How to open a stall?

Few people know how much you can realisticallyearn, if you open a stall. However, many of us have seen the owners of these outlets, which drive around on expensive foreign cars. So it's still a profitable business. Yes, if this outlet has the correct placement, then it can bring in a thousand to two thousand dollars of net income, that is, it is the amount that remains after all necessary payments. Now let's talk in more detail about how to open a stall.

Registration of state of emergency

Before you start any activity, youit will be necessary to register your private enterprise (PE) in the relevant authorities. Then it will be necessary to register with the tax inspectorate for the place where you are registered. Then it will be necessary to register with the Pension Fund and the State Statistics Committee.

If you do not want to stand in queues, and thus save your nerves and time, then you should contact the law firm. Services of this kind cost about 3-4 thousand rubles.

Making documents can take you from oneweeks to four. During this time you can find for yourself a sales point that is rented. You can search through a real estate agency, but the commission can be equal to a monthly rental payment. So it's faster and cheaper to look for yourself. This search can take you about 4 weeks.

Fundamentals of small retail trade

What do you need to open a stall if you talk about the basics of the trading business?

This case at first glance is quite simple. You will need to find a supplier or several. Bring goods to the stall. Do it for you the necessary margin for you from 35 to 80%. You can trade on your own, but it's better to hire sales people to work constantly. Recounting should be carried out after a certain period of time, in order to establish whether any goods are lost.

Daily revenue should be collected by yourselfdaily, and not store it in a stall. You can deliver the goods yourself, as its volume is small, and it can fit freely in your car. Since the retail space of the stall is small and there are not enough places for the goods, it will have to be delivered daily. So try to find a convenient supplier that works at the same time and in the same place.

Purchases will need to be planned in advance,so that you always have money on them. The quantity of the goods in the stall must be maintained at the optimum level. Its number should be exactly so that there is always about the same stock. Even an ordinary notebook for accounting, in which the seller will make records, will provide you with invaluable help during the re-registration.

It is very important to establish competitive prices and to properly arrange a showcase. The display case in the stall is small, so it is worthwhile to take care of the exposition of the goods on it with special care.

What to sell in a stall

You decided: "I want to open a stall!". And what can you sell in it? Let's try to help you in this problem.

Products. Often stalls specialize in any one product. These are fruits, vegetables, fish or dairy products. There are stalls where these products are sold mixed. In this case, it is better to settle in the immediate vicinity of the supermarket, since there are customers who want to buy the necessary goods faster. And in the stall you can make a purchase faster than in a supermarket.

  • Newspapers magazines. Such stalls are most often located near metro stations and railway stations, since there are a large number of people who buy a large amount of press on the road. There is another type of customers who buy the press to read it at home. If the stall is located exactly in this place, then you will be able to serve customers of both categories.
  • Flowers. This is a perishable commodity, therefore, it is better to sell such products in places where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Souvenirs. Stalls with such goods are best placed in the historical part of the city, in transport hubs, near famous sights. That is, where there can be a large number of tourists. Seasonality - the main shortcoming in the sale of souvenirs. But in the season on this business you can get a good profit.
  • Expensive and specialized products. These are cigarettes, cigars, poker kits, expensive leaf tea. Since such a product has a small demand, it is pointless to make a specialized store for it. But selling in small stalls, which are located in the corridors of shopping centers, is quite profitable.

How much does it cost to open a stall

Trade through the stall can bring up to $ 1.5 thousand in revenue per month. Invest in the opening of the stall is $ 6-7,5 thousand.

A cash register is mandatory. The cost of a used device is about 3 thousand rubles, the new one will cost about 2 times more expensive. Heater for the winter period for sellers will cost about another thousand rubles. Shelves, showcases and chairs for the seller will also be needed. In total, all equipment will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

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