How to flash a Chinese phone?

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How to flash a Chinese phone?

Nowadays, a mobile phone is a device,without which many already can not do, he is almost every person. Like cars, mobile phones differ from each other in terms of reliability, design and service.

Every year, mobile phones appearmore and more new opportunities. Among such a huge number of possibilities the availability, for example, of a TV and three or four SIM cards is a feature of Chinese phones.

Phone Firmware

In the mobile phone market you can finda lot of copies of the most famous brands of devices, but at a cost they are significantly different from the original. Due to the fact that mobile devices are becoming more and more often people are thinking how to flash a Chinese phone. Of course, for each phone model you need your own firmware and detailed instructions.

But in order to have a definitethe idea of ​​how the firmware is executed, it is important to know the algorithm itself. At home, it is possible to flash an ordinary Chinese phone without difficulty, without even causing damage to the device.

Required devices and tools:

  • phone;
  • a computer;
  • connection cable (selected based on the phone model);
  • firmware (required file);
  • DATA cable;
  • tester;
  • soldering apparatus.


  1. To perform the firmware on its own,you need to have a special cable, you can buy it or make it yourself. For this process, there are no universal cables for all phone models. Therefore, you need to double-check and make sure that the cable is suitable.
  2. It is important to remember that the firmware includes a wholea set of programs that make the phone work. It is interesting that it is thanks to this that the phone can react to keystrokes, can make sounds, show something on the screen and have a certain, so to speak, "native" language.
  3. Due to the fact that many professionals whowrite the firmware, make mistakes that are not visible at first, you should take care of ensuring that all information is preserved before starting work. Otherwise, you can lose it.
  4. Find and download the appropriate firmware fora certain model of the phone can be accessed via the Internet (some of them can be found on the site It is important to check the coincidence of the downloaded firmware with the phone, it is not enough to match the name of the model, it is important that the first symbols of the new and old firmware match.
  5. Further it is necessary to purchase and prepareDATA cable, which could adapt the signal levels of the computer and Chinese phone, which do not match. To perform the firmware, you need to disassemble the phone in order to openly work with the card. The battery should not be switched off, it must guarantee power to the board.
  6. Now the board needs to find three Tx,Rx, GND, they are not varnished. Using the tester, you need to check whether there is a short circuit between the negative side of the battery and the GND terminal. Further on these three contacts you need to solder three wires from the cable.
  7. To get the firmware turned out well, download Flash Tool 4.10 in advance. To install it, you must follow the instructions clearly.
  8. Next, install the firmware by connecting the device to the computer.

If you have a phone on the Android platform, read about the firmware in the article How to flash Android.

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