How to draw a grandfather?

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How to draw a grandfather?

Let's talk about our loved ones, relatives andgood grandfathers. They, at the risk of their lives, defended the whole country from the German invaders. Many of them gave their lives for our sake, passed through fire and water, so that we lived on our native land. Let's figure out how to draw a grandfather with a pencil. The instruction will be rather simple, so - it is accessible even to beginning artists. Always help retired people, because they went through a real hell, and did their best to prevent that fire from touching you.

Helpful Tips

  • Tell your grandfather often how you love him.
  • Ask to tell about the old times. Ask, how would the grandfather acted in this or that situation, then answer yourself. Compare the answers, and see how the mores have changed together with the times.
  • Help grandfather on the au pair, but, in no wayDo not tell him that he is already old and frail. After all the troubles and misfortunes that have been experienced, they react very painfully if they feel unnecessary. Also, do not paint it feeble.
  • Talk to your beloved grandfather, let him tell youtell about his youth, what he loved to do, how he met his grandmother, with whom he was friends. Mentally imagine everything that he says. Retire to the past. When you draw it, pay attention to all these facts.
  • Always remember that if it were not for our grandfathers, we would not be here!

So, let's try to figure out how to draw a grandfather, a defender of the Fatherland.

Drawing a portrait in stages

You probably know that the most difficult thing to draw is a human face.

  • First, draw a face shape and with the help of horizontal and vertical lines, indicate the location of all the elements on the face.
  • Drawing details. Draw a nose, lips, eyes.
  • Now, if everything worked out right and right before, we need to add our saturation image to our drawing and make it "alive". Draw a button and a collar on the shirt. Shade the shadows.
  • Remove, with the eraser, all the auxiliary lines that you applied in the first stage. Clear the outline of the face.
  • It's quite difficult to draw a face. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed the first time. Next time it will be!

Now you will know how to draw grandfather. In the same way, you can draw other portraits.

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