How to properly shave a bikini zone

Summer comes - the time of holidays, travel andrest on the beach. And before each girl the question arises: how to remove excess vegetation in the intimate zone? Which method is best? Should I shave the bikini zone? And some girls are gnawing at doubts: is it possible to shave a bikini zone?

There are several ways to remove hair:

Photo epilation and laser hair removal - not all fit, these procedures require several sessions, expensive and remove hair permanently.

Wax depilation is an effective, but very painful procedure, for which you need to grow hair up to 0.5 cm.

Depilatory cream - removes hairs in places and not regularly - what's the point?

Shaving is quick, painless, but the hair grows quickly.

It is shaving that makes it easy and quick to achieve a smooth and delicate skin in such a delicate place.

Shaving in the bikini zone is not only possible, but also necessary. Aesthetics of the female body suffers, if in such a delicate zone there are untrodden hair sticking out in all directions. A shave allows you to clean your hair at home easily and painlessly, if you follow the following recommendations.

How correctly to shave a zone of bikini?Which machine is better to use?

For shaving in the bikini zone is suitable only for menrazor. And in any case not one-time - it will dulled very quickly. Why male? Because, firstly, it is an order of magnitude sharper than female, and secondly, women's razors have restraints that protect their legs from cuts, and when shaving in the intimate zone interfere with the review. And in general the female razor is created for shaving of equal surfaces, so it is not suitable for uneven skin surface in the bikini zone. By the way, if you have a Venus razor, then you can buy a nozzle on the male Gillette machine - they are perfect for each other. Pay attention to the sharpness of the razor, the dull razor guarantees you irritation and inflammation of the skin.

How correctly to shave a zone of bikini? What means for shaving to choose?

The best shaving gels are suitable- and does not matter male or female. The only difference is in the fragrance. Do not use soap - it dries the skin. Different creams are also not desirable for use in this intimate procedure.

How correctly to shave a zone of bikini? It is best to take a warm bath before starting the procedure. Perhaps you need to cut your hair before shaving for the convenience of the procedure. At your discretion. After that, rinse the intimate area with lukewarm water. It is important that it is neither hot nor cold. Slowly and gently apply the shaving gel on the hair and leave it for a few minutes for the hair to soak and soften. Only now, after carrying out preparatory manipulations, you can begin shaving the intimate zone. Prepare a mirror in advance for a better view. Take a comfortable position: someone is comfortable to lie down in the bathroom, someone to sit on the side of the bath, and someone better sees himself in the mirror squatting - the main thing is your convenience. And start very, very carefully, slightly pulling uneven skin in the pubic area, using a razor. Shaving should only occur on the hair growth line - this will make it possible to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hair in the future.

After the procedure, treat the skin with lotion after shaving, carefully to avoid getting onto the genitals. Can be treated with a means to slow down hair growth or moisturizing gel.

If there were cuts, then before processing the skin with shaving aids, treat the damaged areas with hydrogen peroxide. And only after that, use skin care products.

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