How to tint the machine correctly?

How to tint the machine? This is a question that deserves special attention. The appearance of the vehicle with a good design and stunning tuning - that's what attracts everyone's eyes. Toning refers to the elements of tuning. It is worth considering in detail how to tint the car, because thanks to the toning the car will acquire charm, brilliance and presentability.

How to Tint the MachineTint film, among other things,prevents many unpleasant effects on the machine. Among them, burning of the skin, instrument panels, acoustics and audio equipment. In addition, toning will create a barrier that will prevent the sun from dazzling the driver.

When tinting with film, automotive glasses do notare dismantled. Maybe, only the door panels are removed - and that is very rare. In addition, this is a very fast process: the car can be completely toned for three hours. At the same time, glasses are not scratched. Another plus, which has a tint film for cars - it can be removed at any time, and the glass will remain intact. Also it is heat-resistant: it is not afraid of overheating or frost. It does not shine, does not demetallize, does not exfoliate and does not bubble. Plus, it does not pass the ultraviolet rays.

How to properly tint the machine?How to tint the machine with your own hands? Not as difficult as it may seem. This requires a spatula-eraser, shampoo, knife, blade, ruler and film.

How to properly tint the machine? To begin with, you need to thoroughly wash it, washing all the fat off the panes. If you do not do it qualitatively, then the hairs and dust particles will hammer under the film, and this is fraught with a bad result. Then you need to measure the glass (taking into account the allowance of five centimeters on each side), and you can proceed to the film, or rather, to cut it. You need to find the transparent side of the film. Next, take a film and abundantly sprinkle it with water, in which there is a sufficient amount of shampoo. The film must be wet, and even wet. Then it is divided up to the end (it is necessary to watch, that its sides among themselves did not stick together), and the transparent part is thrown out. The adhesive film is applied to the car glass. Then you need a rubber eraser, which from the center will need to drive the water to the edges. The film must be held so that it does not slip. Attention! It is necessary to remove ALL water. Then, an hour later, you can cut the film. But in any case not exactly on the edge - for this you need to wait about 8 hours. You can dry the film with a hair dryer to improve the result.

Tint film for carsHow to tint the car, or rather, its rear window? On it, the film is attached in a different way. We must first carefully examine it, then wash it carefully. Mounting starts from the top. The washing liquid must be spread over the top of the already washed glass. Then 1/3 part of the film is separated and the liquid is abundantly sprayed onto its surface. The same operation will have to be repeated with the remaining 2/3 of the film. As already mentioned, you will need to wait a few hours, after which you can adjust. And tip for the last: the first 2-3 days do not need to open the windows to avoid possible deformation (this is the case if the film is not of superior quality).

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