How to remove grease stains

July 23, 2012

How to remove grease stainsOf all the contaminants, grease is the most difficult to remove, so removing greasy stains is not that easy. However, if the furniture, clothes or carpet got fat. You should not despair - you can remove such a stain using different methods. The general rule is that the “fresh” stain, the less time it will take to remove it, so you should not waste time. It is in connection with this that eliminating fat stains in dry cleaning is not an option, because while the thing is delivered for cleaning, it will be much more difficult to absorb the fat and remove it. In addition, not all things can be attributed to dry cleaning - carpets and furniture will still have to be cleaned at home. Another advantage of self-removal of fat stains is a careful attitude to things, since no housewife can harm herself.

Since fat stains can appear everywhere, consider ways to remove them depending on the material.

Removing stains from the fabric

  • On acetate silk, the stain of fat is treated with a cotton swab moistened with ether or gasoline. This method is gentle, and therefore the fabric will not deteriorate.Satin and silk can also be sprinkled with chalk, which should be rubbed evenly with a finger over the area of ​​contamination.
  • If the collar of the shirt is contaminated from sebum, then the cloth is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in the following solution: 1 tablespoon of table salt, 4 tablespoons of ammonia. When the solution dries out a little, it is necessary to wipe the stain with a brush with soapy water, and then rinse it with clean water and hang the shirt on the hanger to dry.
  • If fat stains appear on outer clothing, as well as synthetic fabrics, they can be sprinkled with potato starch and rubbed at the place of pollution. Dried starch is brushed off and, if necessary, the procedure is repeated once more.
  • Fatty stains on coarse tissues are cleaned with ammonia, and the fabric is rinsed in warm, clean water.
  • how to remove the old fat spot

  • Colored fabrics can be cleaned of fat with hot water and soap or dishwashing detergent, blotting paper can be put under the stain and then gasoline can be used to scrub the grease. It is cleaned with a clean cloth, gently kicking the stain until it is completely removed.
  • If the stain appears on velvet, then you can use sand. White dry sand is poured into a canvas bag and heated it. This pouch is pressed into the stain several times until it disappears. If the pollution is strong, then a napkin is placed under the fabric, a few drops of gasoline are dripping and again rubbed with a bag of sand.
  • Any tissue can be cleaned of fat with a special stain remover or gasoline.

Removing stains from furniture

  • With a leather upholstery, a fresh greasy stain can be wiped off with whipped egg white, while old ones can be removed with a warm solution of vinegar and water.
  • Fat stains are removed from furniture covers in the following way: sprinkle the places of contamination with potato flour and wipe with a clean white cloth. In case of severe contamination, the procedure can be repeated.
  • Fresh fatty stains are removed from chairs or sofas using alcohol wipes and salt. Salt sprinkled with contaminated areas so that it absorbs fat. After this stain blotted with an alcohol wipe, and when it becomes wet through, leave this place to dry.
  • To get rid of greasy stains on furniture, you can use one teaspoon of ammonia, two teaspoons of lemon juice and a liter of water. Wipe the stain with this solution and then polish it.

Removing stains from various surfaces

  • From the wooden floor fat stains are removed with a clean cloth dipped in gasoline. And from a parquet the stain is cleaned like this: they sprinkle this place with brown, cover it with a sheet of soft paper and iron it with a hot iron.
  • Grease stains from paper are removed with a gasoline swab. Next, the paper is placed between two sheets of blotting paper and pressed down on top with something heavy. If necessary, if the fat spot does not disappear after 20 minutes, the procedure is repeated.
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  • From the walls with whitewash or glue paint, grease stains are removed by placing blotting paper on it and ironing it. If a stain that is lighter than the rest of the wall remains, you can wipe the area around the stain and distribute the paint more evenly.
  • Fat stain from the wallpaper can be removed with gasoline, it is dripped onto the stain. Cover with blotting paper and ironed with a hot iron. Before this, it is better to check the wallpaper on the reaction with gasoline in some unobtrusive place. You can also use the pulp of warm black bread. From it roll a ball and then promakiruyut spot them.
  • On carpets, grease stains are removed with a mixture of gasoline and singing powder.This mixture is rubbed into the stain and left for several hours, and then washed off with hot water until the mixture is completely removed.

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