How to build a skating rink with your own hands?

In the winter season, the best way to spendthe weekend is fun and with the benefit of health - go to the ice rink. On such sites there is entertainment for lovers of skis, skates and even sleds. Within megacities, it is not difficult to find an ice rink, but what about the inhabitants of small towns and villages? The answer is simple - to build a skating rink with your own hands. What you need to know in order to cope with this task and how to care for the finished site? This we will discuss in our article.

build an ice rink

Define the shape of the future ice rink

To build an ice rink with your own hands, you needdetermine the location of its location. It can be any frozen pond or yard on a country plot. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the rink is of two types:

  • natural;
  • artificial.

The first option is preferable to the fact that for itsYou do not need to spend much time and wait until the water freezes. If you want to go for a ride, you just need to clear a section of a suitable size and make sure that the ice is thick enough.

To build an artificial ice rink, you needmake much more effort and have enough time. The selected place should be near the water source, be fairly flat and spacious. Now let's look at the order of work that needs to be done to create both ice field options.

Rules for equipping the ice rink on the pond

To skate on the frozen ponds wasabsolutely safe, you need to make sure that the thickness of the ice is not less than 15 centimeters. To do this, you need to cut a hole in the deepest part of the river. If the ice pick is not at hand, you can determine the quality of the ice in color - it should have a bluish or greenish tinge.

build an ice skating rink

If the pond is sufficiently cold, you can proceed with the arrangement of the arena for active winter recreation. To build a skating rink (natural type), you need to perform the following works:

  1. The area of ​​the required size should be cleaned of snow.
  2. Make small holes in the corners of the site. This will prevent crumbling and deformation of the ice in the event of a sharp drop in air temperature.
  3. The cleaned surface should be inspected for the presence of freeze-dried debris, rushes and other defects. Large irregularities and hillocks can be cut with an ax, and cracks and hollows should be covered with snow.
  4. The skating rink thus obtained is ready foruse. However, it should be remembered that the thickness of ice on a natural body of water can change constantly, so before every operation it is necessary to make sure of your own safety.

The rules for creating a skating rink with artificial ice

Territory for arrangement of the ice siteshould be quite spacious, away from the roadway. For comfortable skating, the size of the site should be about 20x15 meters, while its shape does not really matter. Private arena can be round, oval and rectangular.

indoor skating rink

You can build an ice rink with artificial ice right next to the house or in any free and level place, the main thing is to observe the basic rules during the work. Namely:

  1. The ice platform should not be built in close proximity to the buildings, since during the spring thaw there is a high probability of flooding.
  2. The temperature of the air during the filling of the rink must be no higher than -10 degrees. It is advisable to work in calm weather, because because of the wind on the surface of the ice can be formed hillocks.
  3. During the marking of the site from all its sides should provide for free space (about 1-2 meters wide) for storing snow.
  4. The height of ice in the territory for skating should be at least 10 centimeters.
  5. If snow falls between the stages of casting the roller, it must be removed before installing a new layer.
  6. Soil, on top of which water will be poured, should freeze to 5-7 centimeters, otherwise its heat will not allow to freeze the water.

These are general recommendations for the arrangement of a place for winter recreation, and now we will pass directly to the technology of work.

Substrate preparation

To build an ice rink near the house, you needcarefully prepare a site for him. The selected territory should be cleared of snow and debris, mark the boundaries of the future site on it. On the perimeter of the ice stadium it is desirable to make skirts that will hold the water inside the ice rink. Their height should be twice the thickness of the ice layer. To create boards you can use wooden boards, gravel, sand or frozen snow.

If there are notches on the surface of the earth, theirfall asleep with soil or compact with wet snow. The mounds and pebbles must be completely eliminated. If desired, metal or wooden shields can be installed along the edges of the stadium. They will prevent the loss of the puck during the game of hockey and will act as a support for holidaymakers.

build an artificial ice rink

To spend time on the winter playground wasthe most comfortable, you can build a skating rink under the roof, and on the edges of the arena to build walls. This will allow you to easily ride during heavy snow and winds.

The process of creating an ice arena

In order to build an ice skating rink (indooror without a covering), it is necessary to have a long hose and nozzle-sprayer. It is extremely undesirable to pour water with a single jet, since in this case the degree of freezing of the surface will be different and the roller will turn out to be of poor quality.

If a scattering tip is not available,You can use an ordinary shovel to harvest snow. It is tied to a hose so that running water falls on the metal part and is sprayed throughout the site.

build a skating rink with artificial ice

When all the necessary tools are ready, you can start pouring the rink. Work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. With the help of a scattering nozzle or a garden watering can, snowy sides are poured. They should freeze well, after which you can proceed to the next stage.
  2. From the far edge of the site,water, while the hose is located at an angle of 25-30 degrees relative to the ground. Water is sprayed with fan movements. In the process of work, care must be taken to ensure that the entire surface of the earth is equally wet.
  3. After the area of ​​6-7 centimeters is covered with water, it is left for a couple of hours to freeze.
  4. Before pouring the next layer of iceThe surface is checked for holes and cracks. The detected defects are wiped with wet snow, after which the second layer of water is poured. Work is repeated until the thickness of the frozen liquid reaches 15 cm.

Arrangement of the roller on the ground surface

If you decide to build an ice skating rink on the ground,then pay attention to some of the nuances in working with a similar reason. Since the land has the property of absorbing water, the area must be properly prepared before pouring liquid. This can be done in two ways:

  • thorough compacting of soil;
  • using waterproofing materials.

In the first version of the work on the arrangement of the rinkbegin in the fall. Cleared of garbage, the territory is carefully tamped with a garden roller or trampled down. In this condition, the pad is left until the ground freezes by 7-10 cm. After this, they begin pouring water.

build an ice rink indoor

For equipping the waterproofing layerThe perimetre of the site is set with wooden borders. Inside the future skating rink is covered with a dense film, which is fixed by patches from the outside. Water begins to fill at an air temperature of -1 degrees.

How to make a skating rink on rough terrain?

As it became clear, the main condition forArrangement of a quality site is a smooth and clean basis. But what should be done to landlords who have lots of irregularities or are generally on the slope? How do you build a skating rink? The only way out of this situation is the arrangement of a snow pillow.

 build a skating rink under the roof

This method of leveling surfacesis based on the use of a large amount of snow. He falls asleep in all the grooves and carefully tamped at the marked level. At the edges of the site are installed fences, preventing the flow of water to the sides. The minimum thickness of the snow cushion is 10 cm. The base is considered ready for pouring if it is able to withstand the weight of an adult.


Apparently, to build an ice rink near the house is enoughsimply, however, it should be remembered that if you want to use it throughout the winter, you will have to take care of it periodically. After each use, it is recommended to grind the ice, seal up the cracks, depressions and fill a new layer of water in it. After heavy snowfalls, the site must be cleared to prevent the melting of ice under thick drifts. Depending on the intensity of use of the roller, its surface should be periodically updated and polished.


Self-equipped skating rink will requireyou are somewhat troublesome and time consuming, but they are incomparable with the pleasure that all members of your family will get while on their own ice arena. If you do not want to bother with constant snow cleaning, you can build an indoor ice rink. He is much more unpretentious in the care, besides, ride on such a site is comfortable even in heavy snowfalls.

In addition, the roller can be equipped with a space forrest and install lighting equipment on its territory. And if during the pouring of the last layer of ice into the water to add a small amount of water-based paint, then your playground will acquire a special color and individuality.

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