How to choose plastic windows

January 27, 2018

At the moment, a wide range of plastic windows is available, and choosing them is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, since it is necessary to understand the various intricacies of a technical plan, for example, what the number of cameras in a window gives, what the quality should be of a glass unit and how the construction itself is mounted. Installing and will save money, but if you don’t know the details, this can lead to significant violations, which may cause the window not to last as long as you would like.

How to decide on the manufacturer

Now there are more and more new companies engaged in the production of PVC windows, but preference is better to give the "old-timers" who take authority and quality. Young companies often save on quality by releasing cheaper models. In order not to fall for tricks, carefully choose a company, find reviews on the Internet about it, read recommendations and descriptions on various portals.

Proper documentation is a prerequisite for good windows.

Understand that quality products can be examined and examined the accompanying documentation, the conformity of certificates. Any element of a window, whether it is a double-glazed window or the smallest fittings - must be certified. Also pay attention to whether the company gives a guarantee, what conditions it has and how much it applies.

How to choose a profile

How to choose plastic windows
How to choose plastic windows

This element is the key when choosing a window, as its quality depends on the compatibility of other window components. If the apartment is located in central Russia in the city, then the optimal choice of the width of the profile is 70 mm. For a country house or when installing a profile in harsh climatic conditions, it is better to stay at a width of 80 - 90 mm. The number of cameras depends on how wide the profile is: 58 mm - 3 cameras, 70 mm - 4 - 5, 90 mm - 6. Profiles that belong to class A and have a RAL certificate are more preferable.

Examine the glass unit

How to choose plastic windows
How to choose plastic windows

At this point, you must build on where the windows will be installed. For offices and premises that are not heated, single designs are perfect.If the room is residential, and, moreover, is located outside the city, then it is better to give preference to a double glazing, which has energy-saving properties. In order to retain heat, double-glazed windows are suitable, but their weight is large enough, which requires considerable professionalism in their installation. In the apartments most often used window double glazing.

The choice of accessories

Choosing accessories for the window, it is better not to save, as small items such as hinges, handles and others can fail at the most inopportune moment. These parts withstand constant loads, and if they fail, the window may not fit tightly, requiring frequent repairs. Choosing cheap accessories, you overpay for repairs.

Examine the appearance of the window

How to choose plastic windows
How to choose plastic windows

In case you get high-class windows, even they can spoil the overall appearance with improper installation. The seams made by the welding machine should look neat, what you should pay attention to even in the office when buying a product. In the area of ​​the bayonet shtapikov should not be even the smallest cracks, as this may lead to an early failure of the window.

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