How to play a sister at home? Advice

Drawings can be different: complex and simple, kind and evil, with props and without it. How to play a sister at home? The main thing is not to offend. Perhaps you will be funny, but what will your sister do? What could be the consequences? Thinking about how to play a sister at home, put yourself in her place. These good jokes do not cause damage - neither moral nor material. After the rally is revealed, the "victim" should laugh with you. Of course, much depends also on the nature of your sister, on her sense of humor. Nevertheless, the joke should in no case be evil.

How to play a sister at home? Scared!

So, more in detail. How to play a sister at home? The simplest way is to scare. For example, you sit with your sister at the table, drink tea. Imagine suddenly the horror on your face and scream: "You have a cockroach on your shoulder!". Only on too weak-minded ladies such a joke should not be to play a sister at home

One more example. Suppose the sister is in your room. Sit on the window sill of an open window for a while. At the moment when the sister does not look at you, leave the room silently. At the same time, your assistant under the window should put a scarecrow in the same clothes as yours, stuffed with paper for volume, and a plywood-colored asphalt with a spot of "blood" painted on it. After that, you need to scream: "Help, the man crashed!". As soon as the sister runs to the window, you need to invite her to go down and help, if it is, of course, still possible. While she runs down the "body" and plywood must be removed, and you - to return to their place and sit, as if nothing had happened.

In general, thinking out how to play a sister at home, you just need to show your imagination. However, do not forget that after such jokes, she can not talk with you for a long time.

Jokes with the phone

How to play a sister at home on April 1, if youafraid to scare her? Call from the next room to the landline phone. Introduce yourself in a serious voice telephone station employee. Inform that hot steam will be supplied during the day to clean the wires, therefore it is necessary to wrap up the tubes with paper or polyethylene as soon as possible.

You can be warned that answeringphone calls can not be until the evening, because the line is working telephone operator. Therefore it can be electrocuted. Call back in a few minutes. As soon as your sister picks up the phone, scream in earnest. You are fun to cheer her to play a sister at home on April 1


How to play the younger sister anotherthe original way? Take a small box with an opening top and cut out the bottom. Put it high enough. For example, on the closet. Stick a bright, noticeable inscription visible from the outside, attracting attention. Fill the box with confetti. What will your sister do when she sees a strange box? Of course, he wants to take it off the cupboard. And she immediately falls under the paper fireworks.


Pour water into the pan, cover with a sheet of paper andturn upside down on a level table. Carefully remove the paper. Water will not flow out. Sister pan, of course, wants to clean, so as not to interfere. The result is clear.

By the way, you can also use a glass three-liter jar in the same way. In this case, the water will be visible. "Victim" will only have to reflect on how to remove the bank with the least consequences.

how can you play your sister

At last

Thinking about how you can play your sister, you only needto show wit. Of course, it's easier to make fun of a little girl. Tell her that her friends came to her, that she messed up her clothes, or attach a sheet of paper with a funny inscription on her back. This will amuse the little sister, as well as teach him to play his own friends harmlessly.

For an older girl,need more serious. You can send an anonymous SMS message with information that the number of the sister was among the winners. The prize will be sent by mail. However, for this you need to translate, for example, 50 rubles to the number indicated in the message. Give the number of your friend. Then you will laugh together.

how to play a younger sister

Contend with her sister that she will not be able to jump over the scarf for anything. When she agrees, spread the scarf off the skirting board.

In short, there are many waysplay a sister. Just do not forget that every rally should, first and foremost, carry love and good, that is, be based on acts that are absolutely innocuous, no matter how old your sister is.

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