How to calculate lighting with LED lights

White light bulbsLED lighting systems are the youngest of all, but the rapid surge in their development, taking place in the twenty-first century, allowed them to leave all competitors far behind. Of course, led (light emitting diode) technology today is the most promising and can replace any other light sources in a private house or apartment.

What is necessary to perform the calculation

Whatever perfect lighting devices are not equipped with a dwelling, the desired effect can be achieved only if they are used correctly. Properly organized arrangement of lamps will help to provide favorable conditions for the health of the human visual apparatus and will create a comfortable atmosphere for the livelihoods of the owners. Therefore, it is very important to take a responsible approach to the design and calculation of the main lighting parameters of the room.

In assessing the required illumination, such parameters as illumination (measured in lumens), brightness (estimated in lux) and luminous intensity (the unit of measurement is candela) are taken into account. The first value is considered the most important and depends on the value of the luminous flux, which is distributed along the working plane.

Advantages of led technology

With LED lamps now you will surprise nobody. Products with good light output, high efficiency and low power consumption confidently continue their progress around the planet by leaps and bounds. Gradually, they are replacing the recently popular compact fluorescent lamps, and also come to replace incandescent lamps, the effectiveness of which has long been yesterday.

Perhaps the only drawback of LEDs is their relatively high cost. However, their advantages over traditional sources of photon radiation will allow them to repeatedly pay for their high cost.

The main positive qualities of led lighting devices include:

  • long service life (from 50 thousand to 100 thousand hours);
  • the absence of mercury vapors and other toxic substances in the composition;
  • reliability and safety of use;
  • compact size;
  • resistance to mechanical vibrations;
  • lack of external control gear;
  • safety for ecology;
  • possibility of operation in conditions of high humidity;
  • reliable start at low temperatures;
  • good color rendering index;
  • high luminous flux efficiency (in modern samples - from 60 to 140 Lm / W).

The main types of LED lighting

Under the lighting calculation in the broad sense of the word, it is assumed a set of mathematical operations that relate the parameters of the lighting installation (number, power and location of lamps) and the quantitative measure of lighting indicators.

Before considering the calculation, it is worthwhile to say the existing types of lighting, on which the requirements imposed on it directly depend. In lighting traditionally, there are three types of lighting:

  • accented
  • local (functional),
  • overall.

Types of lamps

The first one is often used for interior design, creating a certain atmosphere in the room, an interesting game of shades, and adding unique visual effects to the room.There are no special requirements for this type, and it consumes little electricity. As a rule, the accented type is performed by compact LED lamps with directional light and led stripes of various lengths and shapes.

The local lighting group is used to create a sufficient amount of light on the work plane. For example, it can be a writing table or a kitchen table in an apartment, a milling machine at the factory, a conveyor line for assembling household appliances at a factory, etc. It can also be used for zoning a room.

The general type is used to maintain a certain level of light in the whole apartment or room of a large area.

Lighting regulation and basic calculation principles

In our country there are average normalized values ​​of illumination for various classes of rooms. They are regulated by building codes and regulations (SNiP). This data will be conveniently presented in a table.

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How to calculate lighting with LED lights 4

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