How to remove the old toilet: the technology of dismantling the old plumbing

Some types of plumbing can be easily replaced independently. Therefore, knowledge of how to remove the old toilet, it will be very helpful - you will not have to call the plumber and adjust your plans to his mood.

Yes, and the money saved on the service of dismantling can be used to purchase more useful items.

When to start dismantling the toilet

The need to replace the old toilet with a new one arises at the most unexpected moment - the plumbing product may burst or break if something heavy is accidentally dropped on it. Although the repair was not planned, it is not possible to live without a toilet bowl.

In an emergency, it is necessary to evaluate the front of future work, carefully study the shape of the toilet bowl, how it was connected, and acquire a model that has similar characteristics. This will replace the failed product with minimal cost.

Crack on the toilet
If the crack on the toilet is not significant, then the replacement can be postponed, quietly planning the time of work. Yes, and to select the purchase of new plumbing need a day or two

If the time has come to overhaul, then the form of release, the water supply to the drain tank, the shape of the product itself will not be of fundamental importance. In this case, you can choose the model that most closely matches the idea of ​​an ideal toilet - anyway, there will be an extensive front of work and replacement of pipes, most likely, will be one of the points.

The toilet is badly damaged.
When the product is damaged and completely unsuitable for use, it is necessary to act immediately. In this case, the work on the dismantling and installation is best done on their own, so as not to overpay for an urgent call plumber

Before you start dismantling an old or broken toilet bowl, you need to buy and wait for the delivery of a new product. Also, you need to immediately check whether there are in stock all the components that will be needed when replacing.

Release toilet embedded in the floor
Models, the release of which is embedded in the floor, look aesthetically pleasing, but in the case of a pipe leak, you have to remove the tile and crack the floor - this is difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Security measures before starting work

When it is planned to replace the toilet, doubts arise about the feasibility of doing all the work with their own hands. In fact, with the removal of the old and installation of the new device can be managed on their own. The main thing is to do everything consistently, following the recommendations of the manufacturer and following the advice of experienced craftsmen.

There are 3 options for work:

  • invite plumbing;
  • invite shabashnik;
  • do it yourself

The first option is suitable when there is a scheduled repair and there is no time limit. Sometimes plumbing has to wait for weeks - it always has unforeseen circumstances.

Inviting a shabashnik can turn out to be even more wasteful - well, if you get an experienced master whose hands grow from the right place. Otherwise, he can crush the entire bathroom.

Dismantling the toilet sledgehammer
Some shabashniki like to dismantle the toilet with a sledgehammer. It is fast and does not require much effort - a couple of strokes and no toilet bowl.

The last option for independent work is the most profitable - you can get practical experience and money will be saved. Yes, and more destruction can be avoided.

If it was decided to get practical experience in dismantling the toilet bowl, then we should not forget about safety measures, because in the process of work various tools can be useful.

Care should be taken to protect the eyes, hands, other important organs and parts of the body. For this you need to wear special glasses, thick gloves, a mask on your face for respiratory protection. Clothing should completely cover the arms and legs so that sharp fragments do not accidentally damage the skin.

The use of the grinder when dismantling the toilet
You may have to use the grinder - so you can not do without protective glasses and gloves.

Technology dismantling old plumbing

Having decided to dismantle the toilet bowl on your own, you need to familiarize yourself with the theoretical part and only then proceed to the practical application of the knowledge gained. Only having a complete idea of ​​what is to be done, it is easy to develop a plan of action and act according to it.

First stage: preparation of the object

The first step is to carry out the preparatory work, having examined the toilet carefully and all the fixings. This will help determine the set of necessary tools for dismantling.

Then you should clean the bathroom as much as possible of unnecessary items - take out the pots, buckets, washing machine, if it will impede free access to the toilet. In a word, it is necessary to remove from the room everything that can interfere or there is a probability of accidental damage.

Work in gloves
It is better not to start working without gloves - the risk of injury or a deep cut is very high.

