How to record a conversation in skype

Today Skype is widely usedso that people from all corners of the world can freely and, most importantly, communicate with each other for free. Many people through Skype conduct all sorts of negotiations, arrange conferences, lectures, etc. And it happens that it is simply impossible to remember all the important information provided by the interlocutor. Therefore, many are interested in the question whether it is possible to record a conversation in skype.

Yes, it can be done, but this will requirespecial program MP3 Skype Recorder. It must be downloaded and installed on your computer using the Setup command. The file that will be downloaded will be in the archive format, so you need to unpack it before starting it.

Before you record a Skype conversation, youyou need to open the program. This is done by double clicking on the corresponding icon. Next, you will need to specify in the settings folder where you are going to store the recorded files in the future. Also select the optimal recording mode for you: stereo or mono. To specify the desired folder, click on the folder icon on the right. A window will open where you can select where your sound files will be stored.

Before recording a conversation inskype, you will need to adjust and the sound quality. To make it as good as possible, select the stereo mode and set the appropriate bitrate of the sound. The higher it is, the better the quality, therefore it is recommended to choose the maximum - 128.

Now that all settings have been adjusted,you can start a conversation and record it in parallel. Click on the Record button (it is marked with a red circle) and start recording. If this process needs to be stopped, click Stop.

This is only one of the ways that describe howrecord the conversation in skype. There is another program designed for these purposes. It differs in that the recording can be carried out without anyone's knowledge, that is, secretly. All conversations made in Skype will be saved, after which they can be listened to. This is a spyware listening program called VoiceSpy. It can both be bought and downloaded on the Internet.

Of course, this is not the most ethical occupation -eavesdrop on other people's conversations, but in some cases it is very useful. For example, by installing a similar program on your child's computer, you can always be aware of his affairs, about which he talks with friends, but does not tell you. So you can protect your child and protect from unpleasant situations, in which he got or just going. Also, this program can be used by managers wishing to know what their employees are doing during working hours.

Since you can record a conversation using SkypeVoiceSpy? You do not have to make any effort to do this, except for those that will be required to install the program. And it is installed very simply, you just need to follow the instructions of the setup wizard. And you do not need to understand the settings, because VoiceSpy responds to the activity of the microphone and turns on automatically, that is, it works in the background. A user speaking on Skype does not notice this.

This program is very unpretentious to resourcessystem. If you do not know how to record a conversation on Skype while you are at someone else's computer, here's a tip: VoiceSpy fits perfectly on the USB flash drive, so you can use it absolutely on any computer connected to Skype. The interface of the program is so simple that even the most inexperienced user will not be able to figure out what's what. In addition, it can work not only with Skype, but also with other voice services, such as ICQ or All records are saved in mp3 format, which guarantees excellent sound quality when listening.

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