How to sew a shuttlecock?

In another article devoted to sewing, we willtalk about how to sew shuttlecocks, as well as on the finishing of shuttlecock. Let's start with what is best to use the fabric for shuttlecock, and then talk about the features of the pattern. Variants of patterns of shuttlecocks on the Internet a lot, we'll consider the classic way.

How to make flounces

For the production of flounces it is best to usea fabric that is cut in the shape of a circle. This allows you to avoid unnecessary seams, so these shuttlecocks will look better than others. The very pattern of the shuttle can be taken ready, and you can make it yourself. Next, we give an example of an independent pattern, but before you cut the shuttlecock, several important details. To begin, draw (for example, using a compass) circles of any size. Here it is necessary to take into account that the smaller the inner circle, the more magnificent the shuttle will be. If the inner circle is large, then the shuttle will not be too wavy. The distance between the outer and inner circles, as well as the depth of the shuttle, can be varied, with different effects. And how to check if we are satisfied with the splendor of the shuttlecock? This can be verified only by making an appropriate sample. To determine the number of circles, divide the length of the line to which we will sew the shuttlecock by the length of the circumference (internal), considering the allowances for seams of 1.5 cm. One of the good ways to trim the shuttle is the lining. You can take the same or even lighter fabric, as well as a fabric of contrasting color. Here it should be noted that the lining will close almost completely untouched edges and give your product a finished look. You can also trim the shuttle with a French or a French (seamstress) seam, or bend it on the sewing machine, or, finally, sew on the overlock roller. Now go directly to the pattern, and as an example we will have a shuttlecock with the lining already mentioned. Subsequently, you can already master new ways of patterning yourself.

Pattern of Shuttlecock

The pattern itself is accompanied by severalillustrations, so that you have at hand a so-called visual aid. First, draw a picture on paper: the circle can be 10 cm in diameter or the size you need. Now draw the second circle, which will correspond to the desired depth of your shuttle. Add to the seams of 1.5 cm - along the edges of the outer and inner circles:

Then draw a line of the cut from the middle to the edge of the circle, and then draw the seam lines at a distance of about 6 mm from the line of the cut and parallel the line of the cut draw the arrow:

Now we cut out the circles from the fabric of your product andfor the lining, after which we spend the pieces inside the face sides along the edges of the cut lines, retreating from the edge of 6 mm and ironing the allowances. Then we grind the frill and lining inside the front sides along the outer circumference, press the allowance in order that the line does not wrinkle, and then iron the same allowance. Then turn out on the front side and iron the corner of the iron external tap and cut the edge of the seam by 3 mm. After this, we sand the both layers inward with the inner sides of the inner circumference, making cuttings at equal distances from about 1.5 to 5 cm on the cuttings allowances, depending on the bend. Finally, we add the edges of the product and the frills with the inside sides and add it, we lightly press the seam allowance, but do not touch the frill. That's all - our shuttlecock is ready.

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