How to install the radiator yourself? "Gazelle": replacing the radiator with your own hands

Worn hoses or defective radiator "Gazelle"become the main cause of the flow of working fluid in the car. If this happens, you will need to purchase a set of nozzles and a new heater cooler. A radiator made of copper is considered more effective, but it has a higher price compared to the aluminum version.

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Replacing the radiator "Gazelle" with their own hands will requireobservance of certain rules. To change the stove on an old model (older than the "Business" modification), you do not need to remove the whole panel. The detail is located behind the central part of the torpedo, which will have to be dismantled. It is worth noting that plastic protection is fixed on special fastenings (pistons).

Before proceeding with the dismantling of the element,it is necessary to drain the coolant, unscrew the clamps and remove the hoses. The part is screwed with three screws. After removing the old element, you need to carefully clean the installation site of debris, scale and other contamination. Simultaneously with the radiator, the nozzles should also be changed, which will extend the life of the new element.

At the end of work, a new antifreeze or other coolant is poured, the power unit is started and the entire system is pumped. To do this, you need to open the outlet tap.

The instruction on replacement with the motor ZMZ-406

It's quite simple to replace the radiator "Gazelle". Step by step such manipulations:

  • Disconnect the fan motor (EV) connector, disconnect the pair of wires from the sensor.
  • Loosen the clamp and remove the hose from the top and bottom of the pipe.
  • Remove the steam extraction element and remove the radiator.
  • If necessary, you can replace the cushion pad.
  • Remove the EV mounting nuts (4 pieces).
  • Remove the fan assembly and its switch-on sensor.
  • The plug and rubber seal are removed.
  • The drain cock and the fixing bracket are removed from the old radiator.
  • All elements are attached to a new part, which is installed in the reverse order.

radiator gazelle business

How to install the radiator "Gazelle-business"

In this case, the task looks a little different, when replacing the element in question, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Loosen the clamp with a screwdriver and remove the connecting hose with the expansion tank, as well as a similar element of the upper nozzle.
  2. Remove the fixing nuts and take the casing aside.
  3. Remove the radiator and fan cover.
  4. Remove the plug, drain cock and bracket.
  5. Rearrange these elements to a new radiator.
  6. Assemble in a mirror sequence.

Characteristics and application

The "Gazelle" radiator has the following technical characteristics:

  • Material and type of execution - brazed model of brass and copper alloy.
  • The number of series is three.
  • The heat output is 83 kW.
  • The weight of the standard modification is seven kilograms.
  • The manufacturer is Avtomash Radiator.

The considered variation is used incars of "Gazel-business" class (power unit - UMP-4216). In addition, there are analog models from copper: GB-330242, 33027SH, 330242-1301. Aluminum options: 33027 - 1301010 / 1301010-33.


Popular in the domestic spacethe car "Gazelle", the installation of a radiator for which it is not very difficult to build on its own, can be upgraded in this part. The process for improving the node under consideration is described below.

radiator replacement for gazelle

Due to certain constructivedisadvantages of heating systems car "Gazelle" is not too warm, in winter it is cold, especially when driving in open areas. This is due to the fact that cold air is constantly circulating in the central ducts. Experienced drivers often in frost trim their scotch or rags. In fact, you can make sure that the heat not only goes away, but also comes.

To do this, you need to install theoven additional radiator element at the inlet. The torpedo is removed, all hoses and cables are disconnected, the main radiator is dismantled and an additional analog is installed on the part of the air intake. For example, you can use a radiator from a VAZ stove. The maximum that is required, cut the fittings.

Efficiency of tuning

After the installation of the additional installation has been carried out, it is also possible to adapt the electric pump. It is mounted under the hood, behind the heater control cock and in front of the standard radiator.

You can switch it on directly from the instrument panel, you needonly to output there the corresponding button or toggle switch. Both installed radiator elements are connected in series. When the additional pump is activated, the circulation increases and the hot coolant passes through the two radiators and heats the interior of the car perfectly. In the event that the street is very cold and the engine loses its heat intensely, simply turn off the pump. After installing such a structure, as practice shows, in the cabin it is warm even at the outside air temperature minus thirty.

Below is a graphical representation of the size of the radiator "Gazelle".

radiator size gazelle

Advantages and disadvantages

When replacing the radiator unit of the car "Gazelle"should take into account the conditions of use of the car and climatic features of the region. Copper models have a higher cost, but they are more resistant to rupture and corrosion. In addition, they quickly heat up and keep the temperature well

Aluminum variations are suitable for a temperate climate, where there are no sharp changes in temperature. In severe climate conditions it is better to use a modified model with an additional radiator and a pump.

For self-replacement of the node in question it is necessary to stock up with a set of screwdrivers, keys, pliers, new collars, a crowbar or a small crowbar.

gazelle radiator installation


Radiator "Gazelle" is self-replaceableabsolutely not difficult. Do not ignore the timely maintenance of this site, because it is responsible for the heat in the cabin. At the first signs of leakage or in case of obvious signs of wear of the structure, it is recommended to replace the part. Following all these stages, even a novice motorist will cope with this work.

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