Horoscope for 2019 for Streltsov

All trials from the year of the Boar Strelets Troops will go to good. Many planets will be allies. The horoscope for 2019 for Streltsov from Vasilisa Volodina, Tamara and Pavel Globa will tell more about this.


Vasilisa Volodina

Horoscope for 2019 for StreltsovLove: Venus almost all year will be in your ministry. But do not be arrogant, bathed in love and attention, do not risk relationships, going to the libido in the wake, if they suit you. For the thoughtless risk, Venus, nearing the end of March, can be punished, causing bitter regret about the affair or secret romance. Relationship with a regular partner may end in rupture. In the middle of the year, circumstances will be favorable for establishing family ties and resolving outdated conflicts. Alone Sagittarius by the fall will be able to arrange their personal lives.

Health: Health will be a favorable background for the implementation of plans in other areas of life. But if in the first half of the year it remains almost immaculate, in the fall there may be risks of colds, fractures or other injuries. By the end of the year, the nervous system may also declare itself.It is advisable for you during this period to go on holidays, on vacation, arrange relaxation and protect yourself from stress.

Career: The career year will start successfully, but truly it will allow you to feel the career rise from mid-March to the end of summer. Therefore, plan the most important points of professional accomplishments for this period, and start the year with preparation - develop your talents and build connections. Go "up" with the planets, then they will carry you to the very top of your career dream. Otherwise, according to Vasilisa Volodin, you may be at her foot.

Finance: Your finances directly resonate with career success. The financial situation will depend on how you will be able to hear your own intuition and guess the mood of the stars. As in a career, do not hang out with the desire to get rich before spring. All your attempts and efforts will turn against you, and where, according to your calculations, you can get a new profit, risks will be created that force you to part with your bloodlines.

Pavel Globa

Horoscope for 2019 for StreltsovLove: The year will develop successfully in the field of love. Although the tests can not be avoided.However, do not be in a hurry. They will be sent to you precisely in order to open up in love, to better know who you have tied up or want to connect your life with. Unpleasant surprises are not expected, but it is better not to be dispersed on several relationships at once, otherwise everything will happen as in the two-chair saying.

Health: You will have health if you spare it and proactively prevent those diseases to which your body is sensitive. Pavel Globa observes in your health horoscope some difficulties with the nervous system, which can not withstand the stress load due to the inability to resist the temptations of both body and soul. Nervous tension can be the cause of failure in metabolic processes.

Career: The career situation is very optimistic, especially for those who already occupy some position in their profession and are focused on more ambitious career steps. Not everything will be easy, but here all the tests will benefit you. In the process of complicated upward movement, you will manage to “acquire” with very necessary qualities, without which it will not be possible to reach the desired heights.

Finance: The year promises to be financially smooth, without hesitation in one direction or the other. But there will still be some provocations from the planets. Do not accept the offer of dishonest earnings. Deception will be revealed very quickly, and the consequences will be extremely deplorable. We'll have to give up and accumulated savings with difficulty. Purposeful Strelets Troops will be able to earn where passive representatives of the sign will not notice a rare opportunity.

Tamara Globa

Horoscope for 2019 for StreltsovLove: A love horoscope promises to help the stars stabilize relationships. You can count on the support of even not too friendly planets. If they do not help, they certainly will not prevent you from establishing an atmosphere of mutual understanding in already established relationships, or creating a new, strong bond with a person with the same life values.

Health: Only those Sagittarius who started it will remember about health, and the diseases had time to go from the initial to the chronic stage. May cause insomnia and nerves. Pay more attention to rest, spiritual practices and limit or exclude from the circle of your communication people who suck strength, energy and optimism out of you.

Career: In the professional sphere, matters will be arguing, and with a certain return, investment of time, effort and knowledge, success will be assured. Just do not be lazy to work if you plan to develop your business or career. There will be minor problems due to complex interpersonal relationships. But they will not be able to significantly affect success.

Finance: Wealth will not fall on you, but Tamara Globa is reassured by the fact that you will not suffer financial losses either. The year 2019 will be a cumulative period in which you can actually feel like a kind of money-box, which slowly but surely fills up with money. You can spend them profitably in 2020.

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