How to make a bot in "Telegrams" without programming skills? Tips for users of "Telegrams"

Everybody knows Pavel Durov, the creator of the socialnetwork "VKontakte". In 2013, after the sale of the previous project, he and his team founded the Telegram messenger. With this portal you can read books, download music, watch weather, encrypt data and so on. There are many other useful functions in the "Telegram".

how to make a bot in a telegram

Advantages of Telegram before other messengers

What is good about the project and how to make a bot in"Telegram"? In the first place, the social network is multiplatform. It is unlikely that you will find another free, high-quality instant messenger and even without advertising on absolutely all platforms. It is much more convenient and practical for browser portals.

Recently, one of the features of thisThe messenger is the creation of personal bots. What it is? How to make a bot in the "Telegram" without programming skills? Why are they needed? This and many other things will be discussed in this article.

Telegram Bots

Bots in the "Telegram" are some kind ofchat bots, but as a registered user. At such users names end in a word bot. They are able to perform various actions. A wide multifunctionality in literate hands will greatly simplify the life of other users.

chat bot

How to start communicating with bots?

It's very easy to get started. After finding the desired bot, start it. The bot number in the "Telegram" differs depending on the functions. This will help you make the virtual keyboard below. After that, the bot renders a list of information, commands available to it.

Creating a bot without programming skills

How to make a bot in the "Telegram"? Just five minutes after reading the creation instructions, you will be able to repeat the process and create your own virtual assistant even without programming skills:

  1. In the browser you should find the site manybot, which allows you to create your own bot for free.
  2. On the site you will see a big button: "Create a bot".
  3. After that, click "Open Telegram" a little lower.
  4. Then you need to register in the messenger.
  5. When you go to Telegram, you will see two windows: Chats and New message. Under the name of the second window in the search box, type Botfather.
  6. Click on the found bot. You have switched to the chat, under which the Start button is located, it needs to be clicked.
  7. To create a new bot, write to the chat / newbot, after which the interlocutor will respond with a request to come up with a name for the new assistant. For example, we call the bot Nonprog.
  8. After that, you are asked to come up with a nickname for your bot, the ending of which must necessarily end with a bot. It will look like this: Nonprogbot.
  9. After the above operations, the interlocutorwill send a token. It will look something like this: 493493: AAEOrog63 (this is the bot number in the "Telegram", but you can find it later on another number). This line needs to be copied to the clipboard with a mouse or hot keys Ctrl + C.
  10. In the search box, enter the phrase manybot, then write / Addbot, and then / start.
  11. A new bot starts dialogue with you. After reading his message, click the button at the bottom of "Add a new bot". He will send an instruction, the answer to which will be the button "I copied the token."
  12. Insert the token.
  13. Next, you can come up with a description for your bot, or you can do it later by clicking the "Skip" button.
  14. Returning to the search box, write the name of your assistant in it. If everything is correct, then the creation of the bot in the "Telegram" is over. Go to the dialog with it and activate it with the Start button.

number of the bot in the telegram

This rather detailed instruction is guaranteedhelp you create a bot and start interacting with it. Also, it is possible to create additional functions if you write down command names and responses to these requests.

If with the way to create a bot in the "Telegram", everything is more or less clear, then the issue can be considered from a more actual point of view, namely, from the side of earnings.

Can I make money on bots?

To date, Telegram is very fastprogressing, overtaking its competitors. Hence, it is logical to assume that the value of bots also increases. Unfortunately, it's unlikely you will find an easy way to make money on creating bots. This requires knowledge of programming. What is the earnings?

Creating and selling bots for companies

How to create a bot in the "Telegram" for sale? While this topic is not widely popular, so creating bots for different companies, you can easily break the jackpot. If you learn to program well, many business owners will notice you and become interested in it.

How to make a bot in the "Telegram"? If you are a beginner, then try to be like programming courses, because without it you will be very difficult.

how to create a bot in a telegram for sale

Interesting bots in Telegram

Strangely enough to hear it, but messengers are coming soonwill become more popular social networks, because it is much more convenient to go into the chat and give a command than to waste time on not always convenient applications. Here are some interesting bots in the "Telegram":

  1. Weathermen - this great bot will replace you allweather widgets and applications. Despite the current information bulletins for five days ahead, this bot automatically notifies you about weather conditions, it is only necessary to write down which day you are interested in.
  2. Mycoocbot will replace the collection of recipes. Just write the ingredients that you have in the fridge, and get a few options for dinner.
  3. To PDF - a bot with a narrow specialization. It converts documents to PDF files. Trifle, but nice, do not need to look for special services on the Internet, which are also mostly paid.
  4. Pronunciationbot is an indispensable friend in the study of foreign languages. Do not know how to correctly pronounce the word English word? Simply enter it, and the bot will send you voiceovers. Supports many languages.
  5. YouTube Downloader - chat-bot, with whichyou download any video from YouTube. On the Internet and so already there are many ways to do this, but why strain if there is such a bot. Just enter a link to the video, and it sends links to download in different formats.

interesting bots in the telegram

Useful bots for business and work

Bots in the "Telegram" are not just for entertainment. Many of them will help in business, study and work:

  1. RussionPost is perhaps one of the most unconventional bots, because through it you can communicate with employees of the Russian Post. Forget about different email applications, clients. This bot will replace them all.
  2. Exchange Rates bot is a very useful bot in accounting. It allows you to monitor exchange rates, transfer different amounts from one currency to another. Provides extensive information right up to the charts.
  3. Taxigram - a chat-bot, which will help you to ordertaxi or find out where it can be done. In this service while several companies are working, but soon your taxi will necessarily get there. Just enter point A and point B, after which the bot will send you a photo of the map with your route.
  4. Yandeks is one of the most powerful bots. Has a very wide functionality, from reading books, ending with the search for specific information. In addition, this bot displays news in many spheres of life.
  5. SberBank - there is not much to say about this assistantnecessary. The official bot of Sberbank, through which you can conduct all operations by sending messages to the chat. Certainly, many entrepreneurs will benefit.

creating a bot in a telegram

User Reviews

"Telegram" is recognized as one of the best messengers,although not yet quite popular among the masses. He proved this already in the first year of his existence, overtaking the Wats App, Viber and many other competitors. Convenient, pleasant interface, easy management.

Multifunctional bots "Telegram" alreadyestimated all over the world, and the ten listed above - just one percent of the total number of really useful add-ons, from games to bots of large organizations already used by tens of millions of customers.

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