How to connect a chandelier to a two-button switch: a step-by-step briefing

Even the most original lighting fixture needs power. To save on the electrician's service, you can sort out in detail how to connect the chandelier to the dual-key switch and do all the work yourself.

And two buttons allow you to control the amount of light according to your wishes.

Two-level light control

In one room, the brightness of all 9-12 light bulbs is not always required. Sometimes you want to create a romantic atmosphere, including 2-3 lamps of refined chandeliers. They will allow you to get a muffled light, ideal for holding intimate conversations in the evening.

The subtlety of control of light bulbs depends on the switch - if you put a two-button, you can effectively differentiate the possibilities of the chandelier, forming 2 light groups.This technique allows you to create a deeper light composition.

In addition, the user also receives additional benefits in the form of savings:

  • electricity when turning on one small group of light bulbs;
  • the resource of the lighting devices themselves, resting for a certain period of time;
  • space on the wall - a double model of the switch takes up less space than two single.

And if you wish, you can personally do the connection of the chandelier. To do this, you first have to choose the most suitable model of the switch from the variety offered by numerous manufacturers.

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Illuminated device
Illuminated device
Sensor switch
Sensor switch
Remote Control
Remote Control
Switch in the same frame with sockets
Switch in the same frame with sockets

A suitable keyboard and its correct connection will simplify the control of the light in the room. True, still need to create the optimal group of bulbs that make up the chandelier.

In this matter, everything will depend on the number of points that emit light, and the presence of additional lamps in the room. And the model plays not the last role: if it is a multi-level product, then it is advisable to connect one of the keys to the lamps of the upper floor of the chandelier, and to the second - all the rest.

Dual key retry switch
Recently, in pursuit of creating the original atmosphere in the house, users choose retro models to emphasize the sophistication and uniqueness of the interior.

Groups can be formed at will, but the total number of instrument lamps must be taken into account - the more there are, the more variations you can create. So, for a product with 12 light emitters, the following options will be relevant:

  • 3+9;
  • 4+8;
  • 5+7;
  • 6+6.

Less than 3 lamps for one key to connect does not make sense - the room will be quite dark. 3-4 items are enough for communication or watching movies.

The last option with equal distribution is not the best, because with 6 light bulbs it is inconvenient to read, knit or embroider, and they use quite a lot of electricity.

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Chandelier with 12 bulbs
Chandelier with 12 bulbs
Original shape with lots of glowing elements
Original shape with lots of glowing elements
Multi-level chandelier
Multi-level chandelier
Homemade lighting design
Homemade lighting design

Step-by-Step Instruction on Connection

When the switch is purchased, and in the new chandelier it was possible to form 2 groups of light bulbs, each of which will be controlled by its own key, you can proceed directly to the electrical installation. It is important to pay due attention to personal safety.

Preparation for installation

The first step is to deal with all the wires. And they can be very much. In order not to get lost and not to confuse anything, we have to calmly examine them and determine which one is responsible for what.

You can start with the chandelier itself. She will have wires going out of each cartridge and there can still be a central conductor. It all depends on the model.

If this product is a trusted manufacturer that values ​​its reputation and customers, then the package will contain instructions. It is her recommendations and should be followed when conducting work on the connection.

Chinese chandelier wires
Chinese chandeliers can have a separation of wires by color - brown and blue. The former are responsible for the phase, and the latter are zero.

Lighting fixtures made by Chinese firms look no less attractive than chandeliers of famous brands. And their cost is much more attractive, which explains the popularity among consumers.

A significant drawback is the lack of instructions with the wiring diagram and the marking of wires. Often, they can all be of the same color - you have to independently determine who corresponds to which.

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Wire Detection by Multimeter
Wire Detection by Multimeter
All zero wires are twisted together.
All zero wires are twisted together.
Phased wires in a twist for the first group of lamps
Phased wires in a twist for the first group of lamps
The second group of phase wires
The second group of phase wires

For self-assembly of all variants of the connection of the conductors, it is more convenient when connecting a chandelier to use PPE caps and Vago terminal blocks.

The remaining methods are relevant for professional electricians who have the right tools and skills to carry out such work.

PPE caps for connecting wires
To properly install the chandelier, master the basics of soldering or rent equipment to perform high-quality crimping is irrational. PPE caps perfectly cope with the insulation of contacts, ensuring a reliable connection

You also need to determine the ownership of the wires coming from the switch. They can stick right out of the ceiling. Or they will have to be released by removing the old chandelier.

In any case, it is important to de-energize the line before carrying out work in order to protect yourself from electric shock.

After removing the old lighting fixture and freeing the wires, they are to be carefully examined for damage to the insulation. If it is not broken, then you need to separate them in different directions and turn on the power to check with the indicator screwdriver or multimeter the belonging of each of the cores.

Search phase wire indicator screwdriver
From the ceiling can go 3 or 4 wires.In the first case there will be 1 zero and 2 phase, and in the second one will be added - the ground one. It is used to ground the body of the chandelier.

