How to ask a guy for forgiveness?

The word "sorry" the girl easily pronounces onten times a day, when, for example, accidentally stepped on someone's foot, pushed inadvertently or smashed someone's favorite cup. But, how difficult it is to say "I'm sorry" if it concerns really the insult that she inflicted on her boyfriend. More often than not, a false image of girlish pride introduces her into a stupor. The girl thinks and can not think of how to apologize to the guy. And while she hesitates, the chances of reconciliation melt before our eyes.


And we must not forget about the risk of losing a guyforever. And if the girl does not want such an outcome, we must step over through her pseudo-pride and go to the young man with a guilty conscience. Perhaps it will be for the girl's debut: before, she strictly followed her principles not to put up with the first. Then it is worth to put on the scales this principle and the offense caused by it, which is transformed because of her pride into a break in the relationship with the guy who, and the girl feels it, is very dear to her, is very necessary to her.

The ability to put oneself in someone else's place

The decision will be much easier ifto lose the situation in the mirror image: what would the girl feel if the guy had inflicted such a grudge on her? Ability and desire to take the place of another, all the more - a person's money, this is a guarantee of today's, tomorrow's and for the whole life of mutual understanding of two people connected with feelings.

His hobbies

Perhaps, it is necessary to switch not to the principle itselfforgiveness, but how beautiful it is to ask forgiveness from a guy. It will depend only on the girl-culprit of the situation. But she always has a clue: for sure, the girl knows about what the young man is fond of. If it's jazz music, and in the city just a great jazz band is on tour, tickets for the concert with the words of apology "mix" the guy's offense. Only all the same it is necessary to let know, that the conclusion is made.


How to ask a guy for forgiveness? SMS with affectionate words, which he is accustomed to hearing from his beloved, can not help but melt his resentment. But still the words "I'm sorry, I know I was not right" in the SMS should be.

Time cures

Perhaps the first attempt to ask for forgiveness is notwas crowned with success: the offense is still too fresh. Do not rush things. Time cures. Are you ready to repeat one more? Repeat. Sometimes in a month it's hard to remember, and, both to the guy and the girl, because of what all began. And nobody comes to reconciliation. This is called "stand in a pose". And if you do not leave it, they remain in it. At mutual desire the quarrel will become a lesson for which the rule "Repetition is the mother of learning" does not fit. It will be enough to survive it once.

But there are people who simply do not know how to forgive,although they themselves are not happy with this "stamina". They never forget an offense. Here, even an attempt to ask for forgiveness in an original way will not help. But during the dating, in the process of growing relations, the girl after all had to learn such a difficult character trait of her boyfriend. And, if he is dear to her, do not provoke him.

Most often, provocation is not to the point and, not toaccording to reality, the spoken word. The case when a word can be killed. To kill with distrust or suspicion. Relations, you can, firstly, never rebuild, but based on this, and secondly, never and with whom not to have such. This also applies to situations where you have to puzzle over how to ask a friend for forgiveness. In order not to lose either love or friendship, we just need to remember how our word will respond.

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