Preparing an object for deletion consists of the following work:

  • preparing the right tools;
  • product laundering from surface contamination;
  • shutdown of the water supply system;
  • removal of water from the tank;
  • preparation of dry fabric cuts, old towels or sponges and other soft materials that can absorb water.

It is important to carefully inspect all the fasteners - if silicone sealant was used for sealing, you will also need a construction knife to remove it.

Easy to cut off with a construction knife
With a construction knife it is easy to cut off the sealant, which is firmly stuck. The remains can be removed with a special compound for silicone removal or solvent R646

Also, regardless of the toilet model and the location of the cistern, it is necessary to close the tap on the pipe that supplies water to the house / apartment. Then you need to check whether everything worked out by opening a tap for this.If the water does not flow, everything was successful and preparatory work can be continued.

Drain the water from the tank so that it does not interfere with further dismantling. Dry sponges, old towels and floor cloths will be useful for wiping puddles and making an improvised gag to close the entrance to the sewer bell. This measure partially protects the inhabitants of the apartment / house from the penetration of the extremely unpleasant smell from the sewer riser after dismantling the toilet.

Water pipe overlap
Shut off the water supply pipe in any case - water should not interfere with the work

If the toilet is imbedded in the floor, or the cistern is in the wall, you will have to remove the tile, freeing access. Also, do not forget about the tanks built into the wall. When dismantling such products without serious damage can not do. Work on removing the tile, removing the decorative coating or panels should be carried out in advance at the preparation stage.

Separate faucet on the flexible connection to the toilet bowl
Conveniently, if there is a separate faucet that allows you to turn off the water to the drain tank, without resorting to a complete turn off the water in the apartment / house

The second stage: dismantling the tank

When the water is blocked, you can proceed to the next stage - remove the drain tank, do not forget to release it from the water beforehand.Moreover, it does not matter exactly where and how it was installed. If the tank is hidden in the wall niche, then it is necessary to break the decorative structure, remove the tile, finishing panels and other types of decoration.

Then you should carefully remove the cover from the tank - this will prevent its accidental fall in the process of dismantling. If this is a model of a drain container with a button, then first you have to turn out the button, and only then remove the cover.

Dismantling the tank cover
The lid of the cistern can not be removed, but then it is likely that during the work it will fall on one leg or break completely, injuring someone with splinters

When the cover has been removed, it must be removed from the room so that it does not interfere with further work. Now you need to unscrew the flexible liner that supplies water to the tank. To do this, use a key of the appropriate diameter and carefully unscrew, trying not to damage the adjacent walls.

Dismantling the flexible connection of the flush tank
If the new toilet has the same arrangement of all the holes for connection, and the flexible connection is in excellent condition, then its second end can be unscrewed.

Then you need to unscrew the bolts securing the tank to the wall, if any.If the drain container is on the toilet bowl shelf, then the bolts holding the tank in place will be unscrewed.

For the dismantling of the old toilet bowl may be useful grinder
It happens that the compact toilet + tank has served for many years and the fastenings have become attached firmly. In this case, a grinder may be needed to remove the bolts.

It remains to smoothly remove the tank and remove it from the bathroom. It is important to act confidently - if you failed to remove the container from the first time, you need to try one or two times, applying great force.

Smooth swaying tank
The main thing is to act smoothly, slowly, with force to swing the tank from side to side, trying not to drop

The third stage: the removal of the toilet bowl

When the tank is removed, you can proceed to remove the toilet bowl itself. To do this, it is desirable to first release from the cover, carefully loosening the bolts that hold it in place. It is important not to damage anything - often the housewife buys the lid separately, choosing an expensive, beautiful and comfortable seat.

Dismantling the toilet lid
The lid can not be removed, but then it can be accidentally broken in the process of dismantling and used in the country with the toilet, it will not be possible

Now it is necessary to unscrew the bolts securing the sole of the toilet to the floor.This stage can be simple or more difficult - it all depends on the method of attachment:

  • if the toilet is fixed only with bolts, then they need to be unscrewed;
  • when a sealant is used as a sealant, you will need a knife to carefully cut off the silicone layer;
  • if the base of the toilet bowl is concreted into the floor, then you will have to use a chisel, a hammer, a sledgehammer.

