How to polish a wooden floor

January 29, 2018

How to polish a wooden floorFinishing the floor with natural wood retains its position, despite the appearance of a sufficient number of more modern materials. It is clear that in the form of a simple board, the floor is practically not washed, but natural parquet and its varieties are widely used. In order to give the wooden floor the necessary operational stability, it needs to be covered with additional protection. may also be needed. Varnish in this respect looks preferable to paint, as it allows to preserve the natural beauty of wood.

In order to cover the wooden floor, the following varnishes are offered for sale:

1. Alkyd.
The substance is based on organic components and alkyd resins. Differs in high durability and ensuring full protection against influence of moisture. However, it dries long enough - about 3 days

2. Alkyd-urethane.Thanks to special urethane additives, alkyd varnish absorbs the ability to dry in 12 hours.In this case, the deterioration of performance is not observed, the surface is so strong.

3. Oily.Varnish consists of 100% natural ingredients - oils, solvents and resins. The decorating feature of an oil varnish consists in ability to darken light wooden, its drying time is similar to alkyd substances.

4. Nitro.Varnish with the fastest drying speed due to the presence of modern volatile components. When working with nitrolac, care must be taken to protect respiration and ventilate the room, since the solution is very toxic. The layer is very thin, therefore, as a rule, this varnish is applied at least two or three times.

5. Acrylic water.
Differs in the complete absence of smell and harmful volatile compounds. After coating the wood its natural color is completely preserved, despite being applied in two or three layers. However, when cleaning such a floor will need to completely abandon the wet cleaning.

6. Polyurethane.It creates a very resistant and moisture-resistant coating, which affects its high price. As a rule, this type of varnish is used to cover the parquet of expensive wood.

7Epoxy.It has a great versatility, suitable for covering a wide range of bases. In a complex with a sufficiently high drying rate, this varnish has sufficient strength for use in street conditions.
How to polish a wooden floor
8. Alcohol.This varnish combines environmental friendliness and quick drying. It is very convenient for use in situations where during a short period of time the floor must be covered several times.

9. YachtIt is the most popular varnish at the moment due to its reasonable price and good quality of the created surface.

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