Horoscope for January 2019 for all signs of the zodiac

The first month of the year traditionally begins with a positive. Holidays are in full swing, dinners with family and friends, days on a frosty air with skis and sleds. Few people think that at this time the foundations are laid for the whole year, and further destiny depends on our actions in this carefree period.

The horoscope for January 2019 for all signs of the zodiac will reveal where the pitfalls are, how to avoid them, or to build with them a dam that will protect against adversity.

In general, for all signs, January promises to be positive and even, without a stressful jump over bumps, and even more so without a roller coaster. For this, it is worthwhile to thank the Yellow Pig - the symbol of the year according to the eastern calendar, which is distinguished by its calm disposition and peacefulness. The events of the first month (and the whole year) can be divided into two main areas: involvement in the family and life, and career advancement.

For many zodiacal signs, both of these directions will harmoniously and efficiently connect, but one thing will dominate the lives of most people.Someone will be able to arrange a house or start a family, someone will get the coveted position and significantly improve their financial situation. In any case, without the amenities, the coming weeks will not pass.


horoscope for January 2019 aries

For Aries, the year will begin on the most positive and even romantic note. Family members of the sign will enjoy the comfort of home and have a good time with the closest people. Communication will be warm and aimed at strengthening the union. A similar situation is observed in the established pairs; Probably, the partners (one of which is Aries) will decide to seal the relationship officially in January.

Single people will surely get acquainted with a potential second half. But at the end of the month, any relationship may falter, because the last days of January will be spent in working troubles, because of which neither strength nor time will remain for love.


horoscope Taurus for January

Taurus in January will be carried at every step of life, therefore, it is time to take up those parties for whom there was not enough money, strength, luck or desire. You can go on a trip to do health or go on a diet.

For purchases and travels, too, there are no contraindications.Money - in abundance, at work - stable growth, in relations - idyll. And, best of all, by the end of the month all the joys will only multiply exponentially.


horoscope for January twins

January at the Twins will be creative. The imagination and the imagination will wake up, it will want to be engaged in some interesting hobby. Fate will give a small financial receipt, which you can with a clear conscience pull down on a new hobby.

Career successes in January will be ensured by good relations with colleagues who will hide somewhere, help somewhere, or put in a good word. Astrologers recommend to enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future.


horoscope Cancer for January man

In the first days of the year, luck will smile at the lonely Cancers: fortune has prepared an interesting meeting for you, which will turn into great love. Take the initiative and do not be afraid to take decisive steps to conquer the person you like.

In the monetary sphere, all Cancers will experience intense events associated with small, but in total, tangible spending. So, by the end of January you will have to save a little in order not to worry about where to get the money in the future.

a lion

horoscope lion on january 2019

For you, January will be full of pleasant surprises, coupled with a romantic relationship. Maybe your loved one has conceived a grandiose gift for you, or is preparing a joint action. In any case, you will like it! On the other hand, from the middle of the month, problems with work and money await you.

Nothing critical, but to stay in the same place (and at the usual level of income) you will need to make two times more effort than before. It is worth noting that the physical and nervous stress of these days will shake your health. Allow family members to take care of you, and listen to their recommendations.


horoscope Virgo on January 2019

In Virgos, the beginning of 2019 is the time for change. And they will not come from the side, but will become your conscious choice. Have you been thinking about changing your job or place of residence? January favors to bring his ideas to life.

New work will be harder than you expected, but financial compensation will smooth out this unevenness. Yes, and a good team will truly enjoy the process. For many Virgins, a romance is possible in January, but the stars do not exclude the likelihood of “playing with only one goal”, or a very short relationship.


Horoscope Libra on January 2019 male

Libra January will give a generous material bonus, but it is difficult to call it an offering, rather a test. Along with money, temptations will come into your life, yielding to which you can spend not only this money, but an inviolable budget. If you resist, then over time it will turn out to increase profits.

Tricks are also possible in love. In order not to be mistaken in a person, trust your intuition and reason, it is in January that they are very sensitive to you. Unfortunately, the whole month you will have to live in tension and stress, waiting for the resolution of situations.


horoscope for January 2019 scorpio

The horoscope for Scorpios indicates that the end of the holidays will turn into a sad mood for the representatives of the sign. The upcoming gray days will drive you into depression, the cure for which will be the family (or partnership). The second half will heartily try to please you, so, succumb to the entreaties and try not to grumble.

Towards the end of the month, the situation will begin to improve, thanks in large part to a career breakthrough. A promotion, business proposal, or recognition of your merit will surely elevate your mood. By the way, the entire 2019th is favorable for travel, which can begin as early as January.


Sagittarius horoscope on January 2019

It is better to start the year with family, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of a hot family hearth.This time will charge you with strength and confidence for many months to come. Cozy pastime in the middle of January will be replaced by a cycle of troubles, mostly related to repairs.

Building materials and parts for technology noticeably sharpen your budget, be prepared for this. In order not to be too nervous about this, meet with your friends more often and arrange relaxing events for yourself: bathhouse, massage course, yoga.


horoscope ibex on january 2019

New year you start very emotionally. Flashes of negativity on your part can weaken your position in life and generally interfere in many important matters. Harsh words can undermine good family relationships. True, in the middle of the month, fate will give you a chance to make peace with your loved ones, if you quickly learn how to manage your gusts.

The middle and the end of January are marked by an interesting proposal related to the move - a job change, or advantageous conditions for renting / buying real estate. Agree without hesitation, otherwise miss a really great chance to improve your life.


horoscope Aquarius on January 2019 woman

January at Aquarius will be saturated with rich love coloring.Your attractiveness will increase significantly, and interested people will reach out to you with tripled strength.

For those who are already in pairs, this will strengthen the mutual attraction, but the lonely representatives of the sign will have the chance to get acquainted with their true love. Two weeks after the New Year, the load at work will fall on you, a wave of tasks will overwhelm you.


fish horoscope for January

In Pisces, January will be one of the most difficult months of the year. Finances are still in a deplorable state, and, despite your efforts, the situation will not improve for some time.

Your hopes for a promotion or a premium are not justified, and it may well be that you will have to seek financial assistance from your family or friends. Do not hesitate, because you really help. And this support will give you not only opportunities, but also moral strength to continue to fight. Needless to say, that soon things will go uphill, and you can thank your family in double volume.

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