How to quickly learn the alphabet with a child: proven methods

How to quickly learn the alphabet with a child

When it comes time to send a kid to school, his life enters a completely new phase, which ends with carelessness and you have to answer for everything as an adult. But how the child will accept the changes: with joy or fear, it depends on the mood that parents who have an idea about education can provide. Here it is very important not to let the beginning schoolchild get confused, to drown in the yet unfamiliar sea of ​​class work, homework and school requirements. The first step to solving these problems will be a preliminary study of the alphabet. But how to do it right, so as not to completely discourage the desire to learn?

Tips to help in learning the wisdom of the alphabet

In this case, there are no recommendations that are equally effective for all occasions. It requires an individual approach when you have to pay attention to the peculiarities of the development of each individual child.There are cases when the baby is ahead of their peers in terms of mental development, and therefore masters the alphabet in 3 years, or even earlier. If some kids cope with the task quickly and easily, others may not be ready for learning difficulties. Only practice will help answer such questions.

Regardless of the age of commencement of studies, there are a number of rules that must be observed:

  1. study with pleasure;
  2. activities that bring joy and good mood;
  3. learning frequency

Given the age of the baby, it’s hardly possible to count on a serious attitude to the learning process of the alphabet. Combine cheerful mood and joy with school does not work, if you make a bet on the boring sitting out of the alphabet. Only a game in which it is necessary to transform lessons leading to the preschooler's interest can save the business. In this case, it is important to touch on precisely the subject that is most interesting for a particular child and in many respects resembles his hobby. In this task there can be no restrictions for the fantasy shown by parents who know all the nuances of the behavior and interests of their children.

Learning the alphabet through the game "Cards"

Learning the alphabet with children through the game "Cards"Such an approach to the study of the alphabet will please not only simple, but also efficiency. The whole essence of this method lies in the love of children for bright drawings that complement the letters and words placed on cards with intricate and colorful designs. Through the attractiveness of the drawing, the preschooler manifests the wonders of visual memory, with which memorization by ear comes into play. It is this tandem and allows you to come to the expected results.

As for the purchase of these cards, they can be found in any bookstore or outlet that specializes in products for children. If you wish and have some skills, you can start making cards with the alphabet on your own, and even with the participation of the child.

The use of toys, which a particular child especially loves, may be useful when using the alphabet. In this case, it is necessary to teach the child to substitute cards with letters to toys, focusing on their names. To arouse the increased interest of the baby, you should not be afraid to diversify such activities.

Method of learning using the alphabet

Due to the variety of equivalent options of the same alphabet, you can always choose an analogue that is most suitable for a young individuality. Does the kid have a passion for music? There are a lot of offers with musical bias, the diversity of which lies in the difference in the set of components of the corresponding direction. With the heightened interest of his descendant to the automotive or what other topics, you also will not have to experience special difficulties with the search.

In addition to preventing boredom, parents should avoid excessive rigor and seriousness. It will be more correct to play along with your child, which gives him an opportunity not only to feel comfort, but also to see in a parent not a strict teacher, but the best friend. In order to avoid rapid fatigue, adults need to learn the skill of alternating study and rest. Do not want to tightly associate training with hatred for him? Do not force your children to engage against their will.

Materials that serve to enhance interest in learning

learning the alphabet with a child in 5 yearsThere are many different ways to bring a seed of interest into the soil of learning the alphabet. You just need to be ready to throw away the old-fashioned old methods and give free reinfantasy, diversifying educational process. For example: a child will surely enjoy composing poems and songs. Or maybe he will be interested in playing all sorts of scenes?

Good results will also bring the game with the use of foreign objects. For example: the search for a particular thing, the name of which begins with the letter under study. Work on the study of the alphabet can and external similarity of objects with the outlines of individual letters.

Regardless of the effectiveness of the methods or games used to help achieve the desired results, the regularity of training is put first. Lack of consistency in planning lessons, inevitably leads to loss of interest and forgetting already mastered wisdom.

10 tips to use when learning the alphabet

  1. Effective learning outcomes for preschoolers can only provide a lesson in the form of a game.
  2. Do not overload children with a large amount of information. Initially, three-year-old kids will not need more than 10 minutes to learn the alphabet. Later you can lengthen the lesson to 15 minutes. Five-year kids will not be tired, to engage for 25-30 minutes.
  3. How to quickly learn the alphabet with a child 2The most important thing in mastering the alphabet is fascination, achieved through the use of cubes, cards and other items that attract attention. Here it is important to avoid monotony and boredom. Encouragement in learning can be a promotion in any way other than material.
  4. A good addition to the classes will be walks, during which colorful signs and announcements are considered.
  5. And in order to achieve perception at the tactile level, you need to create textures, like drawing letters in a sandbox, doing applications.
  6. Learning will be easier if you first focus on the vowel letters, the sonority of which will contribute to perception. You should also use the analogies between the subject and the studied letter.
  7. Getting to the consonants, it is necessary to emphasize not the correct name of the letter, but on the sound itself.
  8. They are suitable for syllables in the presence of baggage from learned vowels and consonants. The last on the list of letters to be studied are b and b, which need to be addressed separately.
  9. A better learning will contribute to the repetition of the material, which also needs to be done during the game.
  10. The classes will give good results if you associate them with positive emotions, which will necessarily affect the attitude of the younger generation to study and their literacy in the future. So, parents have no choice but to approach teaching children the alphabet withcreativeand the maximum amount of patience and love.

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