Horoscope for January 2018 for Sagittarius

The horoscope for January 2018 for Streltsov from famous astrologers will tell representatives of the sign about the events of the first month of the year.


Favorable days: 4, 12, 14, 18, 20, 27
Unfavorable days: 1, 8, 10, 16, 24, 31

Vasilisa Volodina

Horoscope for January 2018 for SagittariusCareer: In January, you will be facing global goals. Entrepreneurs will feel the need to bring their business to a new level, managers - to rally the team and increase productivity, hired employees - to achieve greater success and decent pay. The planets will contribute to any undertakings if the Strelets Troops are able to advance in the profession and work activity, without violating the code of honor and decency.

Finance: In material matters, you will have plans for a serious purchase. In this regard, it is necessary to tie the belt of economy more tightly and abandon small acquisitions for the sake of a large material goal. To earn extra money or find additional sources of income in January, very few of Sagittarius will succeed. This can give rise to fear of poverty and savings bordering on stinginess.Vasilisa Volodina advises to let go of all fears and trust your instincts.

Love: In January, intuition will rule love (like other areas of your life). The sky will give you access to hidden knowledge and this will help avoid sharp corners in relationships. The sixth sense will make your heart speak, and you will have to learn to obey it. Become more flexible and allow your loved one to be yourself. Do not force him to play a role in which you will later be disappointed. And do not play yourself. Now the stars give you the opportunity to be loved each other, while not changing yourself and your principles. So mature love is born.

Health: Your health will be jeopardized by the inability to resist bad habits and the temptation of the January hospitable feasts. Your body is not in the best shape right now and can react with a breakdown, weakened immune system and diseases that will not be easy to defeat.

Pavel Globa

Horoscope for January 2018 for SagittariusCareer: Your career success stars have given completely to your hands. Only on your sense of purpose, business acumen and professional "scent" will it depend on whether you can reach the heights that you are seriously considering from last year.Act! January is perfect for this! During the full moon period on January 31, all Strelets will have a real opportunity to establish cooperation with foreign partners or to get a lucrative job offer abroad.

Finance: With regard to finance, January will not be the most profitable month. You will have more expenses planned than your budget allows. Some Sagittarius in general may underestimate their financial capabilities and stay after the holiday expenses "on the beans." But be sure of your financial situation. Do not cross the poverty line will help you strong and rich patrons with whom you may not even be familiar.

Love: Pavel Globa compiled a love horoscope for Streltsov according to the period of their birth:

  • November 23 - December 1: Victories in love will help to raise both self-esteem, career, and material well-being to the desired level.
  • December 2 - December 12: Be more mature and responsible in relationships with your loved one, otherwise your innermost feelings will be hit.
  • December 13 - December 21: Trust your own heart and love, it will reveal you and allow you to experience hitherto unexplored feelings.

Health: Ignoring the first bells that the body sickening you sends is a crime against your own health. In January, colds are possible. Do not forget that prevention is better and more effective than any treatment.

Tamara Globa

Horoscope for January 2018 for SagittariusCareer: Do not expect from January too much activity in the business sphere. Although it all depends on your working situation. If you have unfinished projects that had to be done last year, then in January you will move at tripled speed. Businessmen can start the year with the conclusion of lucrative deals, employees will receive offers that are difficult to refuse.

Finance: In January, the monetary situation will be stably positive only on the condition that you do not crank out dubious financial transactions and risklessly risk money. Tamara Globa also warns you against gambling and testing your luck in the lotteries. In January, the stars can evil joke with you and leave you without a livelihood. It is more expedient in January to look for additional earnings on the Internet.

Love: Some Streltsov in relations is brewing a very serious crisis. The middle of winter threatens to cool the senses greatly, and if you cannot find a compromise and cope with emotions, then it will be difficult to return them even to the former degree of warmth and trust. Fortunately for many representatives of the sign, the quarrel will be unifying and can end with a joint romantic journey or even the birth of a child.

Health: The state of your body is now satisfactory. However, the stars hint at your dependence on unhealthy goodies and warn you about the high risk of unhealthy diets in making enemies of your body ill. The excesses that you allow yourself in January will not get away with you.

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