How to build cement properly

Concrete mixtures in the construction of buildings andconstructions are used everywhere. Without them, it is impossible to build a foundation, brick walls, make screeds, etc. In this regard, many owners of suburban areas who want to build a house on their own, the question often arises: "How to build cement in such a way that the finished structure is strong and durable? "

How to choose a brand of cement

how to build cementThe mark of cement is chosen on the basis of what for whichit is necessary. For example, you can use M400 material to make the screed. To build the foundation, experts advise taking portland cement PC400-500. However, such an option is quite expensive. Therefore, to build a base for a small building, you can use a slightly cheaper slag portportcement (SHPTS) or pozzolanic (PPTS) portland cement. Such material is quite strong and at the same time is resistant to the influence of aggressive media in the ground. Its difference from the usual PC is that it grasps longer.

How to build cement for a foundation?

For the foundation, the following proportions are provided by the to build cement for a foundationRiver coarse-grained sand (fraction 0.14-5 mm)* gravel or crushed stone (fraction 5-70 mm) * ШПЦ400 = 2 * 2 * 1. Not only cement, but the remaining components must be matched correctly. Sand check for availability is not difficult. To do this, take a small amount of it, pour water and stir. If the mixture remains muddy after 24 hours, such a material for building a foundation should not be taken. Crushed stone should be carefully sifted in order to remove too small fractions.

For the preparation of concrete mixture is bestuse a concrete mixer. Such a device in our time is very inexpensive. Meanwhile, it is more than possible to alleviate labor when erecting various kinds of concrete to build cement for screedAt the same time, the question of how to build up cement quickly and qualitatively, will not stand in front of the owner of a summer residence.

If the concrete mixer is not available,use the grandfather's method - carefully mix sand, crushed stone and cement in a strong metal container with a shovel or chopper, then add the necessary amount of water and mix again. As a result, you should get a composition that does not flow off the shovel and does not fall apart into pieces. Do not over-prepare too much concrete at a time. Mixing a small number of components is much more convenient.

How to build cement for screed

Prepare the mixture for the screed even easier than forfoundation. The fact is that in this case no crushed stone is used. The proportions of sand * cement M400 are 3 * 1. Preliminary on the floor is a strong metal sheet. It pours out 1/3 of the sand. Next - 1/3 part of the cement, everything is mixed well. Then 1/3 of the sand and one third of the cement are again poured on top. Again, everything is thoroughly mixed. The same applies to the remaining parts of both materials.

The question of how to build cement with water, to solvenot difficult. The resulting dry mixture is raked into a pile and a dredging is made from above. A small amount of water is poured into this kind of "capacity". Next, a portion of the dry mixture is mixed with it. So make the solution as needed. After the whole mixture has been worked out, a new one is prepared.

As you can see, the question of how to build cement,is quite simple. If there is a concrete mixer, everything can be done as quickly as possible. In its absence, do not try to breed a large amount of concrete at once. It is important how you can thoroughly mix all the components.

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