corn, the herds in the evenings themselves come to the feeding place. And the hunter nothing remains, as soon as patiently wait for the arrival of the wild boar.

Usually a number of shooters rises to the tower.Communicate among themselves, they can only with the help of gestures or signals. In no case can not talk or smoke, this can scare away the beast. Hunting for a wild boar in the winter from a tower is spent exclusively at night, as the boar for feeding comes only at night. However, hunters must come to the place before it, as a rule, with the onset of twilight.

There is another, rarely useda kind of hunting is a loop on a wild boar. For this kind of her, she needs a wit and a certain experience. First, you need to study all the paths through which the boar goes to feed, trace its frequent ways to watering, etc. Make it easier in the winter, when the traces of hooves are clearly imprinted on the snow. That is why hunting for wild boar with a loop often occurs in the winter on the first snow.

The loop for the wild boar must be very strongsustain a fairly massive carcass of a wild pig. It should be hung on a wild boar trail in such a way that the wild boar with its head flew into it, that is, at the center and at the same time not too high: about one meter above the ground.

The end of the loop should be tied to the nearest reliable tree, so that a distraught animal can not tear it together from the ground with a loop, and end several times around the barrel.

An important factor is the hunter's clothes.It should be noiseless, windproof and waterproof, warm and have plenty of extra pockets. Shoes for hunting in winter, too, should be selected with the mind: for example, it is better not to wear shoes, as the legs can freeze over the day. Many inveterate hunters, in addition to special footwear, also buy felt boots.

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