How to make simple soft toys with their own hands: patterns and schemes for beginners. Master class on making bouquets of soft toys with photo and video

on 16.03.2017

It is impossible to remain indifferent at the sight of a charming soft toy, especially if it is sewn with your own hands. For a baby, she will be a wonderful friend who wants to hug before bedtime, and for an adult person - just a wonderful individual gift.

Do not be upset if you do not have a sewing education, one desire to create and the ability to use a needle and thread are sufficient. Plunge into childhood, making a soft toy, be creative and get a lot of pleasure from the work done!


The main thing in the article

Simple soft toys do it yourself for beginners

So, it was already decided that the toy created by own forces is much more valuable than the purchased one. To easily make such a unique thing, it is worth only:

  1. Get acquainted with a simple algorithm for its manufacture.
  2. Select the necessary materials.
  3. Correctly form and cut the pattern of a future toy.

Internet spacesThey are filled with patterns of a wide variety of soft toys, but you can find them not only there. It will not be superfluous to look intocraft shops,children's departments for creativity(here you can buy huge sets and manuals for making toys yourself),bookstores. If old and already worn soft toys are available - they can be unstuck and cut around the parts along the existing contour - this is a ready-made pattern.

podushka-obezyanka-01Connect to the process of working on the manufacture of toys of your child, it is very important! Such leisure will introduce the child to work and discipline, teach you to be careful in your actions. Work with different materials and small accessories contributes to the development of fine motor skills of hands, attention and creative potential.

But do not forget - safety first! Provide your child with blunt-ended scissors for work, do not allow to sit at the sewing machine without adult supervision.

Fabrics that are used for sewing soft toys

  • Knitwear, dignity - easily stretches.
  • Faux fur with a pile of different lengths- suitable for creating animal-shaped pillows.
  • Silk- quite capricious material, but it is indispensable in the tailoring and decoration of dresses for dolls.
  • Cotton- different variety of colors.
  • Wool- dense, fleecy matter.
  • Velvet and Velor- the presence of a small pile allows you to sew stuffed animals - animals, imitating their fur.
  • Felt- A huge number of crafts can be performed by felting.

Manufacturing technology of soft toys

  1. Pick up materials and prepare them for work. Fabric must be washed, ironed, steam crumpled places.
  2. Cut out all the necessary details.
  3. Baste the fabric along the intended contour.
  4. Sew all parts of the parts on the basting.
  5. Stuff the middle of the toy, use cotton, synthetic winterizer, foam rubber.
  6. Collect all the parts of a soft toy and stitch them together.
  7. The final processes in the design of the general form of the toy.

Best for the manufacture of patterns, use a thick cardboard. Such stencils easier to circle on the fabric, they will last longer to create many more identical toys. Simply attach the template to the wrong side of the fabric, circle, tightly pressed to the matter.

So you got acquainted with the basics of sewing soft toys with their own hands. To sharpen your mastery, use these simple examples:

Anonymous-1No Name-2

Patterns and schemes for soft toys do it yourself

The patterns of these cute animals are quite simple and do not require additional explanations.

No Name-3No Name-5Anonymous-6No Name-7

DIY soft toy: photo master class

Soft toy "mouse"

Let's try to sew a wonderful little soft toy. It is perfect for games crumbs, up to a year. The kid will be able to grasp such a bright and interesting model, and will be happy to show interest in it. This will help him develop his tactile sensations. Having mastered the basics of making such a light toy, it will be possible to get down to work more difficult.

dec_2007 106

  • Use the proposed pattern, it is ready in the right size.

No Name 4

  • Stock up on bright shreds of fabric and contrasting threads, so the finished product will simply attract the eye.

dec_2007 032

  • Be original - connect details not from a seamy side, but from the front side, using a looped (obmetochny) seam. It is for this purpose and chosen bright thread.

dec_2007 034

  • Attach ears, nose and eyes to the body.

dec_2007 041

  • Stuff the toy with a filler and attach the tail.

dec_2007 042Such toys can also be hung on the Christmas tree, attached to them a loop.

This master class will teach you how to sew a soft toy "turtle" with your own hands.

For needlework you will need:

  • Several pieces of natural fabric of different colors, for example, cotton. Discard synthetic materials in order to avoid allergic reactions, because children are especially sensitive.
  • Patterns on thick paper.
  • Filler for toys.
  • Buttons or beads for peepholes, you can buy ready-made toy eyes in stores for needlework.
  • Needle with thread, scissors.
  • The most important thing is a positive attitude that will help to make a beautiful pillow turtle with his own hand.

Stages of work:

  • The first thing you do is making a pattern on plain paper or cardboard. Draw: head, tail, shell (approximately 30 cm in diameter, the bottom part should be slightly smaller), paws.
  • Pin the patterns to the inside of the fabric with pins and circle, cut: two parts of the head, two parts of the tail, eight parts of the limbs, two parts of the shell slightly different size.
  • Following the photo, make four darts on the details of a larger diameter for the shell. So the torso of the toy will turn out a little convex, and not flat.


  • Sew together the details of the head and paws, loosely fill with foam rubber or sintepon, cotton wool will also work if nothing else is at hand. Create the tail in the same way, only it is not necessary to fill it.
  • Sew round shreds, forming a carapace, leave holes for stuffing and joining paws and head.
  • Gather all the details into one, using a secret stitch. Last sew the tail.
  • Make a toy eyes, and a wonderful little turtle-pillow is ready. You can not only play with her, but also sleep.


A bouquet of soft toys: manufacturing technology with photos

Such gifts have appeared relatively recently, and are now at the peak of popularity. Such a bouquet will not fade like fresh flowers, but will delight its owners for a long time. A bouquet of soft toys can be bought by spending a lot of money, but you can create it yourself,not bad saving.

