How to choose a camping tent

January 27, 2018

Many residents of megalopolises long ago got into country houses, however, not always enough of those spaces, therefore, there are cases of outdoor recreation in a tent. Fans of rest in the country immediately notice that the tent can be presented as their second home, and the quality of the pastime depends on its choice. For those who do not stop in one place for a long time and love to move along the route, the tourist type of tents will suit, which not only has a small weight, but also easily assembled and disassembled.

For those who prefer a holiday away from civilization, it is best to pay attention to camping tents. Their capacity allows you to comfortably accommodate from 4 to 9 people. It is usually divided into several sections, and also has a spacious vestibule where you can easily fold things, put a bicycle or a car. It is also distinguished by its height, where a tall adult can comfortably sit.

How to choose a camping tentHow to choose a camping tent

Camping tents are often called the second apartment, howeverfor its installation does not take much time, besides, due to the large volume, you can store a variety of things that you take on a hike. In terms of comfort there are no problems, because camping tents are equipped not only with windows, but also with ventilation holes with mosquito nets, which will prevent insects from entering the inside of the “house”. Most often, they take it with them during their auto journeys, since due to a considerable weight (about 5 kg), it is problematic to carry it over long distances.

The modern market of tourist equipment at the moment offers a huge selection of tents, which differ in purpose, manufacturer and quality. The most popular model of a classic tourist tent is now

Appearance of a tent

A camping tent is not a simple product, as it may seem at first glance. For its production requires high qualification of masters. Before you buy a tent, carefully consider its appearance, in particular, the quality of manufacturing fittings, because it often breaks. Make sure that the zipper can be easily closed and opened, and the seams have additional sealing against moisture.

Passport products

If the manufacturer respects itself and its potential customers, then along with the tent itself must be attached a product passport or certificate, which will include all information about operating rules, guarantees, how to take care of the product and the technical characteristics of the tent. If the tent is sold without a passport, then it is likely that it was made from low-quality material.

Water resistant

The main quality of the tent is that it does not pass water. The only thing that is available to her is to ensure high-quality air circulation. A plus would be if the fabric of the tent is made of "breathing" materials, otherwise condensation forms inside, and it is not easy to find it in such an atmosphere. 2500 mm - such an indicator of water-resistance of the tent is enough not to miss the rain.

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