How to apply for a part-time job? Recording in the work book in combination: sample

Work activity - an integral part of lifeevery citizen. Most people not only work, but also combine several duties at the same time. This approach is called part-time work. It is not prohibited by law. Despite the fact that part-time is not mandatory, it must somehow be documented. How exactly? A certain entry is made in the workbook in combination (the sample will be presented later). And what other features should I know? Is it necessary to bring "labor" in order to combine several jobs at once? Who has and has no rights to such work? About all this further. Actually, it's not so difficult to understand everything.

Is the work record obligatory or not?

The first question that interests many: Is it important to record a job in the relevant document? After all, the record is taken into account only for the main job. Is the entry in the workbook part-time compulsory?

entry in the work record book

Not at all. Now, according to the law, it is not necessary to bring work for the registration of part-time work. Especially when it comes to finding a job in a company where a citizen is working on an ongoing basis.

What does it mean? The subordinate should decide the question himself. In the sense that he should decide whether it is necessary to specify additional work. But all the same it is better to make the corresponding record in the work book in combination.

Without the main work

There is one nuance that will have to be taken into account. The fact is that part-time work is a so-called extra work. A citizen can not formalize it until he has a principal place of work.

In other words, in the work book there should berecord of basic employment. If it is absent, the employer has no right to register a subordinate concurrently. Only as the main employee. The entry in the workbook about part-time work should be at least after the relevant notices of the basic employment. It is necessary.

What if the person was fired from the main place? In this case, usually part-time is forbidden. And it is transformed into the main place of work. There is nothing surprising in this.

How many to combine

What other features should be considered? Some are interested in how many times you can combine work. As practice shows, there are no restrictions on this issue. Citizens can find employment for additional work as many times as they want.

entry in the work record book

Record in the workbook about work on(the sample will be presented below) does not affect employment in any way. Nevertheless, its presence allows us to fully track where and how long the person worked.

Is it possible to combine 2-3 works? Yes. And 4-5? Also. Only it should be noted that every employer has the right to refuse employment. Especially if part-time is not the first. In practice, most often the citizen has the main place of work, and also 1 company takes part-time jobs.

Time limit

The only thing that should be paid attention to -this is a time limit. The fact is that the Russian legislation establishes certain rules with regard to concurrentness. As such, there are no restrictions on the number of jobs to be combined. There are only time frames.

What is it about? A record is made in the work book, part-time or not - it's not so important. Much more serious is the realization that such work allows you to perform job duties for a maximum of 4 hours a day. And 16 a week. It turns out that in addition to the basic work, a person at every job is entitled to additional work during the specified time. It is less possible, more - no.a record in the work record book about a part-time job sample

Thus, real part-time usually means having 1-2 sub-jobs at most. It's more simply unreal. And it is because of time constraints.


How to apply for a part-time job? This question is also of interest to many. After all, this is not the main work. How to be an employer? How does he employ his subordinates for part-time jobs?

Everything is very simple. This type of work requires full formalization of the employee. The difference is in several points - this is the duration of the performance of official duties, as well as the contract. In the latter, instead of "recruitment", "concurrent work" is indicated. Otherwise, the design is no different from the basic work.

Internal and external

In Russia there are several types of part-time work. A special role for the entries in the workbook does not play this role. But you need to know about them.

work record

The fact is that there is an internalpart-time and external. In the first case, usually the records of "labor" about additional activities are made without fail - for the convenience of company executives. This work, which involves the combination of several posts within one organization.

The second case is external compatibility. This is a job in another company for extra work. As practice shows, in this situation it can be difficult to make a record in the work book concurrently. A sample of this document will be presented later. The main problem is not the wording, but the fact that the labor one should be kept at the place of the main work. Not every employer will give this document to his subordinate. And this is despite the fact that on request the head is obliged to issue all the requested personal papers to his subordinates from personal files.

Rights at work

It is necessary to take into account a few more nuances,concerning the studied issue. The work of a director in combination or in any other position is an activity that is protected by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. What rights are left for an employee who combines several types of labor?

Regardless of the position, citizens receive at allworks the same privileges. That is, a complete social package is preserved. And on a permanent job, and on combined. And everywhere the employee has the right to:

  • lunch break;
  • hospital;
  • paid holiday;
  • free education;
  • payment of benefits.

In other words,to be perceived with respect to the rights of a subordinate in the same way as the main work. An exception is only one - if a citizen decides to work unofficially. In this case, there is no need to conclude an agreement or make a record in the workbook in combination (the sample is presented).co-employment

Gradual employment

Another nuance is a direct descriptionemployment procedures for additional work. Not every employer understands how to properly register the next subordinate. It has already been said that the procedure is no different from the conclusion of an employment contract with the basic staffing. Therefore, you can describe the process as follows:

  1. Conducting an interview with a potential employee.
  2. Receipt of application for admission for part-time work.
  3. Provision of a frame to familiarize with normative acts and collective agreements, if any, in the company.
  4. The signing of the employment agreement in a few (two) copies indicating that the subordinate will it combine career.
  5. Publication of the order for employment.
  6. Solving the issues associated with enteringactivities in the workbook. The employee can provide this document or refuse to enter information about work. This issue should be resolved in the course of an agreement between the employer and the subordinate.
  7. Registration of a personal card and personal file of the employee.

It should be noted that the employer has a fullthe right to request from a new employee a certificate from the main place of employment, which refers to the real presence of the main place of work. Otherwise, you can refuse to work. After all, you can not make out a part-time job without having a basic job.

part-time job


But now you can consider an illustrative examplefilling the employee's work record card, which works simultaneously in several places. For example, the main was the work of the general director, in combination - an accountant. Consider two options - both internal employment, and external. After all, in these situations, the recordings will differ slightly from each other. Not necessarily they should look like offered, this is only one of the alternatives.

How correctly to make a record in the work book in combination? The sample looks something like this:

  • On August 27, 2000 - the General Director of the company "Stoy Plus" was hired.
  • 30.10.2000. - was accepted as an accountant for internal work.
  • 05.07.2010 - dismissed from the position of accountant.

If we talk about employment outsidethis or that company, you should pay attention to other records. With the internal version of the company-employer, as a rule, not indicated. Otherwise, it must be prescribed. What does the record in the workbook look like? The sample was proposed as follows:

  • 04.12.2008 - hired for the position of chief mechanic, Star Line LLC.
  • 12.08.2009 - took the position of system administrator for part-time, FE "Pahurdinov".

Similarly, you can make any notes about the second and subsequent works. Important: the employee does not have the right to formalize for a full-time job in several places.

Instead of concluding

Now, the principle of entering part-time work in thework book. This operation is not mandatory, the issue is regulated by a personal agreement between the boss and the subordinate. In some cases, citizens at all refuse to include work in the workbook. This is their personal right.

how to apply for a part-time job

It is important to remember that the main place of workthere can be only one. And without it, the additional is not possible. The employment of part-time jobs is no different from the usual conclusion of an employment contract. All rights and duties for the part-time employee remain exactly the same as for the main staff.

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