How to hang a picture on the wall

November 23, 2011
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How to hang a picture on the wallMany people when buying artwork do not think about how to hang a picture on the wall so that it looks as efficiently as possible. In fact, the correct placement of the picture depends not only on how it will look, but on the whole interior of the room. When arranging paintings on the walls use a number of rules that help to present them in the most advantageous form.


Many are accustomed to hang pictures rather high, but if you overdo it with this parameter, it will be inconvenient to look at the pictures. Typically, for hanging pictures using a universal technique that helps determine the optimal height. For horizontal paintings, an imaginary straight line is drawn, retreating a few centimeters from the bottom edge of the canvas. The picture is positioned so that this line is located at the level of your eyes. The same principle applies to vertically oriented paintings in apartments with high ceilings.If the ceilings are low, then an imaginary line should be drawn at a distance of 6-7 centimeters from the bottom edge of the painting canvas.


Lighting plays an important role in the design of paintings. In general, it is believed that the best option is a general lighting system, but for some of the paintings additional lighting is needed. Thus any one picture is highlighted or the glare from the general illumination is removed. The light from the source should fall evenly, without shadows and highlights. Halogen lamps are good for this purpose.

Vertical or horizontal arrangement of the picture

It should be noted that horizontal canvases lengthen the walls, while vertical ones increase the height of the ceilings. Usually, horizontal paintings prefer to hang over the dressers, beds or sofas, and vertical - on the narrow walls.

Distance and angle

The optimal distance for viewing pictures is considered to be the size equal to the length of the larger side of the picture multiplied by three. This is the minimum distance to view the canvas. As for the angle of inclination, it depends on the tastes of the owners.In order for the picture to hang at an angle, it is necessary to loosen the tension of the rope - the looser it is, the greater the angle of inclination.

Grouping several pictures

what wall to hang a pictureIf you place several small paintings on a large wall, it is best to arrange them in groups. It is better if the group of paintings will be suited to one another in color, style or theme. In the group of three paintings, it is the middle canvas that is the main one that attracts attention, and in the group of more paintings, that is the central canvas. It is better to estimate in advance the composition of the paintings on the floor, and then proceed to fixing them on the wall.

Ways to fix pictures

If the walls are wooden or made of soft brick, then the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a painting attachment is a nail and a hammer. But if the wall is made of concrete or other solid materials, then you should use special fixtures and methods for their fixing.

  1. Fastening method with dowels. This method is quite dusty, but also quite simple. A hole of a suitable diameter is drilled into the wall with a hammer drill or a perforator, into which a dowel is driven into or a screw is screwed.This mount is very reliable, but the disadvantage is that if you want to outweigh the picture, then the hole in the wall will remain in its place, spoiling the view.
  2. Fastening method with cork. This method will require a cork from champagne. From it it is necessary to cut off a plate 4-6 mm thick and gently glue it to the wall using PVA glue or superglue. Then a small carnation is driven into the cork plate or a screw is screwed in. If the picture is rather large, then it is better to fix it on two such cork plates fixed at the same height and at the same distance from each other. The disadvantage of this attachment is also the fact that when removing traffic jams, the wallpaper will be damaged, so you need to hang the picture in this way only with full confidence that this is its permanent place.

    what wall to hang a picture

  3. Mounting method on hooks. Hooks are the most convenient fasteners for fastening pictures. They are of different types and for different materials of the walls. For example, for concrete and brick walls used hooks with four studs. Such hooks are driven into the wall with a hammer blow on the studs of a special refractory metal.Such carnations easily enter the wall and the mount is durable, so even heavy paintings can be hung on them. If such a hook is to be pulled out of a wall, then very small, almost imperceptible holes will remain.

There are also hooks with dowels or screws, as well as self-adhesive hooks that are suitable for any smooth holes, even for wallpaper. In addition, they are convenient in that they are easily removed without damaging the wall decoration.

Mounting paintings on plasterboard walls

These walls have a low strength, so you need to use special hardware. There are several varieties of them, and it is necessary to select fasteners depending on the material of the wall and the weight of the picture.

  • Special drywall plugs are plastic or metal. They are screwed into the drywall wall with a screwdriver or a screwdriver through the entire thickness of the sheet, and then screws are screwed into these dowels. It is believed that this type of fastener is not very durable, but it is quickly attached.
  • Special fasteners are available in different shapes and from different materials: metal with threads for screws and plastic (for use with screws).They are used as follows: a hole is drilled in the plasterboard wall and a fastener is inserted into it, into which a screw or screw is then screwed. When tightening, they open the mount in drywall so that from the back side it clings to the wall.
    This method is more reliable than when fixing with dowels, and such fixtures can be used to hang not only a picture, but also a shelf or a chandelier.

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