How to hide the pipe from the hood

April 22, 2014
Renovation of apartments

How to hide the pipe from the hoodYou cannot do without a hood in the kitchen, and installing this device raises the question of laying a ventilation pipe. Usually it is made in the form of metallic corrugations of silver color. There are other options. All these pipes have a fairly large diameter, so they are quite noticeable. Well, if the kitchen is made in the style of high-tech, where metal elements and parts are usually used. In this case, corrugated pipe from the hood will be appropriate in the interior. And what to do if the style of the kitchen does not imply the existence of such a pipe? There are several techniques that allow you to mask the pipe from the hood or successfully fit it into the interior of the kitchen.

Before you submit options for masking the pipe from the hood, it is worth mentioning that there is a type of hood that will completely avoid pulling the pipe into the ventilation duct. These are recirculation hoods. They clean the air using two types of filters (coal and grease), and then it is fed back into the room.In this embodiment, dirty air is not supplied through the corrugated pipe into the ventilation duct, therefore there is no need to mask the corrugations.

And now about options to hide the ventilation pipes in the kitchen.

Built-in furniture

how to hide pipes in the kitchenThis option involves installing the hood in a high wall cabinet above the stove. Usually its height is up to the ceiling, so the corrugation inside such a cabinet will not be visible. For this type of kitchen furniture it is necessary to select the appropriate type of hood, in addition, such models of cabinets are usually made to order, according to the required size. It is better to foresee the location and type of hood, as well as the design of kitchen furniture.
If the corrugated pipe is short, then it is possible to envisage the option of installing one tall cabinet in which the whole corrugation is placed. Such a cabinet is made up to the ceiling to hide the entire length of pipe. The bottom shelves of such furniture can be used to store something.

Drywall Box

hide pipes in the kitchen photoOften I hide pipes in plasterboard boxes that are made on the principle of mounting plasterboard structures: they make a crate from a metal profile to the size of the pipe, and then sheathe it with pieces of this material.This option will be especially successful when installing a plasterboard false ceiling in the kitchen. In this case, you can beat the disguise of ventilation pipes as a two-level ceiling, or make a figure design.
Often, luminaires are built into such steps on the ceiling and thus receive an additional source of illumination.
You can also combine this option of masking the pipe from the hood with a stretch ceiling. If there is a desire not to distinguish the step from the hyposboard into which the pipes are embedded, then this projection can be sheathed with the same materials as the main part of the adjacent wall, and then the structure will look neutral. On the other hand, using design techniques, you can, on the contrary, select such a ledge and paint it with a bright color, for example.

Plastic box

hide pipes in the kitchen photoNow in the shops you can buy special plastic boxes for hiding pipes. They come in different sizes and different colors. Can also be equipped with built-in lights. Installation of such a box is very simple: just connect the parts, as in the designer.

As a rule, plastic boxes are used if the hood is located as close as possible to the ventilation duct and there are not a large number of right angles.Otherwise, airflow may deteriorate.

Corrugation as an element of design

Sometimes kitchen design allows you to enter a corrugated pipe as a design element. You can beat her as an unusual design idea, and instead of hiding to make it as catchy as possible. In this case, pipes are often painted in a color that matches the color of the walls or kitchen furniture. You can even apply such well-known creative technique as decoupage to the ventilation pipes.

Furniture visor

pipes to hide in a boxIf the wall cupboards in the kitchen have a height not up to the ceiling, then the wall visor can correct the situation with a corrugated pipe.

If you make the top of the cabinet serving, and the ventilation pipe is placed on the cabinets as close to the wall as possible, then the corrugated pipe will be invisible from below. It will be visible only at the exit to the ventilation duct, but this area can be painted with paint to match the walls or sheathed with a suitable plastic shade in shade.

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