How to make a bed for Barbie?

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How to make a bed for Barbie?

For fifty years, Barbie has remainedpopular doll. On sale you can find a doll house, various furniture and accessories for a plastic beauty. However, it is quite possible to make objects of the room with your own hands. The process will be fun if you bring your children to work. Today we will share ideas on how to make a toy bed.

How to make a bed for Barbie out of the box

Materials and Tools

  • shoe box;
  • Uncoated pencils of the same size in white color - 4 pieces;
  • shiny fabric of pink color (such as satin);
  • a piece of white cloth (you can clap or the same satin);
  • thread of white and pink flowers;
  • thin white lace ribbon;
  • foam rubber or cotton wool;
  • sewing needle;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Manufacturing process

  1. Barbie bedFirst you need to cut the head and backfuture crib. To do this, take the lid from the box and draw two stencils. For the backrest, draw a suitable size rectangle. The headboard will serve as a figured rectangle (depict the upper side of the figure not as a straight line, but as a semicircle). Cut out the stencils.
  2. Then you need to cover the bed with a cloth. Attach the cut out stencils to a piece of fabric and cut out the blanks. Then attach the fabric to the bed frame (the main part of the box) and cut off the desired amount of cloth. Glue the fabric to the head and back. Before gluing the fabric on the bed frame, it is necessary to attach foam or cotton wool to the bottom and walls of the box. You can also lock the fabric with a stapler.
  3. Turn over the box (the pasted bottom will serve as a soft cot mattress).
  4. Glue the headboard and head, and on the sidesattach pencils that will look like the high legs of the product. You can take pencils of any color, pre-pasting them with white tape or duct tape.
  5. Glue a piece of lace to the head of the bed.
  6. You can supplement the furniture with a blanket and pillows. To sew a blanket, cut off the right size rectangle from a white dense fabric. Then, sew the product from four sides with white threads. The middle of the blanket can be decorated with a simple applique. For example, sew the remains of a pink satin heart. Cut out the two halves of the figure and sew with pink thread not completely, then beat the heart with cotton wool and sew it. To sew pillows, cut out small white rectangles or squares from the white fabric and sew, also stuffing the items with cotton wool. Decorate pillows can be lace or beads (paillettes).

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