Hotel Incekum West Otel 4 * (Turkey, Alanya): photo, description. "Inzekum West Hotel 4 *": reviews of tourists

If you are planning a quiet family vacation on the beach and as a holiday destination have chosen the resort of Alanya (Turkey), the hotel "Inzhekum ​​West 4 *" can be an excellent option for living.Incekum West hotel 4


The considered hotel is located on the coastfamous far beyond Turkey's Incekum beach. The nearest settlement is the village of Avsallar - is located at a distance of three kilometers. From Alanya, the hotel is 24 km away. The nearest airport is in Antalya, 100 kilometers away.

"Inzekum West Hotel 4 *": photo, description

Incekum West opened its doors for the first time in 1997year. The area of ​​the hotel's own territory is 5 thousand square meters. meters. There are 115 apartments in the hotel. All of them are located in the main six-story building. The hotel has standard rooms and suites. All apartments have air conditioning, mini-bar, safe, bathroom, TV (cable TV with Russian channels), hairdryer. Some apartments have furnished balconies. There is carpet on the floor. Rooms are cleaned every day. Linen and towels maids are updated several times a week.

The restaurant here operates on the system "ol inclusive". So, experienced chefs cover a buffet three times a day. Tourists who visited here recommend, if possible, not be late for lunch and dinner, as all delicious food by that time can already be dismantled. Also on the hotel there are several bars where you can not only treat yourself to drinks, but also a snack.

The hotel has its own sandy beach. In addition, there are several swimming pools on the territory of the hotel, animators are working, a children's club is functioning, entertainment shows are held in the evenings. In addition, the hotel has a fitness club and hammam. Guests can visit the massage room (for an additional fee). In addition, the hotel has a car rental service and a tour desk.

Incekum West hotel 4 reviews

Turkey, Alanya, hotel "Inzhekum ​​West 4 *": comments of Russian tourists

As you know, modern travelerstry to be as responsive as possible to the issue of choosing a hotel for recreation in this or that country of the world. It helps not only to save money, but also to avoid disappointment that reality will differ from your expectations. Therefore, today tourists, in addition to other information, try to find and explore as many reviews of real people about their vacation in this or that hotel. This allows you to make a more complete and close to reality picture of the hotel you are interested in. To save you time and energy, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the generalized comments of our compatriots who recently stayed at Incekum West Otel 4 *. Looking ahead, we note that the vast majority of travelers with their choice were very pleased and believe that this hotel is worth the money spent and corresponds to its category. But we will learn more about everything.turkey hotel incekum west 4

Number of rooms

In general, proposed in this hotelOur compatriots were satisfied with the apartments. According to them, the apartments are bright, clean, small, but there is enough space for everyone. The rooms have everything you need. True, some guests living in suites complained about the fact that there are only one TV and one air conditioner for two rooms. However, this did not become a serious problem. As for cleaning, almost all tourists were satisfied with its quality. According to them, the maids daily do dry and wet cleaning, and also update the towels. Bed linen is changed here a couple of times a week.

Today, for many tourists, it is very important to havehotel internet. As for Incekum West 4 *, as the guests note, Wi-Fi can always be used in the lobby. In addition, the Internet is not bad "catches" and in some rooms.turkey alanya hotel incekum west 4


In accordance with the internal regulationsof this hotel, arrival of new guests to the rooms should be made after two o'clock in the afternoon. However, as noted by our compatriots, in most cases, administrators do everything possible to ensure that newly arrived travelers can settle into the apartments of the booked category as early as possible. But, according to tourists, even if you have to wait a while while preparing your room, it is not necessary to sit for a couple of hours at the reception, and you can go for breakfast or lunch, relax by the pool or on the beach.

Location, territory

Many of our compatriots, vacationing in"Inzekum West Hotel 4 *", the reviews we are currently considering, were delighted with the hotel territory. So, according to them, there is very green, many flowers, coniferous trees, palm trees, pretty little ladders and bridges, everything is beautiful and well maintained. Tourists say that walking around the hotel is very nice. In addition, there are many places in which you can make excellent photos for memory. In addition, almost from all points of the hotel offers a magnificent view of the azure sea.

As for the location of the hotel, itsin general, the travelers were not very successful, as there is nowhere to go for a walk in its surroundings. But you can always go by taxi or dolmushe to the village of Avsallar, Konakli or Alanya. In addition, you can rent a car and explore the neighboring towns and places on your own.Incekum West hotel 4 photos


The opinions of tourists regarding this issue,some parted. So, some of the guests claim that the food here is monotonous. In addition, some guests complained that there is absolutely no seafood in the menu (with the exception of fish). However, most travelers claim that the choice of dishes here, although not as wide as in the five-star category, but you do not have to eat every day the same. So, they said, for lunch and dinner there were always a lot of dishes from poultry and fish, salads, soups, snacks, sweets, baked goods and fresh fruits. True, meat was not served very often, but this situation is typical for many hotels in Turkey. In addition, for dinner, they always cook something on the grill - cutlets, turkey, vegetables, fish, etc. At lunch in the restaurant "Inzhekum ​​West Hotel 4 *" you can enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza. And at about 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon the guests had the opportunity to treat themselves to fast food in a snack bar.

As for drinks, their choice here isthe opinion of tourists is generally the same as in most hotels in Turkey. So, guests can enjoy beer, wine and locally produced raki. Juices are powdered. Visitors to the restaurant can pour themselves coffee or tea from the machine during breakfast, lunch or dinner. During the day, these drinks can be ordered at the bar.incekum west otel 4


As noted in their reviews of travelers, in"Inzekum West Hotel 4 *" you can confidently count on an excellent beach vacation. So, at the disposal of the guests there is not one, but several beaches at once. At the same time one of them is in a cozy lagoon, and one - on the part of the famous beach "Inzekum". And everywhere under your feet you will have a soft fine clean sand. When entering the water the bottom in most cases is also sandy. But there are several places where you can descend into the water from the pier. At the bottom there are stones. By the way, some guests even engaged in these places snorkeling, as in the water you can see numerous fish and other marine life.

All the beaches have comfortable sun loungers and sunnyumbrellas in sufficient quantity. So the hotel guests have the opportunity to have a great rest, swimming in the warm, gentle sea and sunbathing, comfortably sitting on a deckchair.incekum west 4

Entertainment in the hotel

As our compatriots note, the hotel in question is more focused on a quiet, measured family vacation. Therefore noisy entertainment and discos until the morning here you will not find.

In general, on the territory of the hotel there are threepool - large open, indoor and children's. Nearby there are terraces for sunbathing and bars. During the day, animators offer volunteers to take part in aqua aerobics, gymnastics, boccia or darts.

In the evenings, there is an entertainment program. However, most vacationers, she seemed boring, except for the days when guest artists performed.

For children

The management of Inzekum West Hotel 4 * took careand about the youngest travelers. So, for them during the day there is a children's club, where kids are offered different kinds of fun and developmental pursuits in accordance with their age. In the evening, a mini disco is held.

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