How to extend the life of the parquet

January 26, 2018

Nowadays, parquet flooring is not a particularly popular type of flooring, but people who appreciate the classic style often don’t rush to get more modern materials. The advantages of wood are well known - it is beauty, and environmental friendliness, and comfort. In order to maximize the durability of parquet flooring, manufacturers offer special protective varnishes and impregnations.
How to extend the life of the parquet
To extend the life of only the laid, or recently laminated parquet, there are a number of recommendations for its operation:

• After applying the varnish movement on the parquet floor is allowed after at least a day, and the installation of heavy furniture no earlier than after 21 days: this is the recommended period for the complete hardening of the varnish coating. It is very important not to lay paths and carpets at this time in order to ensure high-quality drying of the varnished parquet.

• When installing furniture, it is important to provide felt stands for racks and wheels.Moving furniture on bare parquet is absolutely not recommended - it is better to carry it. Movement is permissible if the structures have a small mass, and a path is laid on the floor.

• If there are animals in the house, it is very important to observe the cleanliness of their llamas after walking outside, washing them from dirt and sand. The same applies to shoes that need to be carefully wiped: sand and small stones capable of leaving small scratches on the floor, which accelerates its rate of wear.

• Parquet cleaning is best done with a vacuum cleaner and a broom. If wet cleaning is needed, the floor does not need to be wetted much, just use a damp cloth. General detergents are not recommended for this purpose: there are special cleaning liquids for parquet on sale.
How to extend the life of the parquet
• As a rule, the surface of varnished parquet tends to become covered with micro cracks and abrasions over time. In order to avoid further destruction of the material, the places of damage should be treated with special wax polishes or grout, resembling a diluted varnish: they fill the cavity of damage, not allowing cracks to grow.Preventive treatment is carried out more often in places where people walk more. For example, corridors and hallways should be processed on average at least once a month.

• Parquet scraping is recommended every 7-10 years, depending on wear. During it, a small surface layer of the parquet is removed, and a new varnishing is performed.

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