How to raise the FPS in "The Witcher 3"? What is FBS in games?

"How to raise the FPS in" The Witcher 3 "?" - a question that does not give rest to the owners of not very powerful computers that have lost sleep and peace after the release of the cult game. This will be discussed in the to increase fps in witcher 3

What is FPS in general?

This abbreviation meansthe number of frames that gives a video card to the player's monitor in one second. It stands for Frames per Second. It is the main performance indicator in many games. Especially where there is constant dynamics: World Of Tanks, Counter Strike or Dota. The list goes on.

That is, if the video card is already outdated,the playback of the actions in the game will occur with a delay of several seconds, which can lead to a complete loss of interest in the game and the technical inability to enjoy the gameplay. It will look something like this: the player makes a key press on the keyboard, and after two or three seconds the action corresponding to the given key occurs on the screen. Simply put, the game will slow down.

All of the above gives an idea of ​​what FPS is. There are several ways to increase the frame rate.what is FPS

Where and how to raise the FPS in "The Witcher 3"?

First of all, you need to make sure that third-party programs are disabled that can slow down the computer. If they are still on, it's better to turn it off.

The latest versions should be installeddrivers for the video card. In general, it is desirable to update all the drivers for hardware. There are a number of useful programs that allow you to scan for obsolete computers and, if necessary, update them. Recommended for installation.

Most often the game automatically exposessettings to the maximum. Should be reduced to medium or low. As a result, the graphics will be slightly worse, but the refresh rate will increase. To do this, you need to find the settings in the game "Witcher 3". FPS is not displayed there, but the quality of the graphics can be adjusted.

More tips

It is worth noting that the game itself is designed forrather powerful computers. After its release, many thematic magazines published articles about The Witcher 3, where (for fun or for publicity) they applied the approximate cost of assembling a computer on which you can fully enjoy the gameplay.

Also in the game itself, you can turn off the Nvidia Hairworks option, which affects the FPS. Of course, the setting is available to the owners of the video card of the same name.

If this does not help, but there is a hugethe desire to play in the "Witcher 3", got a low FPS and you want to sacrifice something else, there is an option to go to the game folder (\ The Witcher 3 - Wild Huntbinshadersspeedtreeshaders_directx11), find the files responsible for the animation of grass and leaves, and delete them. As a rule, they contain the words Leaves and Grass.

Although it is better to just move it to the archive,lay to the best of times. After this manipulation, the grass and leaves will disappear from the game. Geralt, in perplexity, will run around the shabby wastelands with painful half-dead textural vegetation and hide in the shadows of trees, which involve a minimum number of graphic shaders.Witcher 3 low FPS

Let the trees do not stagger

Another way how to increase FPS in "The Witcher 3" is to climb into the file user.settings:

  • in the parameter speedtree set the zero value in all indicators;
  • The last indicator MaxVisibilityDepth, affecting the range of drawing trees, can be set to 2 or increased to 4;
  • Draw shadows of shadows set to 0.2.

These "dances with a tambourine" will lead to the fact that the trees will not stagger from the wind and will be visible only at close range.

Optimal frequency

How to learn FPS in "The Witcher 3"? The answer is simple: just like in any other game. If this indicator is not provided for in the options, you can use third-party software. The most striking example is Fraps. The utility is free, so it can be found without problems.Witcher 3 FPS settings

Its job is to display the value of how many frames a player's video card produces on any game. For example, when watching a movie, it produces a value of 23 to 26 frames.

The human eye does not perceive more than 24frames, but for the performance of the game requires FPS higher: about 41-59 frames per second. If the video card is capable of producing such indicators, then the game will only bring pleasure.


With online games, the situation is slightly different. In this case, the FBS will depend directly on the bandwidth of the channel, the Internet signal and the degree of loading of the game server.

But basically such projects are focused onthe general public, who will contribute money to the game, which is the main percentage of developers' income. If the requirements for the game will increase, players will start to leave, which will not be good for the economic side of the issue.

Because online games are more or less optimizedand are designed for computers with medium and low power. That is the majority. Fans of the maximum settings, which are the owners of powerful computers, in this case, absolutely do not lose anything.

As for the sensational saga with Geralt,developers initially warned that the game will be designed for quite powerful computers with performance, than pour a lot of salt on the wound to the entire gaming community. Like, there is a crisis in the country, but give them powerful computers to learn fps in a witcher 3

Nevertheless, the fact remains. "The Witcher 3" is a game that has already conquered the hearts of millions with its openness, fantasy, unpredictable plot, colorful graphics and a dynamic world full of adventures.

Those who can not afford to taste allthe charm of the project, probably already looked at the video of the passing of the game on YouTube, armed with delicious food, like watching a great movie. It is unlikely that such a measure contributed to quenching the desire to play this game. Rather, on the contrary, she just threw the firewood into the fire.

All the above manipulations, responding tothe question of how to increase the FPS in "The Witcher 3", lead to the fact that from that colorful world created by developers, "cut" a piece by piece to enable the gamer to somehow play. The game is not fully perceived. The author's idea is not fully conveyed to the organs of perception of the addressee.

Because to enjoy the coveted game withoutbrakes, hangs and bugs, it is recommended to put before it an elusive goal - the acquisition of a computer that fully meets the system requirements of the project.

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