How to collect models?

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How to collect models?

Everyone knows that adults, like children, loveplay toys, while some adult toys are for entertainment and amusement, while others require a serious approach. One of such "serious" toys for adults can be considered prefabricated models. For many men, picking up machines, tanks, ships, etc. becomes a serious hobby. In this article, we will talk about how to collect models correctly, what recommendations and advice should be followed to make the work successful.

Of what to collect?

Of course, models can be collected from anymaterials - paper, iron, plastic, wood, leather, rubber, etc. But if we talk about sets of parts for assembling models that you can buy in a store, then, as a rule, it is a question of plastic or wood. Models from both materials are collected quite simply, although, as a rule, wooden models have to be painted, but plastic elements have the right coloring right away.

Quality tools

Good work starts with a good tool,this is a well-known case, and therefore in the collection of models you need to start with the selection of the right auxiliary tools. Regardless of which material you want to assemble the model, you will need a sharp knife or side cutters made of high-quality materials (these items will help you remove various hooks and minor defects). In addition to side cutters and / or knives, you will need sandpaper as well as glue, paint and brushes.

Preparing the Parts

In preparation, the material plays a big role,from which you decided to collect. If you are dealing with a tree, then every detail must be carefully inspected for "burrs" and, using side cutters or a knife and sandpaper, remove them, if any.

If your model is made of plastic, then, as a rule,all its details are fixed initially on the so-called gate. The parts from the gate are separated with the help of side cutters or a knife, and the cut points are sanded with sandpaper.

Two useful tips:

  • Do not separate from the gate at once all the details - so you risk losing small items.
  • Despite the fact that, as a rule, the model is painted after the assembly, especially fine details it makes sense to paint before assembly.

We collect and glue

So, our tools and details are ready, so,you can proceed with the assembly of the model. As a rule, the model is glued, but in some cases the assembly is carried out by means of special fastening mechanisms, with which each part is provided. In the second case, the assembly work is similar to picking a puzzle, only a puzzle in this case in the form of 3D. There is nothing complicated in this procedure, pick up and attach the details. Strictly speaking, there is no special complication in gluing together, but we still have to share some tricks.

If you want to glue a large part, you canuse a brush or squeeze out the glue directly from the tube, but be careful, the model is covered with glue - it's simple, but cleaning it is not always easy, especially if most of the model is already assembled.

When gluing a small part for applying glue, you canuse a regular sewing needle - poke the needle in the glue, and then gently transfer it to the part. Since we are talking about small details, some of them (and maybe all) are already colored, so when attaching them you need to be extra careful.

Anyway, be prepared for the fact that the glueremains in the seams of the model, the reason lies in the fact that it "leaks" a little when pressing on the part when it is attached to the model. Dont be upset! This problem is solved. If you want to remove these flaws, use a special model putty, it is applied easily with the help of a conventional wooden toothpick, and is purchased at any major store where models are sold. Sometimes putty can be included in the model kit.

We paint and varnish

Professionals for painting models usea special tool called an airbrush. This tool sprays paint using compressed air, while it has a miniature size, and therefore allows you to do the job neatly, and apply the paint as evenly as possible. Nevertheless, to beginnersassemble modelYou can use the usual brushes andpaints. An important point! When painting models it is not recommended to mix paints. If you want to get gray, buy just gray, and do not mix black and white. Professionals assure - mixed paints are flaked faster.

Even if you worked with quality paint and did not mix anything, the model must be varnished, otherwise the paint will fade.

At the beginning of the article, we said that paintingplastic models, as a rule, do not need, but there are, nevertheless, plastic models and under painting. In this case, it is necessary to take a very responsible approach to the choice of paint and varnish, because some types of pains corrode some types of plastic.

Final touches

A set of assembly elements for a tank, ship, etc., as a rule, includes special elements - masts, cables, miniature pirates and sailors. When the paint andassemble modelthe varnish will dry up, it is possible to be engaged, perhaps, by the most cheerful job - accommodation of these most auxiliary elements. Here, perhaps, it is no longer worth giving any advice - all at your discretion!

Well, we hope that our advice will help you to create a truly beautiful model.

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