How to cook trout in an oven

Almost every one of us has ever heard oftrout and tried a wonderful treat. This wonderful fish, which belongs to the family of salmon, has excellent taste and useful properties.

But, like most products, in the processcooking trout loses a large part of them. Therefore, if you want to maximize your utility, choose the right way to cook fish. Try the most common and one of the most useful of them - baking trout in the oven.

How to cook trout in an oven

If you do not know how to cook trout in the oven,first of all, look at the size of the fish. It is best to bake the big pieces, but the small one - entirely. In this case, the whole fish is completely wrapped in a large envelope of foil, and small pieces wrap separately each.

Trout can be called quite expensive fish,so it is she who often acts as the main dish on any festive table. This fish has very tender meat, which during pickling and baking is infused with a delicate aroma of spices. Its taste creates a wonderful harmony with the smell of lemon, ginger, orange, sour cream, cream and white wine.

If sprinkle trout with thyme or rosemary leaves, the fish will acquire a simply divine fragrance.

All of the above products are excellentmarinade, saturating the meat with a soft aroma and making it even more tender and tasty. When baking fish are very welcome all sorts of experiments with spices. So if in doubt, how to cook trout in the oven, just rely on your own taste and create an incredible culinary masterpiece.

Multiple Recipes

Very rarely for trout cooking usefats, because the very meat of trout initially contains a large amount of it. And it is best to prepare for taking fresh fish, not frozen. So the taste of meat will be much better.

Trout in whole cream sauce baked whole

If the weight of trout is not more than one and a half kilograms,it can be baked entirely. To do this, the fish are cleaned of the insides and husks, rubbed with black pepper and salt, and then put in a roasting dish. Now the fish needs to be poured with two glasses of cream with added crushed lemon balm, parsley, bay leaves and mint. The oven should be heated up to 180 degrees and put a fish in it.

Bake it will need about half an hour. After the fish is cooked it should be carefully laid out on a warmed dish, and the sauce remaining in the form, boil on fire and served in a gravy bowl separately.

Marinated trout

Another great recipe is how to cook trout in the oven:

The day before you are ready to serve the trout on the table, prepare the marinade. Its components are:

- half a liter of kefir;

- 2 tablespoons of sour cream;

- some salt and spices;

- finely chopped garlic, onion rings, bay leaf (optional).

Fish should be put in a marinade for a whole night. And before you cook trout in the oven, it needs to be packed in foil. Prepare the trout in the oven for about 30-35 minutes.

The best finished fish is in harmony with vegetables or rice, and white wine is the perfect choice.

Trout in own juice

This recipe is suitable for those who do not know how to cook trout in a microwave oven.

Start by cleaning and washing the fish thoroughly. Debate it, wet with a napkin. Now you need to pepper and salt trout, rub it with spices and lightly sprinkle with lemon juice.

To the foil did not bother, lubricate itvegetable oil. Now on the foil put a layer of semi-prepared boiled potatoes in circles, and on it already lay the fish and pour all the mayonnaise. Above the fish are onion rings. The edges of the foil must be very tightly connected so that the juice does not leak out.

Bake in a heated oven for about 30-35 minutes. Serve ready fish with baked potatoes. In addition to it, you can use any vegetables: tomatoes, carrots or sweet peppers, for example.

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