How to assemble a tank?

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How to assemble a tank?

Modeling is not just child's play- this is a very fascinating hobby. Military technology in this sense is always the most popular. One of the interesting models is the tank. In this article, we will just consider how to assemble a tank.

We collect the tank model

It is necessary to begin with the acquisition of the tank model itself, as well as a set of tools. Required:

  • brushes;
  • paints;
  • Glue (moreover, several types at once: usual model, gel, second).

In the process of work you will still need:

  • putty;
  • superfiles;
  • sandpaper.


  1. Preparation of a place for future assembly. It is better to lay a rug or cloth, then not to look for some small, but vital detail.
  2. Assembly. On the question of how to properly build a tank model, the answer is to use the instruction. It should not be neglected, and it is better to study the study with all seriousness, this will greatly simplify the further process. It is important when assembling to show scrupulousness in following this instruction.
  3. Painting. After completion of the assembly with a primer, we process our model of the tank and clean it with an emery cloth. Then follows the painting. The manual describes several options for painting, you can choose the right one.

Tank - origami

If you like to work with origami technique, then you can make a tank of paper. To do this, take a sheet of paper A4:

  1. Sheet of paper should be bent in the center. The resulting figure must beTanksplit horizontally in half and cuton this line (one part must be put aside). Straighten the strip from the left side to the horizontal position. On the right half, refractions with a diagonal intersection are made. Then the right side of the workpiece should be rolled into a three-dimensional triangle, pre-bending opposite sides to each other.
  2. The right vertex is connected to the corners of the upper parttriangle. The result is a quadrilateral, where the lower and upper parts are bent to the transverse axis line. The lateral angles are filled in the formed "pocket". Then it is necessary to fold the lower and upper parts in the direction of the horizontal axis. The future product is turned over. The right side is folded to the left in such a way that the upper and lower corners coincide with the vertical line-axis. By analogy, the left side is also formed. Next, you need to move the overlaid part to the left and raise the corners. The shifted part is tucked under the right side, and the corners slightly higher than the square.
  3. The workpiece is turned over to work oncaterpillars. All strips of the upper layer are bent two times per 1 cm towards the center point. The bands folded earlier are placed perpendicular to the workpiece plane. Thus, caterpillars are made.
  4. To create a cannon, the band, deferred in thebeginning, is divided in half, with one half folded up again in half. Then rotate the workpiece with the other side. The right part must be transformed into a double triangle, as described in paragraph 1.
  5. To the horizontal axis, the corners of the upperlayer. Now the left side must be turned into a double triangle. The lower and upper halves are folded to the horizontal, while the triangles of the upper layer of the left part are raised one by one. The left side is put on the right side so that the folded right corners fall into the folds between the folds on the left.
  6. Next, you should bend the back part, from whichthe corners protrude. From the half of the remaining sheet the tube for the gun collapses, one end of which must be flattened. This side is inserted into the hole in the tower. Parts in the form of "petals" on the body are refilled in the crease directly under the tower part so that they eventually turn in different directions.

If you want to make other hand-made articles made of paper, bottles and other improvised means, read about it in the section Crafts.

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