Horoscope for Sagittarius for 2017: woman and man

2017 for each of the representatives of the Sagittarius sign will be the ideal period to establish family ties and strengthen family ties. The love sphere this year will be much higher than other obligations, so in every way you can not resist such a trend. The period will bring you many pleasant and romantic surprises that will be stored in memory for long summers.

Already at the beginning of the year you will feel an incredible rush of love energy. Probably throughout this year, as promisedhoroscope for 2017 for Streltsov, you will meet only good and interesting people.

Each meeting will complement your life with pleasant moments, and making new acquaintances will bring many benefits and mutual benefits. Sagittarius, who already have a soul mate, should try to show more attention to her, support and show their love in every possible way. Your relationship will bring pleasure to both, and it will intensify if you go together to some distant, but warm country.

In general, travel in 2017 promises to be successful, interesting and full of exciting adventures. Even a long road will not seem so tedious to you, and all possible problems that have arisen on the way will be funny and will be quickly forgotten by you. There will always be luck around you, so do not hesitate before an important event - everything will turn out even better than you expected.

There is a chance that after long-term luck, a moment will come when failure happens in some area. But you, unfortunately, will not be able to change your future, because failures will be dependent on external factors. All that remains for Sagittarius is quietly accepting such uncomfortable. Such behavior, at least, will keep you from doing stupid things and bad deeds.

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Do not pursue excessive success - at the right moment he will catch up with you. Ignoring the forecast of astrologers, you risk not only to scare away luck, but also to earn yourself serious health problems, and also waste energy.

As soon as you let go of the situation, relax and for a moment forget about all the problems, joyful moments will not take long to wait.Sagittarius should not forget about regular rest, which they will be extremely necessary in certain periods of 2017. Otherwise, you can lose track of time, go headlong into work and fail to adequately assess the state of your body. Stars recommend that representatives of this sign often change their occupation, so that all the cases you get successful.

Support and love of relatives will help to cope with all the difficulties encountered on your way. Answer them reciprocally, then in each sphere, both professional and financial, you will have a long-awaited calm. Particular attention will need to be paid to self-development: read useful literature, scientific journals, attend educational courses and lectures, go to a theater or a museum.

All the knowledge that you gain in 2017 will definitely come in handy very soon. Short-term trips will bring pleasure to Strelets Troops - they will not become annoying with their duration and will bring some variety into your life, allowing you to see beautiful places and get to know the right people.

As previously stated, the family in 2017 for Streltsov will be in first place.So that your loved ones are not deprived of your attention, call them more often, be interested in health, urgent affairs and other trifles that are allowed to get close. If they ask you for help, do not refuse, and then one day they will also promptly help you.


Career Archer Astro prediction

In the professional field, Sagittarius must prepare for constant intrigue and gossip, which will be woven by their colleagues "in the shop." In general, the situation at work will be nervous and tense, so you will need to make an effort not to react to various attacks in your direction. This behavior will help avoid open conflicts that will affect your overall career. If you keep yourself in hand, you can hope that the vile rumors spread by the staff does not touch you at all.

It may happen that one of your colleagues begins to envy your success - treat it with understanding and condescension. In 2017, the affairs of Streltsov, to whom they have spent their time for quite a long time, can go up and bring substantial benefits. In addition to monetary rewards, you may be offered a long-awaited promotion in the service.

With the onset of the Year of the Fire Rooster, people born under this star will feel a surge of strength and energy, so they will get to work with triple zeal. Moreover, the pace you have gathered will not decrease until the end of 2017. However, do not forget about the rest, otherwise you can get a nervous breakdown or some kind of disease. Astrologers recommend to think carefully about your work schedule - it should be alternated with intense loads and rest.

Sagittarius-drummers will certainly be noticed by the authorities. This will allow you to hope for a significant wage increase, an additional bonus, or a higher position. Although the latter may “go away” from you, if your colleague turns out to be a more penetrative person than you.


This period is ideal in order to make several large spending. The costs will literally jump into your hands, while you will not be scattered about money, but will really get the things you need for the economy. Stars claim that you should not be too sad about expensive purchases - buy everything that a soul asks. Even if after a couple of weeks, you will feelthat you have wasted your own savings in vain, we advise you to mentally return to the past and remember what pleasant emotions you experienced at that moment.

Believe me, you should not forget about yourself, you need to periodically indulge yourself for hard work and perseverance - adhering to such tactics, you can hope for an improvement in the ability to work in the very near future. And the accelerated work process, of course, will bring even greater profits. In the second half of the year, Sagittarius can hope for additional earnings.

It may be a little money, but still they will please you a little and podzadore. To delay the expenditure of these funds is not worth it, because, perhaps, it is at this second that you will make a profitable investment that will turn your life upside down.

If you decide to save money, there is no guarantee that once you will have such a good opportunity to make a contribution to your future.

By the end of 2017, there may be some financial risks. Stars warn Streltsov against various monetary investments or starting their own business on the basis of personal capital. Even if the case is profitable, it is better to wait a bit, at least until October.From this month, according to the horoscope, luck and good luck will return to Sagittarius.

In 2017, your family may begin to need financial support. We advise you not to ignore the needs of the family and provide all possible assistance. Pay attention to your home. If you need to make repairs or buy some equipment in the kitchen, do not delay the purchase in the long box. On this depends the comfortable existence of you and the household.

Love horoscope Streltsov for 2017

Love at archers in 2017

Try to be attentive to your loved one and watch what you say. Any wrong remark or inappropriate joke can result in a grand scandal or cause a scene of jealousy.

Show maximum caution and caution, as with his second half, and with children. Be ready to listen for hours about the problems of adolescents - probably there are too many of them and the child needs to speak out. In any case, the delicacy and benevolence have not harmed anyone, on the contrary, even bore fruit.

Plan your weekend in such a way that you can get out into nature with the whole family.Rest will be especially pleasant in warm spring and summer days. If you have elderly relatives, be sure to visit them with small gifts. This trip will take only a few hours of free time, but they will be very pleased and helpful to your society.

People born under this sign will be able to easily get acquainted with the opposite sex throughout 2017. However, do not forget about the precautions - if for some reason dating seems unpleasant to you, immediately break it.


Health Archer Horoscope

2017 Sagittarius does not promise significant health problems, although you should not forget about the precautions. At the first symptoms of the disease, it recommends that you immediately consult a general practitioner so that he prescribes treatment.

If you seek medical help in a timely manner, problems can be stopped almost immediately. Do not regret spending a certain amount of money on your health - after all, good health is a guarantee of a happy future.

Those Sagittarius who are addicted to smoking, astrologers recommend to get rid of this habit, otherwise you will not avoid problems with the respiratory system.If possible, exclude alcoholic beverages and junk food.

Exercise and switch to healthy vegetables, fruits, meats and other foods. In the autumn and spring periods, it is advisable to drink a course of vitamins in order to provide the body with useful minerals, trace elements and other beneficial substances.

Spend more time in the fresh air, arrange morning and evening runs. Such a rhythm will help keep your body in good shape and not be afraid of any diseases.

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