How to install the faucet on the sink: a detailed analysis of the installation technology

If you want to replace the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and there is no experience in performing such work, you should not despair. This does not mean that the task is impossible and will have to call the plumber.

It is enough to study the detailed guide on how to install the mixer on the sink, and carefully complete all the installation steps, observing safety rules.

Installation of the mixer: analysis of technology

Almost every adult man is able to install the mixer at home. It’s just not always behind them that there is a similar experience, and sometimes it’s embarrassing to ask more experienced colleagues.

A detailed installation process will come to the rescue, which will get rid of many questions and will give you confidence in your own strength - it is quite simple to handle the installation of the mixer.

How to prepare for installation

Before you go directly to the installation, there is a preparatory stage. First you need to carefully examine the sink, if it is already installed in the bathroom. If this is a kitchen sink, then it still has to be studied. First of all, the number of holes provided by the manufacturer for the future mixer is of interest.

3-hole washbasin
For a sink with 3 holes you cannot buy a mixer with a lever that regulates the temperature of the water supplied. You need another model here.

Often, the manufacturer of the original sink bowl completes the mixer with all the details necessary for installation. But this is possible only in expensive models, where all elements of plumbing are decorated in the same style.

It is important when buying a mixer to check whether all the parts are included. After all, installation will require nuts, gaskets, flexible or rigid liner. The presence of all components should be paid attention to before buying the product.

Mixer assembly
If the mixer is purchased via the Internet, then, after unpacking the purchase, you should consider everything, examine the available parts, instructions and assemble the faucet in the sequence indicated in it

When the mixer of the required model and size is acquired, the instruction is studied, it will remain to install it. To do this, you need tools that are desirable to prepare even before the start of work. These are wrenches and adjustable wrenches, sealing tape, masking tape, small key, screwdriver, pliers, flashlight, plumbing mixer kit with all accessories, a piece of soft cloth.

It may be necessary to purchase an additional 2 flexible hoses, if the length of the tubes going with the mixer is insufficient. And a hacksaw, if you have to install a model with a bottom valve that has a mechanical adjustment.

Installation tools
It is important that everything needed is at hand and nothing distracting during installation.

If the bathroom was already in operation, then most likely you will first have to remove the old faucet. It is important to do everything extremely carefully, so as not to damage the sink, if you do not plan to replace it. It is better to perforate a piece of soft cloth at the bottom of the tank in order to avoid accidental chipping and scratching.

Then you need to shut off the water supply valves to the faucet. If there are none, then it is necessary to cut off the water throughout the apartment / house.Then you need to check this by opening the faucet - if nothing drips, then you can proceed to dismantle.

When the sink was not yet in operation, then nothing needs to be dismantled. It will be enough to shut off the water supply and fumigate a soft cloth on the front of the tank to protect it from accidental damage.

Description of the installation technology

If the preparatory work is carried out correctly, the installation of the mixer on the ceramic sink will not take much time - on average, it will take about 30 minutes. This is provided that the instructions in the kit are read, and the mixer itself is assembled.

Disassembled mixer
Some mixers are sold unassembled - before you begin to install such a model, you have to assemble it

It is easiest to install the mixer on a ceramic sink, if it is not yet fixed in its workplace. When this is not possible, the installation may be a little difficult and you will need a flashlight. In places that are difficult to reach, you have to highlight a flashlight - here you need an assistant.

Length of hoses
It is important to measure the estimated length from the tap to the water pipes before purchasing and to estimate the length of the supply hoses that come with the mixer.

In order to attach the mixer to the sink, you need:

  • with a 10 or 11 wrench, fasten the flexible connection to the mixer. You can use a flexible corrugated stainless steel tube;
  • put a rubber or silicone gasket on the base of the crane;
  • Screw 2 pins in turn with a key or hands. If the model comes with a sleeve, then no studs will not have to put;
  • thread the flexible hoses into the hole in the sink;
  • wear a horseshoe rubber pad from below;
  • put the metal washer on the top of the gasket;
  • fasten the cap nut on each of the two studs, tightening with a spanner or wrench for reliability.

Tightening the nuts, it is important not to overdo it - the connection may break and will let water through. If we turn the nuts loosely, the fastener will hang out and the tap on the sink will continue to dance from side to side.

