Horoscope for Leo in 2017: a woman and a man

Business relations throughout 2017 promise to become the most dangerous and unpredictable area for Lviv. We'll have to focus on the correctness of filling out legal documents, contracts and other securities. There is a possibility that a document that has passed your thorough examination will ultimately turn out to be incorrectly drafted and will take much time to correct.

Pay attention not only to the content of the document, but also to its formal structure - so it turns out that even the smallest mistake spoils all reporting.

Another potentially dangerous area according toa horoscope for 2017 for Lvivwill be family. Relatives, relatives and even neighbors will be under constant “blow” from your side. If you do not want to stir up heated debates and scandals, try not to talk in a raised voice, watch what you say and what words you use.

In general, make an effort to completely abandon the showdown with all those around you.This applies even to those cases when you are sure that you are right - better admit defeat, because the situation may turn to be a disadvantageous side for you and you will still find yourself guilty.

During the year of the Fiery Rooster, you will need the ability to conduct peace-loving and constructive conversations - this is the only way you will manage to keep the situation under control and not bring it to the state of “war”.

Despite the fact that the Lions often commit impulsive and rash acts, in 2017 they will have to abandon them and keep themselves in their hands. Even if you think that your risk will be justified - after a few days you will understand the opposite, but, alas, you will not be able to change anything. Therefore, think first and then do it.

 lion astroprofile 2017

If you hope in the considered period to meet some good person who will become your faithful companion, then you can safely let go of this dream. 2017 does not promise useful contacts for Lions, on the contrary, those people you meet with will quickly disappear from your life, while delivering a lot of trouble.

Quarrels and conflicts will follow on the heels of Lviv, so you need to work out an optimal strategy for yourself - detachment from the whole world.No, it is not necessary to lead a reclusive life, but you should try to keep communication with different people to a minimum. Nothing terrible will happen, but you will be sure that no one will hold a grudge against you.

All business trips that were scheduled for 2017 will also have to be postponed. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to explain your unwillingness to carry out his assignment to the authorities, but try to do it. In the coming year, you should also abandon business meetings or, if possible, transfer them to the end of the year.

Be prepared for the fact that you want to be drawn into various kinds of intrigue or in complex, complicated relationships. Remember that you should avoid them in all possible ways, because participation in such dubious affairs does not bode well. The Lions have long been aware of their inability to understand such manipulations, and in the period under review their credulity to people became even more acute, thereby pushing them to failure.

forecast for lionsOnly by avoiding potential dangers can you be sure that you will not fall into the role of the victim. Try to delve into the situation more often and think about every step - this tactic has not harmed anyone, it will not harm you.

In general, caution and prudence should be the motto for Lviv throughout 2017. You should not be frivolous, on the contrary, analyze and think over every sentence that came to you. Selectively choose your social circle, stop being overly gullible. You may have to look at things with a critical eye, but you can avoid getting into an awkward situation. It is this attitude towards life that is worth adhering to in the coming 2017.

But not everything is so black on the horizon, as it seems at first glance. Real estate deals will be extremely successful in 2017. This can be attributed both to the sale and purchase of an apartment or house, and to the lease of real estate. Various types of legal proceedings related to real estate also promise to be satisfied in your favor.


Career Lion 2017

At the beginning of the year, such a field as a career will a little delight all representatives of the sign Leo. Probably in the service you can expect the appearance of pleasant surprises, and all the circumstances will be on your side. As for the attitude of the authorities, it also promises to be loyal and friendly.

You are expected to praise, both oral and monetary nature. Colleagues will see you as a faithful and intelligent comrade, so they will often turn to you for help, but they will not refuse support. It is good advice from a qualified colleague to help the Lions to advance in the service.

Fire Rooster will make every effort so that Lviv’s salaries and bonuses will increase. Those workers who have long thought to start a conversation with the boss about the salary increase, can confidently go to the office of the “chief” with this request. She will be satisfied.

At the end of the year, you may receive an offer for a promising business trip. Do not refuse this trip, because it can open up new professional horizons for you and expand the circle of your acquaintances. In addition, travel time will be fun, pleasant and extraordinary.

Your authority and overall position at work will grow stronger over time. Keep your ears open and do not miss your chance to become an even more significant person among your colleagues. In general, 2017 dictates that Levs show creativity, resourcefulness and increased efficiency, because all this will be noticed by the authorities and encouraged.

At the same time, the stars advise not to accelerate too much and not to rush events, in order not to lose their fuse at the beginning of the year. Have patience, perseverance, and everything that you have in mind, will definitely come true in the near future.


Finance in the lion in 2017

Stability and equanimity - these two words can be used to characterize the monetary situation of Lviv in 2017. Stars do not see special shocks and huge costs on the way of representatives of this sign, so you can safely relax. Not expected also significant income from outside, as well as unexpected gifts of fate.

But nevertheless Leo will have to restrain himself somewhat and not make useless expenses. You do not need to buy any extra things, food and other goods, although you will have a desire to make some rash purchase throughout the year. Fight yourself and do not be tempted - remember that saving has not harmed anyone.

Probably, the period in question will be ideal for returning old debts. If you have any, then try to get rid of them as soon as possible. Even those financial obligations that you have forgotten about long ago will suddenly remind of themselves,and get rid of them will not work. Prepare for this situation in advance, and then catch you off guard will not work.

In 2017, you should avoid new debts and loans. In those cases, when it will seem that you can not do without a loan, astrologers advise Leo to remember what interest you will have to pay for this loan. Isn't it better to wait and save some money?

Do not start new financial affairs in 2017 - they will not become profitable, but will only bring you a lot of trouble.

Leo's love horoscope for 2017

Love the lion in 2017

By the end of 2017, Lviv may become aggravated by the sense of exactingness that they will send to their loved one. Even in those cases when the second half justifies the expectations placed on it, the Lions will begin to find fault with trifles, and what can we say, if a loved one / beloved makes a mistake ...

Try to restrain your emotions, so as not to stir up a scandal in your pair. Excessive sharpness only harms relations and can push them to a deep abyss gap.

If you have any desires and needs, try to voice them in time, and not make them guess.Excessive secrecy this year will not play into the hands of the Lions, so do not withdraw into yourself.

Spend more time with the family, the interests of each loved one. Do not neglect their desires and needs, so as not to cause offense on their part.

During the period under consideration, you will probably suffer from the excessive jealousy of your young man. You will be even jealous of work or hobby. Try to explain to the jealous man that all such behavior is baseless and inappropriate, only without too much aggression.

In the second half, Lions will want to do home improvement. This is a very good idea that will lead to even greater family cohesion. Change everything you want in your home - you will succeed!

Health in Lviv in 2017

Health lions astrological forecast

It is likely that some people born under this star will suffer from exacerbated chronic diseases from the venous system in 2017. To avoid this, you should take care of your health in advance. Be sure to go through all the doctors, do not overload the body with various stresses and loads.

You can do fitness, start walking to the gym or to the pool.And, of course, follow the diet. After all, most of our health problems are directly related to the use of harmful products. Only a balanced, well-chosen food will help keep your body healthy and your body in a good shape.

A great help in the fight against various kinds of diseases are walks in the fresh air.

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