It happens that the sole of the toilet is attached to a thick wooden board embedded in the floor. After 10-25 years of using a sanitary appliance, the board, called taffeta, will rot. Therefore, it is easy to remove the toilet, but the board also needs to be removed.

When the bolts are tight
Sometimes the bolts are tight and without destructive actions can not do. In this case, you need to put a strong point blow to the hammer next to the bolt on one and the other side of the toilet bowl sole.

The next step is to pull the sink out of the toilet. The front works will depend on the material from which it is made. It may be:

  • flexible drain;
  • plastic;
  • cast iron.

If in the first variant you can easily pull out the flexible drain from the toilet bowl, then in the second and third cases you will have to work hard by removing it. Particularly difficult may be the job of removing the cast iron pipe.

Drill for removal of iron drain
A chisel or a drill may be needed to detach the cast iron pipe in order to pick out flax from the joints.

If the plastic drain does not give way, it can be sawed with a hacksaw for metal or cut with a hot knife. Then clean the pipe of all types of windings, which for many years ensure leak tightness and protect against leakage.

The knife will help remove the flexible drain.
When you can’t remove the toilet from a flexible drain, you can carefully trim the plastic with a knife

It remains a strong swinging movements to remove the toilet. It is important to act smoothly. If the first time did not work, you do not need to immediately take up the sledge hammer - you should repeat the process a couple more times and everything will work out.

Shattered toilet bowl
When a sledgehammer is used to remove the toilet bowl, you can injure yourself with splinters and damage tile on the floor and walls.

It remains to remove the dismantled cup from the bathroom so that it does not interfere with further work.

Fourth stage: clearing the area

The scope of work at the last stage completely depends on the previous stages and on what material the drain is made of. If we are talking about a cast iron pipe, then it will have to be removed in order to replace it with a lighter and more functional flexible drain.

Iron casting removal
Carefully remove the cast iron pipe, so as not to damage the entrance to the sewer

It happens that it may take more than 2 hours to remove the pipe and clean the inlet. But this is justified, because in the future the process of dismantling a plastic corrugated pipe will take a few minutes. Yes, and leakage, if it occurs, is much easier to repair than in cast iron.

After careful dismantling
If everything is done calmly and smoothly, there will be a minimum of garbage, and stripping will take 20-30 minutes.

When the toilet was fastened to the taffeta, it is necessary to remove all the remnants of the rotten board and install a new one in its place, using a consistent glue and fixing it on the screws. Or you can immediately fill the hole with a solution.

The floor in place of the old toilet
Install new plumbing only after the solution is completely dry.

If, out of ignorance, the toilet was not removed, but knocked out using a sledgehammer or other heavy tool, the cleaning of the bathroom will take a long time.

To thoroughly clear the place for the installation of new plumbing, will have to make an effort.

A lot of shattered from broken toilet
Splinters from a broken toilet can ruin the wallpaper, tile and other decorative coating in the room.

Acting smoothly and carefully, you can remove the toilet without damaging anything. It will be completely ready for installation in the country.

Properly removed old toilet
The old toilet, the dismantling of which is done correctly, will be able to serve for many more years in the bathroom of a country house.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can remove the toilet yourself. The video clip demonstrates how to do it correctly:

Sometimes the bolts securing the toilet bowl to the floor, as if rooted and in no way amenable. Here a radical method can be useful - a hammer. More about this video editing option:

You can remove the toilet mounted on a thick wooden plate - taffeta. The video clip shows how to do it neatly:

A unique version of the dismantling - smash the toilet. How not to get rid of the old toilet, show video:

You can dismantle the toilet using your own power, armed with the necessary tools and a step-by-step work plan. In this matter, it is important to do everything very carefully, not forgetting about personal safety. After all, from the old toilet in the process of dismantling can split a splinter, which in itself is a danger. It will take from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours to remove the old sanitary device with your own hands.

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