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Step 1 - Attach Eyeliner
Step 1 - Attach Eyeliner
Step 2 - put the ring
Step 2 - put the ring
Step 3 - Twist 2 Studs
Step 3 - Twist 2 Studs
Step 4 - Attach to the sink
Step 4 - Attach to the sink

When tightening the nuts, it is important to wrap the exterior of the mixer with masking tape so as not to scratch the decorative coating during the work. Also in the sink you need to put a piece of soft cloth to avoid accidental damage to the surface.

After reliable fixation of the mixer on the side, it is necessary to connect it to the water supply network. To do this, you need to attach the free ends of the flexible pipe to the water pipes, fixing all the nuts. Here you may need a sealing tape to make the connection sealed. For a stronger connection, an adjustable wrench can be used.

Connection of an eyeliner with water supply pipes
When connecting the liner to the water supply pipes, it is important not to mix cold and hot water.

Of great importance is the length of the eyeliner - it must be correct. Too long a tube will interfere and may twist several times, which will shorten its service life. If it is too short, then it is better to replace it immediately, and not to increase it. You can use a hard eyeliner, but it is more difficult, because the exact dimensions are important here.

Optimum liner length
The ideal length of the liner is the key to long service - if it is high-quality food rubber with a stainless steel frame, then its service life is 10-15 years

The final stage of installation

It remains to put the siphon on the sink, and if necessary, the bottom valve - depending on which model is used. There are faucets, complete with which is a bottom valve with mechanical adjustment. Here, after specifying the required length, a hacksaw is to be used to cut off the excess.

To put the siphon on the sink, you will need to collect it, following the instructions. Then put on the lower part, having previously put the gasket. In the release of the sink to put the gasket and stainless edition with a screw. This screw should be well tightened with a screwdriver - it connects the siphon with the sink.

Siphon installation
It is important not to drag the mount - it can crack and have to buy a new siphon

It remains to connect to the sewer system. For this purpose, a corrugation is connected to the siphon, on the reverse end of which is put an adapter that connects the entire structure with the sewer pipe.

Now it’s time to test the system. To do this, open the water supply to the apartment / house and open the faucet. If water flows, the tap is installed correctly. It remains to examine all the connections so that nothing drips anywhere. If everything is in order, then we managed to cope with the work “perfectly well”.

The nuances of the installation of the mixer

With the installation of a faucet on ceramics, everything is clear, but questions may arise when the sink is made of a different material. There are small nuances with which we will now read more.

When stainless steel sink

The most important thing in the installation of the mixer is to choose the right model and correctly carry out each stage of work. This is easy, but requires care and calm. If the sink is made of stainless steel, then you need to choose a mixer of a suitable design, size and shape.

Moreover, most often stainless steel is used for the manufacture of kitchen sink - it is a durable material. It is more convenient to mount the mixer in a stainless steel when it is not installed in the workplace.

Stainless Steel Sink Faucet
If the sink is easily removed, it is better to do this by putting in place after mounting the mixer

When there is no opportunity to remove the car wash, it is necessary to enlist the help of a friend, son, wife or another person. After all, the conditions in which the stainless steel sink is located, are very constrained. Therefore, without an assistant and a flashlight can not do.

The process of mounting the mixer on a stainless sink is similar to installing on a ceramic sink. If there are no holes for the mixer, then it is easy to cut it with your own hands, processing the edges to make them smooth.

If the sink is made of glass

Often used in the interior of glass products. Especially stylish look sinks from this material.Moreover, they can be of different shapes, colors and sizes - everything here depends on the flight of designer imagination.

Image Gallery
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Colored glass sink
Colored glass sink
Transparent bowl
Transparent bowl
Illuminated glass sink
Illuminated glass sink
High-tech washbasin
High-tech washbasin

In the installation of the mixer on the glass sink also will not arise difficulties. It is important to adhere to safety rules and select the most appropriate model.

Glass Sink with Mixer
Often a waterfall-frap mixer is selected for the glass sinks. Some manufacturers supply a mixer and bottom valve

Installation is made on the surface in which the hole is provided. If this is a model installed on a pedestal, then it is necessary to work with this basis.

Faucet mounted in glass
When the sink is an independent product, it has holes for the mixer. Here it is important not to drop anything heavy and not drag fasteners.

When working with glass, you can not rush - even though it is extremely durable, it can break when the hammer falls.