Now you need to turn off the power line to carry out further work.

Check the correct connection of the switch

It is important even before installing the chandelier to see if the working mechanism of the switch with two keys is correctly connected.

To do this, you have to remove the front panel with the keys and get the main part to which the wires are attached.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, a two-button keyboard may have various markings on the back that indicate the purpose of the contacts. If there is an instruction, it will be easier to understand, and if it is not available, you need to carefully study the numbers or letters printed on the reverse side.

Designations behind the working mechanism of the two-button switch
A product with two keys has one incoming contact for the phase and two outgoing contacts. They are denoted by the letters L, L1 and L2, respectively. The contacts of the outgoing phase can be called one numbers - 1 and 2.

At independent installation of the switch it is important to connect wires correctly. If it already stands, you need not be lazy and unwind it in order to assess the adequacy of its connection.

When you reach the working mechanism, you need to inspect the insulation, check the correctness of the connection of the wires so that the power supply from the shield is in contact with the letter L. And you should pay attention so that it does not fall out of its connector and nothing dangles.

The working mechanism of the switch, wires and connections must be neat, insulation in the right place. It is important that all the conductors be separated and carefully laid in the bottom plate, if it was used for electrical installation.

Powering the wires

Checking the wires from the double-button switch to the chandelier, you can continue to connect it. In principle, the color of the wires coming out of the working mechanism makes it clear which wires stick out from the ceiling.

They will have to be connected to the nodes formed from the veins emerging from the lighting device’s horns.

To do this correctly, you need to safely perform the connections, well stripping the insulation.

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Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram
Preparation of twist lived for connection
Preparation of twist lived for connection
Twists of each of the groups of light bulbs to be placed in the terminal block Vago
Twists of each of the groups of light bulbs to be placed in the terminal block Vago
Connecting the outgoing phases of the switch to the chandelier wire groups
Connecting the outgoing phases of the switch to the chandelier wire groups

All work is desirable to perform in protective gloves. Even a beginner can use WAGO or PPE caps. Moreover, the installation will be performed under the ceiling, which is not very convenient.

When all connections are made, you need to carefully place the wires, putting them inside the decorative trim lighting device.

It remains to attach the chandelier based on the features of the model - hang it on a hook or fasten it to the bracket.

You can experience the performance of the connected chandelier
After screwing in the light bulbs, it is possible to test the functionality of the product and the functionality of each of the switch keys. If everything is done correctly, the device will regularly manage two groups of light bulbs.

Common connection errors

When self-wiring often have to deal with issues that arise due to errors made in the connection process.

A common problem is an idle or improperly working chandelier, which must be controlled by a double keyboard.

Lack of illumination indicates connection errors
The first sign of an incorrect connection is the lack of illumination on the device. This is true for models with backlight. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the mechanism and see where the error crept in.

The first thing you should pay attention to is zero. He never comes to the switch - from the junction box he goes directly to the ceiling. If this is not the case, then you need to correct the mistake by dropping a zero from the box to the chandelier, bypassing the double-key.

The second error associated with the neutral wire, when it was connected to one of the phase connectors. We recall the rule that zero immediately goes to the lighting device and remove it from the phase contact.

The third error - the incoming phase conductor is connected to the outgoing left or right contact in the working mechanism. Simply put, in the process of connecting the connectors got mixed up. It is easy to fix - you need to unscrew the connections and insert the wires correctly, re-securing them.

In addition to these errors, these are often found:

  • poorly made connections - the wire dangles without providing proper contact;
  • the conductors are simply twisted between themselves and wrapped with tape over the top - simple twisting is prohibited, you should wear a cap or insert them into Vago;
  • conductor insulation damaged;
  • when performing connections, the insulation was poorly removed, which prevented the creation of tight contact wires.

All problems can be avoided if you immediately perform each of the processes calmly and not be lazy to double-check the quality of work.

It should be noted that the power cable to the chandelier from the switch does not always pass through the junction box. Variants, when the phase goes immediately, bypassing it, is now gaining momentum.

In such cases, to hide all the connections and wires, you can use an additional socket, which is put a plug, though not all manufacturers have such a design.

Plug on the plug with wires
The cap will allow you to hide wires and their connections in a spare socket. And if necessary, access to them will be as simple as possible - removed the cap and do the inspection wiring

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

When carrying out self-installation of the chandelier novice electric problems may arise. More on this in the video:

About connecting a light fixture using the terminal block in the video:

Detailed instructions on using the multimeter in the video:

Connecting and testing the operation of the chandelier controlled by a two-key switch:

Having dealt with the subtleties of electrical work when connecting a chandelier, you can do it yourself. To do this, it is necessary to observe the electrical safety rules and correctly connect all the wires, having previously divided the lights of the lighting device into 2 groups, each of which will be controlled by one of the switch buttons.

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