House with a mansard: photos, projects, features of layouts

Among the various types of residential buildings suitable for building on a country plot, the house with a mansard occupies a leading position: photos, projects and plans for such housing can be found more often. The reason for the popularity of this building structure lies in the possibility of increasing the living space almost doubled with minimal construction costs. Consider the most beautiful photo projects of homes with a mansard, their advantages, disadvantages and features.

House with a loft: photos, projects, options for organizing space

The attic is a regular attic room, equipped and used as a complete one or more living rooms. This tradition comes from the distant 17th century, when poor families were forced to live in attics. But today everything has changed and modern attic in terms of functionality and design is not inferior to the standard one-story house. In the attic, you can organize a bedroom with panoramic windows or a home gym.The spacious light room is perfect for creating a study, and for a large children's room. Some designers recommend to equip the entire space of the attic under the bathroom to save space on the first floor. It all depends on your desire and imagination.


3D project of the house with an attic, a small terrace and a separate garage

Advantages and disadvantages of summer houses with attic: projects of popular layouts

A number of advantages inherent in homes with an attic, makes them more and more popular every year:

  • building a house with an attic is one of the most cost-effective construction and installation works;
  • the useful area of ​​the house is doubled due to the competent use of the attic floor;
  • the construction of the attic does not entail the difficulties associated with making communications. As a rule, they already exist on the ground floor and it is enough to stretch them upstairs;

House with a loft, built on frame technology

  • the amount of heat lost through the cold attic is reduced by several times. And this is a serious savings;
  • finishing of the attic room can be done gradually, while living with comfort on the first floor;
  • There are a lot of possible uses for the upper floor. There you can organize a workshop, billiard room, dressing room or any other room. The number of ideas for finishing the attic is just limitless.

Two-storey house with an attic room and a garage for two cars

This type of houses has disadvantages:

  • construction of a house with a residential attic floor must strictly comply with all requirements and standards. Failure to comply with the rules of construction can lead to freezing of the room, significant heat loss and moisture condensation inside the house;
  • skylights - not a cheap pleasure. Due to the specific profile, as well as some features of the installation, they can cost 1.5-2 times more expensive than usual;
  • in winter, heavy rainfall can disrupt the natural lighting of the upper floor.

The project is a brick house of 9.48 x8.36 m with an attic, three bedrooms and a fireplace on the first floor

Features of projects of a single-storey house with an attic: photos of the best options

In order for the attic to become your favorite place of residence, and not just a cold attic, you must consider the following features:

  • good thermal insulation is a prerequisite for construction, otherwise temperature drops in the upper part of the house will not allow it to be used constantly;
  • Equally important and high-quality waterproofing. After all, for sure you do not want to rain water into the room;

The original design of the attic window

  • In the process of building and decorating the attic, always give preference to light finishing materials and furniture. Excessive load can cause cracks in the walls and foundation;
  • it would be better if the space of the attic remains solid. However, if you still want to divide it into several rooms - use drywall. This lightweight and durable material will not bear too much additional load on the base of the house, but it will perfectly cope with the role of the partition.

Modern house with two separate attic rooms

Finished projects of houses with an attic, photo layouts

Today, many construction firms offer a choice of catalog of finished projects of houses with a mansard with their subsequent construction and finishing turnkey.When hiring contractors, you just need to select the project you like and take on the job upon completion. In order to independently design and build a house with a loft, you must have certain skills. But even in this case you should not do everything at random. There are a number of recommendations and regulations, compliance with which is considered mandatory. Before building another floor, it is necessary to calculate the additional load on the building, which will inevitably arise. If you decide to equip the attic in an existing house, be sure to take care of the additional strengthening of the walls.


