How to make skeleton leaves

June 28, 2011

How to make skeleton leavesSkeleton leaves are often used in needlework and decoration, for example, to decorate frames, bouquets, cards and in other cases. They are a skeleton of a leaf with streaks and a thin transparent base. You can find ready-made skeleton leaves for sale, and you can make them yourself. Despite the seeming fragility of the transparent leaves, they are fairly easy to make, you just need to follow the technology.

For processing it is better to choose leaves harder, with a strong frame. For these purposes, suitable nut leaves, ficus, poplar and other similar. The terrible words skeletonization encompasses only the process of freeing the leaves from the pulp. To do this, you can use bleach or boil the leaves in a solution of soda. This article describes the second method.

How to make skeleton leaves

  1. Cooking leaves for skeletonization. We must choose a flat leaf without flaws and damage. We select the pan of the appropriate size and put the selected leaves there. After that, we fall asleep there a glass of washing soda.Since such a soda corrodes the skin of the hands, it is necessary to protect them with rubber or latex household gloves.
  2. Then add about four glasses of water to the pan. Thus, we have prepared a soda solution in proportions of 1: 4. no need to mix, so as not to damage the leaves, besides soda is perfectly soluble in water and without stirring.
  3. After an hour, remove the saucepan from the stove, gently pour the water into the sink. Can be used to filter colander with metal mesh or sieve.

    how to make leaves skeleton

  4. Leave the leaves before cooling, gently spreading them on a napkin. After boiling in soda solution, they are almost completely free from the pulp, but they still have pieces of inclusions.
  5. When the leaves have cooled, we begin to gently clean them from the remaining pieces of pulp with a small brush with a soft nap. Removing the flesh is not at all difficult, you just need to clean the surface of the sheet from the middle to the edges. The leaf skeleton is actually much stronger than it seems, and therefore they are not afraid to damage the leaves.
  6. After thorough cleansing, we get skeletonized leaves, which, after drying, can be used to decorate or create cards.You can simply place the leaves between the glass, arrange them in a beautiful frame and hang on the wall in the form of a picture or give to friends. Beautiful pictures and panels can be made from skeletal leaves using leaves of various shapes, sizes and colors.

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