Anonymous-1To work, prepare:

  • Small soft toys bears - 3pcs.
  • Corrugated paper, organza.
  • Ribbons, sticks, net for bouquets, other decorations.
  • Glue gun.

e835e7e99gh4db520d37565a4d3a9bdf30Master-class on making a bouquet:

  • First, prepare the base on which the bears will be attached, they will be placed on the sticks. Cut two squares of each organza out of the organza, form a flower out of patches and attach it to the stick in two layers with a hot gun.

No Name-2

  • Do the same from a special mesh for bouquets and secure over organza. You should get peculiar flowers, as shown in the photo.

No Name-3

  • Next thing is behind the design of toys. Get rid of bears from labels, tags, and other factory identification marks. You can simply glue the bottom of the bears to the newly formed flowers on a stick, or you can sew discreetly. The second method will allow, if necessary, to “disassemble” the bouquet without spoiling the toys. Now proceed to collect the entire bouquet. Tie all sticks tight with toys with tape, you can still fasten them together with a few drops of glue.

No Name 4

  • Take the remaining organza and wrap the bouquet with it, fix it in the place of attachment of the sticks themselves.With the help of the corrugations form another case for the bouquet, you can hide all the working moments in it. Secure the entire product with a bow. Straighten your hands all the irregularities where necessary - form the folds.

No-Names-1This bouquet can give a child on his birthday, to please the newly-made parents with the birth of the baby, or simply to show concern to the lover of souvenirs. Variants of making such a gift - the mass, be creative and experiment!

Soft toy cat do it yourself


  1. This toy is simple to perform.the basis for it will be the usualsock.Do not use old, worn socks: it is a myth that shabby items make bright and colorful things. But, for sure, there will be one attractive sock in the house that has lost its pair, so apply it.
  2. Before starting work, decide which cat you would like to do - thin or thicker. Based on this, trim the sock in a certain place. If you want to get a well-fed toy - cut off the part of the sock that covers the foot, and move the upper part of the elastic to the side.
  3. Fill the toy with stuffing material, in this case, with a padding polyester.The body should be larger than the head, so fill it tightly. After that, fold the free hole inwards and secure with needles. Sew a cut and stretch the edges, forming the ears.
  4. Give your hands the desired shape, make the ears sharper. Embroider a pet with a contrasting thread on the previously painted stencil. Use the back needle stitch.
  5. Decorate the cat with a bright accessory - scarf, bow, tie, butterfly.

Soft toy cock do it yourself

The rooster is a symbol of 2017, so such a talisman must be present in every home. Let's make a small soft toy - a felt pendant, you can decorate a Christmas tree with it, or you can just hang it in a prominent place, as a kind of charm. Consider two options.

No Name-2Heart shaped cockerel.

  • Cut two pieces of felt out of felt for the heart; choose white, gray, black, or another muted color as the base. Against its background a multicolored tail will stand out better.
  • Take a closer look at the picture, all other parts of the rooster's body are also cut out in the form of hearts.
  • Attach the wing and eye to one part of the body, and then sew gently with the other part of the body, placing the tail,comb and beak in the proper places. Fill a little toy with padding polyester and secure the loop.

Snow Cock.

  • This decoration will need less bright colors than the previous toy, but the easier.
  • From white felt cut body in the form of a wide figure of eight and wings, as shown.
  • Embroider the toys on the face with a joyful image, use black threads, and also process the edges of the wings with them.
  • Make a red scallop and yellow paws with a beak.
  • Sew all the details of the toy, fill it with padding polyester and make a loop.

Soft toy owl do it yourself

Here you can create such a beauty owl yourself if you have handicaps made of fabrics of different colors on hand.

Bernie-1Step by step work


Soft toy bear with his own hands

Such a toy will be a wonderful friend for a child, and will not yield anything to a toy bought in a store. The pattern for the toy is ready, a good example too, go for it!

Here are some guidelines for making it:

  • As a material, it is better to choose fleece, it is very pleasant to the touch, and the finished toy will resemble one of the “Disney” characters.
  • The size of the pattern is quite relative, the toy can be made high or low, skinny or full.
  • Decorate a gallant bear with a stylish attribute: attach a butterfly to his neck, tie a satin fabric to your handkerchief, or tie a scarf yourself. So you kill two birds with one stone - the teddy bear will be stylish, and will be hidden, in which case, the joints of the seams of the head and the body.
  • To fill the toy you can buy special balls - granules, they contribute to the development of fine motor skills in children. If you use it, make sure that all seams are carefully sewn, safety is the main thing.
  • Below are the options for performing the same pattern, made a little differently, and now proceed to sew a toy that you like.

No Name-2Anonymous-1

Soft toy dog ​​do it yourself

Show your good-natured cartoon 101 Dalmatian to your tomboy, and then please him with a gift in the form of such a wonderful toy puppy.


Photo ideas for making handmade soft toys

These are such entertaining developing things that are suitable for playing very small children.

meni-1The little one loves to pull in her hands all sorts of rags and handkerchiefs, so she studies the world around by touch.Make for this purpose just such a swell, and if you increase the volume of matter - you can get a developing mat.

dscn0986Kittens are always in trend - see how different they are!

nor-1How do you like such a “tasty” homemade toy in the form of a dumpling? By the way, it can also serve as a cushion. In its design, you can make an emphasis - what is the stuffing of these dumplings, attaching berries to it from the fabric.

1_16_02Cozy holiday decorations for a New Year tree:

IMG_11213Very fashionable toys - Tilda - a suitable gift to the newlyweds on the eve of the wedding.


Soft toys do it yourself: video workshops

Stuffed toys are always great. And if you decide to sew them - start with the simplest ones, and after training, proceed to making more complex toys. Please yourself and loved ones with charming handmade work.

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