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How did the carnival

This is the last preparatory week before the feat of Lent.. "Maslenitsa" - the name of the people. In the liturgical books and the calendar, it is called the cheese week, because according to the statute you can eat only raw milk and fish. Refraining from meat, we pre-clean ourselves physically and gradually penetrate the bright foreboding of fasting.

The liturgical peculiarities of the cheese week and the history of the church statute completely refute the false opinion that carnival dates back to some pagan customs.. As it is narrated in Sinaksara (on Saturday, the Syropus), the Byzantine emperor Heraclius (610-640) after a six-year grueling war with the Persian king Khozroy made a vow not to eat meat in the last week before Lent. The victory was won. Taking the pious vow and intercession of the king, the Church introduced it into its charter.

Being prep, cheese week excludes any immoderation in food. Its value is contradicted by eating and drinking.On the threshold of quiet Lenten days, the soul experiences a joyful uplift in order to experience the penitential mood more fully..

Wedding ceremonies are no longer performed at Cheese Week. On Wednesday and Friday the Liturgy is not served, on the same days there is no fasting. On the clock, a prayer is said. Ephraim the Syrian with a bow to the knees. On Sunday of this week, the Church recalls the expulsion of the progenitors from heaven for disobedience and incontinence. “The world with the ancestors will cry bitterly: sweet fallen sickness with the fallen” (Sinaksar in cheese week).

On the Sunday evening, the rite of forgiveness is performed in order to enter the saving days of fasting, being in peace with everyone. This custom was born among the ancient Egyptian hermits, who gathered on the last day before fasting for joint prayer. After asking forgiveness of each other, they dispersed to the lonely places of the vast desert and spent their days over. Fourtieth in great ascetic exploits. The monastery gates were locked until the week of Wai.

The custom that has developed in Russia to hold a butter week with pancakes fully corresponds to the peculiarities of national piety.These days, estate, property, and official distinctions have weakened.To the table could be invited people ignoble, wanderers, beggars.

“Now the holidays have faded and people seem to have cooled. And then ... everyone and everyone were connected with me, and I was connected with everyone, from a beggar old man in the kitchen, who went to a "poor pancake", to an unfamiliar trio who rushed into the darkness with a ring. And God in the sky, behind the stars looked at everyone with affection: carnival, walk! In this broad word, bright joy is still alive for me ”(I.Shmelev. Summer of the Lord). Going to each other for pancakes relatives brought them together, giving a convenient reason to forget the insults and grievances that have accumulated over the year.

Cheese Week ends with a forgiven resurrection. In the evening - the coverage of Lent.

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