How to choose a down jacket: winter trends 2017

For every girl in our latitudes, the choice of winter clothing turns into torture, especially at that moment when it comes time to choose a down jacket. Well, we do not like these boring and faceless jackets, what can you do! .. Stop! Who said down jacket should be boring? Today, fortunately, many large brands have realized that buyers (and customers!) Want diversity.

And since entrepreneurs always take into account customer preferences, the range of stores has increased significantly. In this article, we have selected the mostfashion jackets 2017, so that you decide in all the variety of choices and find such a down jacket that will not only warm you, but also delight you with stylish combinations.

Bright colors

Let's start with the fact that today, down jackets are presented in a wide variety of colors. We advise you to pay attention to bright shades. Lovers of sports aesthetics can pay attention to the acid and neon shades. If this is too much for you, then it is better to dwell on the deep and saturated color that suits you: red, burgundy, blue, green.You can also try on a down jacket with a bright print.

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Here it is worth making a retreat and say that the brightness that you can afford depends on the presence of a “shift” in your wardrobe. If you have a warm coat, sheepskin coat or a fur coat in a calm design, then why not “come off” on a down jacket? Juicy color will allow you to really love this thing.


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Of course, not every girl has deep and saturated colors. If your appearance requires a softer frame, we recommend trying on pastel down jackets or just muted tones (smoky gray, ash of a rose and icy blue - hits of the season). In general, bows in bright colors in winter look very bright and original.

Just do not forget that the materials are better to choose those that are easy to clean in the home and even "hiking" conditions. Unfortunately, our cities are not particularly adapted for stylish residents in pastel total bows, but in some cases it is quite possible to create an image that will be comfortable and appropriate for your occasion.

Discreet black

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Of course, the black color did not want to give up so easily. And it seems that he even won another fashion pedestal.As they say, black is thenewblack. You can choose the most concise black down jacket, you can find a variant with a fur hood or with decorative details.

The range of models - without restrictions: minimalistic straight down jackets, trapezoids, down jackets, bombers and many, many other options. In addition, the black down jacket allows the most sophisticated use of any of the following trends.

Quilted fabric

Against the background of other textures this year, quilted fabric stands out in particular. Of course, in the down jacket, this technique looks especially appropriate. Similar materials differ in a variety: in colors, volumes, sizes of stitch. Quilted fabric can be plain or printed, bright or discreet, super-volume or very thin.

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When choosing a down jacket from quilted fabric, be sure to think about what you will wear it with. Some options have a very sporty mood, which may reflect badly on a classic business or romantic wardrobe. But if you definitely have something to wear such a down jacket - consider it to be a hat!

Combined materials

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Another way to show your fashionable vein is to purchase a down jacket made from combined materials.The combination of radically different textures can revive absolutely any thing. What is especially nice, while you can even withstand the entire down jacket in one color. Suede, leather, fur inserts or just a combination of two different textures are popular.

The arrangement of inserts can be any: on the sleeves, on the pockets or the hood, on the shoulders, the belt, along and across. No kidding. You will not believe how stylish it looks until you see for yourself.


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Any down jacket will look stylish if it is large. Very big. Overseas. Do you know what is really nice? The fact that under such a down jacket you can wear a normal warm sweater - and not feel like in kindergarten, when mom wrapped us in seven layers of clothes, if only we did not freeze.

And you will not look like cabbage, you will not feel clumsy, and the jacket will not start to look like it is small on you. Does it sound tempting? And then all the best is for you!

Down jacket blanket

"For sweet" we saved the oh-very bright trend! This is a down jacket quilt. Jackets of an unusual cut, which envelop you like a cozy duvet, look so good that you can't even believe that they are real.Such styles can be sewn in any color and length, but they always look very futuristic, so lovers of “things from the future” will surely appreciate this trend.

And why no one thought of this before? Go to work in a blanket! Isn't that what we dream about every cold winter morning? This is all, of course, jokes, but the down jacket-blanket really looks great. See in the store - by all means try on!

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Sure, you can not wait to go shopping. Or at least see the range of online stores. Dare! The only advice at last: do not rush to choose. Still, you wear a down jacket for a long time and often. Make a note in your notebook or add a site to your bookmarks, sleep with thought, and then make a purchase. Good luck!

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