Housing for large families in the 2018-2019 year

In 2018-2019, one of the important issues that the government has set for the leaders of the regions is housing for large families. What activities are provided for his decision?

The large family

The status of a large family

In this regard, in our country, everything is not very simple. Each region has established its own criteria according to which families are considered to have large families when receiving support from the state. For example, in Moscow, those who are raising three or more children will be able to count on benefits for new housing in 2018-2019. At the same time, they can be both their own and adopted children, the youngest of whom at the time of registration of the purchase of housing does not exceed 16 years, and if he is studying, then 18. Prerequisite - all must be registered in one place. A limitation in obtaining the status of having many children is deprivation of parental rights, the presence of children in full support of the state, or the dead.

In St. Petersburg and the capital, families can turn for help without taking into account their average monthly income, but in Kirov and Penza regions, for example,per capita income should not exceed the subsistence minimum. There is also a large list of benefits provided by the state in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Provision of housing and land

At the state level there are several options for support:

  • Obtaining land with a total area of ​​6-15 acres, depending on the region. On this land, you can build a house, to keep the summer farm. The main conditions - the family must live in the region for at least 5 years, not have another land owned and be in a special register as a candidate for land benefits. For some regions, it turned out to be difficult to fulfill the condition of the program: the site should be with communications. In large cities, for example, in St. Petersburg or Moscow, the land fund is limited, so there in the framework of the program “Housing for large families” in 2018-2019, they will continue to issue monetary compensation. For the first time such a decision was made in 2015, and since then families have the opportunity to get housing in a convenient place for them. In this case, local authorities have the right to refuse money and insist on the allocation of land. In addition to monetary compensation in 2018, the family may refuse land in favor of the apartment.
  • Getting housing subsidies for construction.According to the legislation, such assistance is necessary for large families in all regions, only the conditions at the same time vary depending on the region. In the Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Vladimir regions, a subsidy is granted to families with three or more children, but in the Krasnoyarsk Territory there should be more than five pupils and their age should not exceed 18 years. Benefits can be counted on if no state support for such purposes has previously been provided or maternal capital has been used for this. In each region, the amount is calculated individually and depends on the cost of building materials and construction services. Residents of villages on average receive 10-70% compensation, while for the city the subsidy is approximately 30-40%. Having received help, the family is obliged to spend it for the intended purpose, and after 6 months the house should be raised to 2/3.

House for a large family

  • Getting free social housing for hire. To do this, for each family member, the income for one month should not exceed the subsistence minimum. Social housing can also be relied upon if the available housing conditions do not meet the standards. At the same time, a large family before this should not have taken action to worsen living conditions.By decision of local authorities, a state-owned apartment may be donated to obtain ownership of it.
  • Receiving a subsidy for the purchase of an apartment in both the "primary" and the "secondary" market. If a primary is bought, then the subsidy is laid, if at the time of allocation of money the house is built not less than 70%. The subsidy is given free of charge, but if the transaction is not completed within six months, the allocation of money is canceled. After some time it will be possible to seek the help of the state again. Local authorities have the right to provide additional assistance for the purchase of housing. For example, in Moscow, a subsidy can cover all 100% of the cost of an apartment or house, but the family should be recognized as poor. In St. Petersburg, from 1 January 2018, a one-time payment system is in effect for a family of 5 people. The amount at the same time is 2.9 million rubles. When receiving money, the queue to receive an apartment from the state is canceled. Compensation will help speed up the process of obtaining housing for large families, because only 1,000 families take turns in their own apartments each year, and monetary support will give them about the same amount.

The large family

  • Mortgage.Since January 1, 2018, on the instructions of Vladimir Putin, the rules for taking a loan from a bank for the purchase of housing were revised. In 2018-2019, this benefit can be used by both large families (after the birth of the third and subsequent children) and families with two children. Under the presidential decree, the mortgage rate was reduced from 13% to 6%. The exemption also applies to mortgage contracts that have already been issued in the period from January 1, 2018 until June. The state, in turn, allocates 9 billion rubles to compensate the banking system. The program is designed until 2022. Housing at the same time should be in the primary market. Another condition - the first installment must be made by the family independently in the amount of not less than 20%. For families with two children, the benefit is valid for 3 years, for those with three or more students - 5 years.
  • The use of maternity capital. Money can be spent on housing in the secondary or primary market. At the same time, it is necessary to wait until the child for whom matkapital is paid will be three years old. This rule is canceled only in case of registration of a mortgage.

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