Other types of sink material

In addition to ceramics, glass and stainless steel, marble, porcelain, granite, plastic, acrylic and even wood are used to make sinks. Porcelain containers are quite expensive.As for the installation, it is simple and depends on the type of mixer to be installed. To the acquired model there is an instruction in which it is specified in detail how to carry out installation correctly.

Porcelain sink
The porcelain sink looks elegant and elegant. For her, most often provided for a special configuration of mixers, when the valves for water supply are located separately from the spout. There are corresponding holes in the shell of the shell

If the bathroom is a sink or pedestal for the sink of wood, the installation of a mixer is not particularly complex. The only thing is that this material is quite capricious and will not be able to serve for a long time. Most likely the tap will survive the sink.

Wooden sink
The wooden sink can be made in the form of a bowl fixed on a base made of polymer or other material. In this case, the installation of the mixer will occur at the base

For marble, granite and acrylic, one will have to use the technology of installing the mixer, similar to the installation on a ceramic sink. It is important to properly assemble the mixer, and in the process of tightening the fasteners do not overtighten and carefully carry out the joints and sealing.

Granite sink
Granite sink is most often used for the kitchen.It allows you to add sophistication to the design of the room. Often a manufacturer completes a granite sink with a suitable mixer model.

Mistakes made during installation

When the installation is performed by a guest master who has a remarkable experience, the result of his work will be excellent - he knows all the nuances for sure. But self-assembly does not preclude the occurrence of various troubles. Especially if such work is carried out for the first time in my life.

First, after installation, you can find that the tap is dancing from side to side or leaning sideways. This problem will not occur if at the stage of its connection with the sink carefully fix the nut. Also, you need to check the placement is correct, so as not to have to redo the work.

Lever mixer
When the mixer is properly installed, the deflection angles of the lever for turning on hot and cold water relative to the faucet are

The second trouble - when you turn on hot water flows cold and vice versa. This is also an easily fixable problem. Just at the stage of connecting the tap to the water supply there was a confusion with the pipes. It is necessary to shut off the flow of hot and cold water, disconnect the flexible eyeliner and, swapping the tubes, reconnect them.

Water supply pipes
Most often on the right is the pipe supplying hot, and to the left - cold water.If water metering devices are installed nearby, then it is possible to determine by the meter

As a result, the flexible eyeliner with the red ribbon should be connected to the hot water supply pipe, and the ribbon, in the blue braid, to the cold water supply pipe.

Cold water supply and universal
Cold water can be supplied through an eyeliner with a blue ribbon or through a universal one that has both red and blue braided ribbon

Thirdly, leaks may occur at the joints. This is the result of a weak tightening of the nut. You should pull it up at the leak and look again. If the flow does not stop, then the reason may be in the nut itself - it may have pulled it, but it broke. Have to use the spare.

Silumin nuts break
Silumin nuts break down especially often - products made from this material attract with their low price. It is highly undesirable to use them at home - a more expensive product will last 10-15 years without requiring replacement

Fourth, flexible eyeliner can burst. This happens if during installation one of the following situations occurred:

  • the flexible tube was short and had to be pulled a little;
  • attached too long eyeliner, she twisted and bent several times;
  • The liner is made of technical rubber with an aluminum frame, and the junction is hard to reach.She was sharply bent and broken;

Whatever the reason, it must be eliminated. It is bad when there is not enough length, but not less bad when this length is in excess. It is correct to choose the optimal liner, taking into account the material - it is desirable that the rubber tube was made of food rubber, and the outer braid is made of stainless steel or galvanized.

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Flexible hose bends smoothly
Flexible hose bends smoothly
Cheap hose breaks easily when bent
Cheap hose breaks easily when bent
Silumin nuts cracked
Silumin nuts cracked
Corrugated stainless steel pipe
Corrugated stainless steel pipe

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Installation of the mixer with the bottom valve has its own characteristics. How to do it is described in the video:

If the length of the flexible eyeliner that comes with the mixer is small, you should buy a longer one. The video clip tells in detail about the nuances of these hoses and the selection rules:

It is convenient to mount the mixer if the sink is not yet installed. So there is a comprehensive access when tightening various fasteners:

Even the original frap mixer must be carefully inspected and assembled before installation. And after the completion of installation work, you should check its performance:

If everything is done correctly and slowly, then the installation of the mixer will be an interesting pastime.A self-made front of work will please an excellent result, which is in no way inferior to a professional installation, perfect experienced plumber. It is important that everything is securely fixed, but without fanaticism - the attachments do not like being pulled over.

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