The interior of the bedroom, equipped in the attic

When calculating and drawing up a plan, please note that the minimum recommended ceiling height is 2.5 m. Roof construction is a serious matter in the construction of this type of houses. Depending on the area of ​​the second floor, there are three options for arranging the truss system:

  • a gable roof will allow using only 67% of the existing area;
  • the roof of a broken structure allows you to use more space - about 90%;
  • Well, if you want to double your living space exactly, then you need to raise the roof by at least 1.5 m.

Small narrow attic is equipped in a comfortable bedroom.

Summing up communications to the second floor is a simple process, it is carried out before the start of finishing works, after drawing up a detailed construction project. Not less important point - planning the location of windows, stairs and internal partitions. Be sure to think over everything in advance and make a clear plan with dimensions.

A small house with an attic: planning 6x6 m

The layout of the house 6 to 6 with an attic, as a rule, implies the construction of a small garden house. The total area of ​​such a structure will be about 50 m² and can even fit a small family.


The project of the house 6x6 m with three bedrooms in the attic

Considering the plan of the house with an attic of 6 to 6 meters, you can easily notice a considerable number of advantages of such housing. This is a quick and easy construction, and savings on utility bills. In a word, by creating a project of a 6x6 country house with an attic, you can solve the housing problem for many years in an affordable way.In addition, the correct layout will help you organize enough functional space around and feel free. Here are some tips for creating a house project with an attic of 6x6 m:

  • Proper organization of space in the hallway will allow to solve the problem with the abundance of things and “unload” the house. Built-in wardrobes and mezzanines will help;

Helpful advice!Use the sub-layout space for the pantry. A small room of 2 m² will be enough to store seasonal items, conservation and various household trifles.


Functional use of the bony space

  • the kitchen combined with the living room will save some space. Here it would be appropriate to organize the stairs to the second floor;
  • it is better to combine the toilet and bathroom into a common room and install a shower cabin;
  • You can compensate for the lack of space by creating a terrace in front of the house of any size.

Considering all these nuances when creating a project for a 6x6 country house with an attic, you will be able to build comfortable, affordable housing for yourself and your family.


House project with an attic of 6.44x6.44 m with two bedrooms and a dressing room

Also pay attention to the frame houses with a loft. Projects 6x6 m and other sizes can be easily found on the Internet. The possibility of independent and rapid construction attracts an increasing number of people who want to acquire their own housing.

Helpful advice!Despite its small size, you can even place on a plot of 6x6 house-bath with a loft. Be sure to consider this option before finally deciding on the layout.


A small house of 50 square meters with a terrace and attic

Planning a house 9 by 9 with an attic

Building a house 9x9 m - a fairly common phenomenon. This size is recognized as the best for construction costs, and for the convenience of subsequent residence. In the classic version of the layout, on the ground floor there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom. On the top floor, on request, you can arrange either bedrooms or non-residential rooms (workshop, dressing room, winter garden, etc.). The optimal size of the house allows you to comfortably accommodate a family of four in it, and not to create excessive costs for its maintenance. In fact, the projects of such dwellings are very similar to the layout of an 8 by 10 house with an attic.Photos show that they differ only in shape, which can be square or rectangular.


House project with an attic of 9x9 m with a fireplace and three bedrooms

Planning a house 10 by 10 with an attic: photo examples of modern ideas

One of the most popular layouts for a family is a house with an attic of 10 x 10 m. If you have more than two children, you simply cannot do with a smaller housing area. Despite the visual compactness, such a house has enough internal space to accommodate a large number of people. The size of the house 10x10 m allows you to get spacious bedrooms, separate for each family member. They are usually located on the second floor. It also equip the master bathroom.


Spacious house of 140 sq. M. m with attic and garage

The first floor will allow to equip a spacious room, or a combined kitchen-living room, separate dining room or fireplace room, bathroom and guest bedroom. In this case, the staircase can be located in the hallway, it is also appropriate to organize under it, for example, drawers for storing things. Having considered the 10x10 house projects proposed in the network with an attic from the foam block, you will see that this is also a financially available option for solving the housing problem.

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