How to choose a spatula

January 29, 2018

Any kind of finishing work where mixtures, mortars or glue are used cannot be imagined without a spatula, one of the most common hand tools. They are presented in a very large range of varieties by specialization, shape and size, and for the manufacture of them mainly used metal, plastic or rubber. How to choose a spatula

In order to choose the most suitable spatula for yourself, you should be aware of their classification by scope of application:

1. For putty.A fairly simple tool consisting of a handle and a rigid plate of metal of even shape, since the quality of the putty produced depends on this indicator. There are trowels for paint brushes professional and non-professional type. The latter are distinguished by plastic black handles and the main part of thin metal, up to 0.5 mm. Professional tools are equipped with more durable metal in 1 mm, not bending under loads. Due to the rigidity it is possible to achieve better quality of the obtained screeds The width of the tool can vary from 20 to 800 mm.The width depends on the specifics of the work: narrow, up to 80 mm it is very convenient to putty in hard-to-reach areas, a tool of 80 and 100 mm is intended for setting the solution. To level small areas, apply a spatula 200-300mm, wider - for tightening the lengthy bases with significant curvature.

2. Corner. Specialized tool for quick interior corner decoration. Moreover, the bending angle of the spatula exceeds 90 degrees, which makes it possible to alternately output each of the sides of the angle. It is used quite rarely, because an experienced master quite easily and efficiently decorate the corner with an ordinary straight tool.

3. For sticking tile.They are distinguished by the presence of special teeth, which allow them to work better with the adhesive mixture. They may differ in the size of the teeth, giving the thickness of the glue, the shape Tools up to 200 mm wide are used when laying wall tiles of a small size, and notched trowels from 200 mm and above are used for large-sized tiles when laying on floors and walls. The size of the teeth usually ranges from 6 to 14 mm.
 How to choose a spatula
4. For grouting tiles.Have a small size, and are made of rubber.As a rule, sold in sets of 3 pieces of different sizes. For small mosaic tiles, there is a separate tool that has a width of 200-250 mm and is equipped with a wooden handle. With their help, you can fill with grout several joints.

5. For wallpaper.A plastic tool used to smooth wallpaper and remove excess glue. The spatula for wallpaper has a functional elasticity and is equipped with several edges, each of which has a certain specialization, to perform a particular operation during gluing strips.

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