How do we rest on the May holidays in 2019?

As one famous satirist used to say in our open spaces, working time in our country is a short interval between the New Year and May.

Indeed, the May holidays have long become the talk of the town, especially given that in our climate it is also a symbolic time of the final farewell to the cold, the first “walking” of the barbecue in nature and the first large-scale outings “in the garden”.

The weekends that really smoothly flow from Labor Day to Victory Day simply do not leave our compatriots with us, and they absolutely stick a comma into a perfect place in terms of logic and mentality in the phrase “You shouldn’t rest”.

So, with the onset of May, we are waiting for the bright sun, flowering gardens and a great mood in anticipation of a heap of free days. What exactly should they be from the point of view of our Government, and how can they be carried out with benefit and interest? About this and much more - more!

Festive dates

So, May ... By the instructions given to us from above not so long ago, Labor Day was reduced from the usual two days (1st and 2nd May) to one. Apparently, the authorities considered that we rest too much, which caused a natural wave of discontent.

So now May Day has become completely consistent with the letter of the name, and it was necessary to happen so unsuccessfully that in 2019 from him to the next weekend in the week, that in one direction, that in the other, exactly two days. That is, hopes that the holiday with them will be combined with some kind of ghostly working out before or after are buried with pomp and categorically.

And it's a pity, of course ... Although, if the desire to relax overrides the desire to curry up, and you already managed to work out for the title of “Employee of the Year”, you can easily take time off or leave for the 2-3nd, and walk with a clear conscience days

how to rest in may 2019

As for the second official holiday of the weekend - May 9 - everything just worked out with him. The 10th, according to the not yet confirmed, but 99% logical, information will also be announced as a holiday. That is, on the 9-12th, you can easily plan a mini-vacation.

Trinity this year, of course, May summed up - it will only decorate the June production calendar, but there was only Constitution Day there,therefore, in that month it will obviously not be superfluous.

May 1 holiday

Labor Day, except for our Ukraine, is celebrated in 143 countries, and it migrated to our usual calendar from the Soviet calendar. And the history of the holiday itself dates back to the distant 1886, to workers 'protests in Chicago, when the strike turned into a very large-scale open confrontation with the authorities and stirred up a movement for workers' rights.

May Holidays 2019 official weekend

In Ukraine, this holiday was first celebrated in 1890 in Lviv, and later it was proclaimed a public holiday in the UNR. In the Soviet period, May Day became an official-political action with rallies, parades and other attributes traditional for that ideology, while all over the world it always remained a holiday for all workers with cheerful carnivals and mass celebrations.

In 2017, the “Day of International Solidarity of Workers”, previously written in our legislation, was renamed by Rada to “Labor Day” and its celebration was reduced from two days to one.

Victory Day

“Victory Day over Nazism in World War II” replaced “Victory Day”, which has traditionally been widely celebrated in our country since the times of the USSR.

May holidays weekend calendar

Renaming happened in 2015 in accordance with the plan for the unification of public holidays and anniversaries with an international calendar and measures for decommunization.

In fact, the 8th (Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation Around the World) has been announced as significant days, and the 9th is the official holiday in our country. During this period, we join international actions to honor those who fought against Nazism, remember those who gave their lives in that war.

The official symbol of the holiday is the poppy flower, and on this day many solemn and everyday events are held both at the state level and in the field, laying flowers at the memorials of the participants of World War II, organizing exhibitions and meetings with veterans on those days.

Other interesting celebrations and events

how russia rests on may holidays 2019

The list of other May holidays, which are not days off, but, nevertheless, celebrated by so many of our compatriots, is approximately the following:

  • May 13 - Mother's Day;
  • May 15 - International Family Day;
  • May 17 - World Information Community Day (unofficial Internet day);
  • May 19 is the Day of Science and the Day of Europe;
  • May 20 - The Sign Interpreter's Day and Banker's Day;
  • May 24th is the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture;
  • May 26 - Day of workers of printing and book industry;
  • May 27 - Day of the chemist;
  • May 28 - Day of the border guard;
  • May 29 is the International Day of Peacekeepers.

how many days we rest on the May holidays

As the already well-known high-profile events planned for May, of course, the World Ice Hockey Championship (puck) comes to mind, which this time Slovakia will host from 3rd to 19th of May. So, everyone can combine on May two at once two pleasures and rush to the Slovaks for the holidays to visit.

Also in May, Eurovision will be traditionally held, and there will be a lot of films that cannot be missed, especially by fans of popular Lukas and Marvelian franchises, and many jubilees will be widely celebrated in honor of great scholars, literary figures and artists who will be announced later .

In addition, in May, of course, in Kiev and many other cities of Ukraine there will be festive concerts, bike rides and other mass sporting events, as well as many festivals and exhibitions.

Production calendar for May 2019

how to relax and work on the may holidays in 2019

As it was already marked by holidays and non-working days, only the 1st, the 9th are recognized in May (the 10th, if it is still approved as a holiday, will still be transferred somewhere, therefore it will not affect the total number of working days).

That is, if there are a total of 8 days in the month of 31, Saturdays and Sundays, then by simple arithmetic calculations at the level of the preparatory kindergarten group and half of the school corridor we get only 21 working days and 10 legal days off and holidays. It will be small, but what to do ...

As always, employees of state institutions, state employees, and employees of companies that love their employees very much can count on one shortened working day in May - an 8-day number (before May Day, we’ll go out in April, naturally). In terms of the number of working hours, this will result (with a 40-hour working week) of 167 table hours, of course, taking into account one shortened day.

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